Companionship, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma
Companionship, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Companionship, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

Companionship: “The focus now is on human relationships – how each person can best realize his or her individual potential within a love relationship, a family, or the larger community, and how a gathering of individuals can come together and function as a harmonious whole.

Working together toward common goals strengthens the connections between people and enriches the larger community. There is a special warmth that comes from combining forces, or gathering together with others of like mind. It is easier to withstand hardship with the support of the community, and the joyful moments of life are even sweeter when they can be celebrated with friends. Put quite simply, we need one another. Our individual qualities are uniquely ours, but they are polished and refined through interaction with others.

The willingness to be open with unequivocal respect for each individual’s uniqueness is the lubricant that keeps relationships running smoothly. A deep trust gradually develops between those who share a common vision and work respectfully side by side toward its realization. No matter how diverse our backgrounds may be, when we come together in an atmosphere of sincerity and trust, we can actualize even our most utopian dreams. As each member of a partnership contributes in his or her own way to the achievement of a shared goal, the bonds between individuals in that endeavor are strengthened.

It takes time for our roots to grow strong in common ground with others. The strengthening happens over time and through all kinds of climates. The totality with which we can share our capacities and talent is the litmus test of how nourished we feel by the association. If we find ourselves withholding energy or wavering about whether to stay or go, it is a sign that we are not ready within ourselves to make any commitment, or that we simply have not found the partner or fellow travelers we are seeking.

This said, in an atmosphere of trust, in fact, no one is monitoring how much is given, or judging what form a contribution should take. In an environment where comparison is the rule and where the norm is for everyone to be constantly measuring himself against the other guy, trust is impossible. Every individual has a a part to play in the greater scheme of things, and although a structure might be needed for the smooth functioning of a group, it has nothing to do with hierarchy. Real unity – the kind of unity that distinguishes a community from a mere crowd – lies in a profound quality of mutual respect and a deeply felt recognition of the value of each and every participant.

Finally, a spirit of harmony among friends, between lovers, or within a community needs to be centered around a core that serves a kind of invisible glue to hold things together. This can be an individual who is loved and respected by all, or it can be a shared understanding and vision of life that moves in the hearts of each.”

“The one man band has no real place in the nurturing of fellowship. Instead, fellowship is like an orchestra. There are many different instruments, each with its own capacity for making music. Alone they have a beauty in their own right; together, they can create something larger than the sum of the parts. If you have an opportunity to play in an orchestra, take it – it can add a richness of experience that will also enhance your solo performances.

Whether companionship takes the form of an intimate relationship between two people or a larger community of family and friends, it is vital that each person’s individual strength have room to grow and that they avoid creating relationships of dependence. When individual strengths are united in accordance with inner truth, they create an energy field that can manifest heaven on earth.

To be on the journey through life with another can be a tremendous blessing if both are mindful of the fact that change is the nature of things. It may be that a moment of parting comes sooner than expected, or the companionship might grow stronger over many years, finally to be altered only by the transformation of death. But it is wise to remember that you entered this life alone and you will leave it alone. This awareness can bring a tender, poignant quality to your deepest relationships.

There are times in the life of every individual when it seems more important to be on a solitary path than to travel together with others. Both choices are equally valid, and there is no need for any antagonism or judgment when an individual decides to go it alone. No matter on what side of the coin you might find yourself – the one who is leaving, or the one who is being left – remember this.

When relationships don’t work out as you have hoped, it can cause much pain, but unlike other kinds of pain, this one is an experience that nearly everybody passes through at some time, or many times, in their lives. Don’t hesitate to open up with friends and express your feelings. They will understand, and the sharing will help you to heal.

Not every love affair has to be an earth-moving experience, and not every gathering has to have an agenda to change the world. Remember that life is a balance of earth and sky, laughter and tears, sacred and mundane. And take care that your life has a little lightness to balance the weight.”*

~ By Ma Deva Padma

One of the integral steps in ascension is the opening of our Higher Heart Chakra, found mid chest over the Thymus Gland, between the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra. This Chakra deepens our connection to each other, to the Divine and to All beings on the planet and beyond. It is thought to be the channel for Christ Consciousness, and supports us in living in Unconditional Love and complete acceptance.

This Chakra is activated through gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and Unconditional Love. It is thought to be activated when we pray for others, heal others and give of ourselves to others with no agenda or expectations of returns. It is activated when we see the Light in others, when we take a chance in love, when we give ourselves over to deepen the connection with another, be it in friendship or romance. It expands when we open ourselves to receive love from others. When opened and aligned with the Heart and Throat Chakras, it facilitates pure, honest and authentic communication, receptivity, sensitivity and emotional availability. True love is possible when two people can connect through the opening of these Chakras.

There is a focus on your close relationships now; maybe someone new is coming into your life, whether it is romance or a close friendship. Maybe it is a deepening of a connection that you have felt with another, or a relationship going to the next level. Whatever it is, it will require you to be open, honest and authentic. It will require you to be Yourself. And also to accept others as themselves, without trying to change them. It will also be a time to admit to yourself that you really do need others, that you cannot do it all yourself. It’s ok to ask for help, to accept support and love. You are worthy, and the Universe has something very special in store for you.

Embrace the new.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

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  1. Liea says:

    The wisdom behind each card amazes me. We all need to be nurtured and contemplate in each lesson that life has been offering us.
    Thank you for all these beautiful messages. Lea

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