Two Of Wands

Two Of Wands, from the Tarot Apokalypsis, by Eric C Dunne and Kim Huggens
Two Of Wands, from the Tarot Apokalypsis, by Eric C Dunne and Kim Huggens

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Two Of Wands, from the Tarot Apokalypsis, by Eric C Dunne and Kim Huggens

Two Of Wands: “The sunrise ushers in a wealth of opportunity and in its golden pathway I walk, the Son of the Morning, eager in my tread and desirous of the horizon. I have dreamed of many things and the stories of others have taken root in my heart, tugging insistently with the cry of “Now! Now is the time!” I have known and danced the ways of One, focused and passionate, but without a goal I have nothing. Over the rolling red sands I now send my goal, directed towards the horizon I seek, bearing with it my hopes, plans and ambitions. I have set it in motion: I cannot fail, for failure is only found through inaction and refusal of opportunity. If you are offered a sweet-smelling flower, will you take it and enjoy it? If the gods gift you with great foresight, would it not be against nature to fail to use it to your benefit? Make plans if you are able; consider the many paths of possibilities before you; make the choices you are blessed with; send your hopes far away and wait with eagerness to see what they become. They, like you, are youthful in the beginning, headstrong and uncertain of anything but the horizon ahead. But childhood does not last forever: growth and expansion beckon. I offer the mysteries of discovery and enterprise. Their revelation is carefully planned and eager.”

Mystery: “All the Twos share a kind of duality, highlighting the difference between One Thing and Another Thing for The next Thing). In the case of the Two of Wands, we see the movement from the focus and initial spark of the Ace of Wands to an extension of that idea and drive. Since the suit of Wands is associated with Fire and therefore with a dynamic process of creation, we can imagine that in the Ace we have conceived an idea and the passion with which to fuel it, and it has been busy powering up and fueling itself, the need and drive growing greater and more difficult to contain, until we finally bursts out in one focused beam of energy. Now we have a goal, something to aim for; the initial point of focus has become a line from point A to point B; a plan has been formed for reaching the finishing line. Being in the suit of Wands puts this extension in the realm of ambition, passion, goals and drive – this is the movement forwards, the direction of the will into a focused and driven goal.

What follows the suit of Wands is a creative process, with the Two showing us the extension of the idea, the testing of its boundaries and the discovery of what the creative process offers. The Three presents a return on these initial pursuits, with maturity granting us insight and experience and our horizons expanding to the point where we are the masters of our destinies. In the Four we see the time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of our labours and in the Five challenges present themselves in order to shake up what may have become stale. To show this process, the Tarot Apokalypsis develops the story of a man and his endeavours from the Two of Wands to the Four of Wands. The time of day in which each card is set tells its own story also, tied firmly to the New Kingdom mythology of the sun god Ra’s journey across the sky every day.

Ra was given four faces to reflect the four stages of the sun: in the morning, at sunrise, he was Kephri/Kephra, “he who comes into being;” at midday he was Ra, strong in force and power having climbed to the heights of the sky; in the evening, at sunset, he was Atum, “he who completes;” and at midnight he entered the underworld where he battled against the forces of evil. Many of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings depict this journey, showing it as taking place over twelve hours, with each hour being a different stage of his journey.

Here in the Two is a young man, still wearing the traditional ancient Egyptian side-lock of youth. He is not yet out of his teen years, but he has taken on the responsibility and mantle of adulthood and set his intentions towards becoming a successful merchant. He has purchased (probably with the generous donations and loans of friends, family and investors) a caravan of camels and sent them off on their first trade run. Like many ancient Egyptians, he will trade with Punt, Lebanon or Afghanistan, and his caravans will cross between the Eastern Deserts and the Western Deserts of Egypt. They will return laden with cedar wood, ivory, precious lapis lazuli, incenses and myrrh.

To embark on such a trade run requires careful planning, as well as lack of fear of what the unknown horizons might hold. A heart set on discovery and the unique pushes new endeavours in the right direction.

It is morning in this card; the sun is rising over the sand dunes, indicating promise of new beginnings and opportunities. The old saying goes “The early bird catches the worm” and the young entrepreneur of this card is not wasting a minute of this day – he sees every day as a new opportunity to grasp in both hands.”

Revelation: “Entrepreneurship;  new business plans and projects; start-up plans moving forward; the logical extension to the next step; taking a risk with a goal in mind; goal-setting; affirmation; being driven forwards; taking opportunities; creating opportunities for one’s self and others; expanding horizons; outcome is unknown but the path is certain; having the world at one’s fingertips; plans for the future; expansion; extension.”

Challenger: “Opportunities missed; time rushing by before a chance is taken; new business plans or projects stifled in the early stages; lack of direction; lack of drive; fear of new horizons; preferring comfort over adventure; lack of a plan; poor organization.”*

~by Eric C Dunne and Kim Huggens

Here comes the freight train of December, a whirlwind of expectations, family obligations, financial pressure and holiday zeal, are you ready?

Yet there is work to be done… did you think you were going to get out of it during the holiday season? Nope, we must persevere!

We are setting the groundwork for a brand new year coming up and there is plenty of opportunity coming your way.. so we must prepare. We must be ready with our plan of action. We need to know what it is that we wish to create. So, amidst the chaos of the season, we must take time to mindfully hop off the roller coaster of work and play to focus our intention.

What do you wish to create? Who do you want to be as you walk into 2017? How can you facilitate your transformation? How can you step boldly onto your path.

Ask the Universe to co-create with you. Surrender to the process. Take action steps towards manifesting your dreams. You have a month… and it’s going to be a wild one!



~Archangel Oracle

*Tarot Apokalypsis, by Eric C Dunne and Kim Huggens



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