Two Of Pentacles ~ Harrier Hawk

Two Of Pentacles ~ Harrier Hawk, from the Animal Totem Tarot Card deck, by Leeza Robertson, Illustrated by Eugene Smith
Two Of Pentacles ~ Harrier Hawk, from the Animal Totem Tarot Card deck, by Leeza Robertson, Illustrated by Eugene Smith

Daily Angel Oracle Card:  Two Of Pentacles ~ Harrier Hawk, from the Animal Totem Tarot Card deck, by Leeza Robertson, Illustrated by Eugene Smith

 Two Of Pentacles ~ Harrier Hawk: Every day brings with it something new to deal with. It is like a never ending cycle of lessons, demands, and chores. Yet I know I am not alone and that those around me share the same burden. Each of us only deals with that which we are skilled to deal with. Meaning we only ever carry small pieces of the larger workload so none of us ever get overwhelmed or burned out.” ~ Message From the Harrier Hawk

“The Harrier Hawk lives deep in the southwest deserts. Unlike other hawks, this predator likes to keep its nest close to the ground, hidden and secure. This allows the others in the cast to keep a watchful eye out from the cactus above. In this card, we see a full nest and this mother has her talons full. The Two of Pentacles indicates a time of juggling responsibilities and personal goals. Just as the Harrier must divide her time between her nest and her responsibilities to her cast, so too will you feel divided. Just know that this juggling will not last forever, but for now it requires your time and energy. Take a page from the Harrier’s playbook: Keep your body close to the earth so you can recharge when you start to feel run down and overwhelmed.”

Business and Career: “When you run a business, it can seem like all you do is juggle. There are multiple things to get done on any given day, and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get through that ever-growing to-do list. Let’s face it, if you don’t have help, you really need to get some. Prioritize your tasks, and hand off those that are truly below your skill level to someone else. Your clients and your bottom line will than you in the long run.”

Family and Relationships.”The Harrier knows only too well that in order to get everything done, she has to work with and rely on other members of the family and community. This is a key reminder that you are not meant to be doing this all on your own. You are meant to be working as a part of a team. So, if you have been too afraid to ask for help or to delegate tasks, now would be a good time to stop acting like a martyr and start acting like a team player.”

Health and Well-Being: “Sometimes in lie we find ourselves in either/or situations, when we can pick one choice over the other. But not this time. Like it or not, you must step up to the plate and be present for all of your current responsibilities. Rest when and where you can, but don’t allow yourself to lose sight of the bigger picture.”

Card of the Day Journal Prompts: “How good are you at being a team player? Which tasks do you need to delegate to others? What resources are you currently juggling?”

~ By Leeza Robertson

This is a crazy time of year, and the end to a crazy year. There are polarities every which way we look: what we wish we were doing vs what we have to do. Responsibility, obligation, charity. The giving until we are exhausted of all of our precious resources, time, energy, money. There is family to tend to, social obligations, those in need, and then there are the larger causes looming over us, making the smallest delights seem so trivial when our future looks to be in shadow.

What to do?

Do the only thing we can do. Slow down. Breathe. Do what we can. Ask for help when we need it. Pare down to the necessary social obligations. Relax every day if only for a few minutes. And breathe, yes I will say it again!

Pull back on the material stuff and give of yourself… there is a shift happening, can you feel it? Do you feel that things need to have more meaning? That there is really no point in the fruitless search for generic, man made trash. That if you can give something of meaning, something hand made or even an experience it will mean so much more? Give of your time. Give of your self. Gift someone an hour of your time without technology! Give them an hour with you hiking outside or walking down the beach! Make them something special, or purchase something that someone else has made with love and care. Simplify. Open. Love.



~Archangel Oracle

*Animal Totem Tarot Card deck, by Leeza Robertson, Illustrated by Eugene Smith


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  1. Fariha says:

    Thank you!

  2. Peg Garner says:

    A day late reading. But it was and us a great reminder thatI can’t do it all alone and ro ask for help.

    1. Maybe it was confirmation for you! Synchronicity!

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