Earth Prayers

Earth Prayers, from the Sacred Geometry For The Visionary Path Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart
Earth Prayers, from the Sacred Geometry For The Visionary Path Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Earth Prayers, from the Sacred Geometry For The Visionary Path Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Earth Prayers: “Stewardship, Sustainability”

“Embedded in this card is complex geometry that begins as the Flower Of Life matrix around the planet. From the birth portal at the center of the Vesica Piscis, our home, Mother Earth, shines in beauty and grace. Many colored hands surround and reside within these patterns symbolizing participation of all beings in stewardship and sustainability.

Stewardship denotes understanding that there is spirit in everything and that everything is connected. It implies awareness that each of our actions, whether it is growing a vegetable, cutting a tree, or using natural resources, affects the whole. Even our thoughts have this power. Being stewards of the earth does not mean living without abundance, or placing judgment on the actions of others or ourselves. It does mean living with a sense of connectedness and relationship with all beings and respect for the earth.

Several indigenous tribes believe we must consider the effects of all our actions and demonstrate stewardship to the seventh generation. How might your daily actions and decisions be affected as you consider their effects seven generations into the future? As you consider this question and feel the tenderness of this time in Earth’s story, realize also the power of your prayers and intentions. see and ‘feel’ the earth as abundant and self-sustaining. See and ‘feel’ humans treading lightly upon her land and making decisions that will defend rather than wound the earth. How can you more fully live with an attitude of stewardship?”

If This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “Apathy and lack of foresight cloud our decisions. Consciously return to an attitude of stewardship and begin again to live your prayers.”*

~ By Francene Hart

Now we are planting the seeds of another nine year cycle. What will come to fruition during this time? How do your actions affect the overall, and are you aware that your existence is intricately woven into the fabric of the Universe, the destiny of the the Great Mother Gaia and all her creatures. We are all connected; with each other; with the fellow inhabitants of our Earth, including flaura and fauna, insect, animal and bird; and with the Great Mother herself. What do our footprints look like on her delicate surface? What mark will we leave? What gifts will we leave her?

We have warped the cycle over time… it is no longer a give and take of harmony and balance, but instead a take and take and take, leaving our beloved Mother struggling. She is an entity, not a big rock floating through the sky. She is an energy, an essence, a spiritual powerhouse. And should be revered and respected as such.

How do we return her back to the center of our existence? How do we reconnect with her when we are lost? What do we have to offer her in this society drowning in technology and stuff?

All things to contemplate… as if your life and the future of all mankind depend on it.

As, of course, they do.

Pray for her as you pray for the guidance to assist her in her ascension. Remember, that is why you are here.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry For The Visionary Path Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

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