Pyramid Of Light

Pyramid Of Light, from the Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Jimmy Manton
Pyramid Of Light, from the Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Pyramid Of Light, from the Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Jimmy Manton

Pyramid Of Light: “Psychic Protection”

Step Your Vibration Deeper Into Love: “As a being growing in significant light, darker energies can become more attracted to you. There is nothing to fear and only more mastery and awareness of the power and protection of Divine Love to experience. Here is guidance on the skills you have within you now to deal with any undesired interference. The Pyramid Of Light confirms that energies have been causing interference with your path an it is time now to end that interference with love and compassion.”

“The Oracle brings you confirmation that you are growing spiritually and as such, there are higher levels of responsibility and skill required of you to continue to thrive and blossom to even deeper places of spiritual expansion. These new levels will feel joyful to you as they bring you to greater personal mastery and freedom from fear.

Sometimes when you are growing your light, darker energies become more interested in you. This is nothing to be afraid of because no energy can interfere with you without your permission and if you have unconsciously given permission by action or deed in this or other lifetimes, you have the free will to withdraw that permission from a place of peace and love within you right now. The key to handling any energy effectively, even tat energy which you no longer wish to have connected to your energy field, is to have compassion and respect in your heart, combined with a firm boundary and an understanding of the principles of psychic protection.

There are practices which are easy and helpful for you to use to nurture your light and make it easier to go into that place of inner peace and love on a daily basis, and that help to protect and nourish the energy of your home and workplace too. One such practice recommended for you now is the Pyramid Of Light. This can be added to any other spiritual or inner work practice and yet will also stand on its own. It can be used on a person, physical space such as a home or workplace, or venue for a special occasion and even placed around a project.

The Ritual below will clear you at any time you feel that there are forces interfering with your free will or life plans. Sometimes you just sense blocks that  you know are not coming from within you and you know are not serving the higher unfoldment, and they need to be released. You can use this Ritual, or a skilled spiritual healer, to help you with this process, but know that what you most need is a compassionate heart and enough confidence to realize that you alone give or revoke permission for any being to be connected with your energy field, seeking to exert influence over your thoughts, actions or life choices either consciously or not. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of the power of our free will and choice. If any being, in the physical world or the inner worlds ever tells you that you have no power of choice as a human being, do not believe them. They are in deception and they are not to be trusted. They may believe what they are saying but they are not honouring the innate spiritual gift of free will that every human Soul was given as a gift in gratitude for coming to this Earth to help with service to Her awakening. Your free will is your most fundamental spiritual inheritance as a human being, and it cannot be taken by another except in illusion. Once you realize this, you can claim back your power at any time.

The Pyramid Of Light says that you may have beings who think they are helping you but are not of unconditional love and therefore are better to be released from your energy field. These beings may or may not be in physical form. They may or may not appear as very spiritual teachers or helpers. The Oracle indicates that there are also thoughts, feelings, and other energies around you that are not helping you and with the easy Ritual below,  you can clear all of that and feel that your path is clearer and easier, with less fog and confusion.”

Ritual Of The Pyramid Of Light: ” Sit quietly, preferably with your legs crossed underneath you or on a chair with your back straight and your arms resting in your lap, your palms facing upwards and your fingers just resting open.

Imagine, sense, perceive or feel an enormous shining eye of the Divine, gazing out from the center of the Sun.

Imagine that this enormous eye in the center of the Sun is made of pure white light, with flecks of neon violet in the center and around the edges of every light particle. The light is electric violet, alive and powerful with spiritual energy.

Imagine this huge eye as a powerful point of light above your head.

Then visualize, sense, perceive or intend that this point of light shoots out in four distinct directions, landing as four separate points beneath you, forming a square base for your Pyramid Of Light, with each point joining together.

The base of the Pyramid Of Light is filled with electric violet light. Each of the four corners of the base shoot light up to the point above your head, forming the apex and four sides fo the Pyramid Of Light, which then are filled with electric violet light.

You are completely encompassed within your Pyramid Of Light.

Imagine within the Pyramid Of Light, seven stars of light now form, made of pure white light with neon violet in the center and in the edges of every light particle.

Each star of light within your Pyramid aligns with each of your seven energy centers, one at the top of your head, the next at your forehead, the next at your throat, then your heart space in the center of your chest, your solar plexus around the abdominal area, the belly and the base of the spine.

Then two additional stars form above the crown and beneath your body in the earth, all contained within your Pyramid Of Light. If the Pyramid needs to expand in size to allow for these additional two stars to fit comfortably within it, let that happen now.

Finally allow four smaller stars to form in the palms of your hands and soles of your feet.

You are completely and thoroughly contained within your cleansing, protective Pyramid Of Light now. Stay there for a few moments and really feel it.

Say aloud with a fir, peaceful and loving voice that does not waver, “As a sovereign being of light, I now claim full ownership of my energy field and any being or entity that is draining my energy or fueling me with fear no longer has my permission to be in my energy field. You must leave, beloveds. I honour you and wish you well, but you cannot stay here any more and you cannot ever return. Of my own free will, and through Divine Grace and the protection of unconditional love, this is now so. So be it!

Repeat this statement up to three times if you feel the need for it, growing stronger each time if necessary but always coming from love and never from force (force comes from fear and you do not need it anyway, coming firmly from a place of love and clear boundaries is more than enough to get the job done!)

Then say the following aloud, once, “I ask that this pyramid be held in place for the coming week or however long serves my highest good. I program it to deflect negative energies and allow negative energies to continue to leave my body, mind and energy field. I also program it to allow positive energies to enter and remain in my body, mind and energy field. Through the Grace of the Divine and my own free will, so be it!

When you are ready, open your eyes.”

Incantation: “You can say this incantation to call on the highest psychic protection and cleansing at any time. It also just feels really good!

“I AM love
I AM light
To manage my own energy field
I have every right
Compassion, peace and strength I AM
I witness the dark
With peace in my heart
In my energy there is space only for love
That is unconditional and gentle as the dove
I AM unconditional love
I AM unconditional love
I AM unconditional love”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

Use the incantation above as an extra layer of protection, but know that no one can harm you without your permission. If there is pain or toxicity in your life now, heed the call to the Light. It is time to release the pain, and move in a different and new direction. Find the love that you deserve inside you and move forward fearlessly.

You are protected. The Universe is always on your side.

Be the Love. Be the Light.



~Archangel Oracle

*Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Jimmy Manton


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