Contact, from the Oracle Of Visions, by Ciro Marchetti
Contact, from the Oracle Of Visions, by Ciro Marchetti

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Contact, from the Oracle Of Visions, by Ciro Marchetti

Contact: “Reaching Out, Spiritual Bonds, Connections”

“Each contact with a human beings is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.”
~Anais Nin

“In life, we are spirit and we are flesh. When we forget that we are both, we can suffer unnecessarily. This card can indicates a need to take time for meditation and to connect with one’s Higher Self. This will in turn allow us to see the spiritual aspect of others more clearly and be able to reach out to them more easily.

A young man stands in a contemplative mood. The mask before him indicates that he has stepped away from his usual role in life. A flame bedside the mask signifies the eternity of our nature and reminds us that all that we see in this earthly realm is no more than a mask.

In his right hand he holds a bell jar that contains the face of a woman. Maybe she is his spirit guide, or a love from a past life. She is reaching out to him with much love and tenderness. In his left hand, he holds two batons indicating the duality of human nature. They might also indicate that he has more than enough will to move forward in his life.”*

~ By Ciro Marchetti

We have been plagued by duality over the last months, and it has finally come to a head. This is it, the future is now. What will we do? How will we handle this outcome? What will it look like down the road? Is this man aware of the love that reaches out to him, full of possibility and healing? Or is he too wrapped up in himself to see it? Does he gaze longingly at his mask, contemplating whether or not he should put it back on, go back to the way things were, always have been? Or does he cast it aside before starting anew? Does he see the love that beckons to him, and see the healing power that this offers? As she reaches right into his heart space and he leans into her Light.

This is a card of choices, it is a card of duality and polarity; of imbalance and the choices we have in front of us to bring things back into order. Could it even be possible that the jester have a softer, more nurturing side? Could we hold space for this possibility? Could we choose love over all else and trust that it can take us where we need to go, opening us up in ways we never even imagined possible?

This is a reminder of the vast amounts of Light available to us now. It is a call to the Divine Feminine, even for those who are steadfast in their masculinity. It is a time to take off the mask and delve deeply into our inner wisdom, explore our morals, our virtues, our value systems. It is a time to make peace with both aspects, balance the polarities and release any fears that have been holding us hostage in our current roles. It is time to embrace that which flows through you, the magic of the stars, the gifts of the heart, the power of the soul.

It is time to be empowered. It is time to step right into You and stand strong in what you believe in.

It is time to allow more love and light into the very core of your being.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Oracle Of Visions, by Ciro Marchetti

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