Nine Of Pentacles

Nine Of Pentacles, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore
Nine Of Pentacles, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Nine Of Pentacles, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Nine Of Pentacles: “Rich reds, purples, browns and greens blend together, creating a luscious kaleidoscope of colour. The sweet scent of blackberries dances with the lingering spicy perfume of rose. The gifts of the earth are on display, and her kin are preparing to celebrate the year’s great abundance. After donning her best gown and carefully centering her finest jewels, she takes a few minutes in her own private garden before joining the others.

This season has been a good one for all, she muses, but the spirits of the land have been especially generous with her. Her own vines and gardens have produced treasures that have exceeded even her own high expectations. Closing her eyes, she loses herself in gratitude until the trill of birdsong catches her attention. She smiles as her dear feathered friend greets her. Like her companion, she feels a song in her heart that she would share with the world if only she had more skill. Whether she warbles or not, she follows her own inner tune, which guides her choices and the work of her hands. Perhaps that is why everything she does seems so easy and charmed. Instead of giving her kin the dubious gift of her song, she will share her bounty and revel in the glorious sense of a job well done.”

Divinatory Meaning Of Nine Of Pentacles: “Success and achievement are a couple of life’s sweet rewards. This card marks the sense of satisfaction that comes from hard work. Sometimes great achievements are a group effort, but the Nine Of Pentacles focuses on your individual effort. It also speaks of doing the work of your heart, of always doing what you know to be good and true. This is about the life you have created for yourself and taking time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There is a sense of solitude with this card, which can be a blessing. However, while you may feel protective of your life, there are ways to share without giving away everything.”*

~ By Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

In sharing your gifts with others, you must also remain firm in your boundaries. Just as you would not take the ideas of another and use them as your own, you must protect yourself and your ideas. We have talked about boundaries, and this is an extension of that particular message. We each have our own valuable gifts to share, and sometimes an idea must come fully to fruition before it is ready to be shared. It is all about timing and trusting in yourself and in the process. Do not feel that you must share your ideas too soon, or someone may feel that it is ok to build upon your ideas and make them their own.

This does not mean that you have to be paranoid of someone stealing your ideas, it simply means that you will use discretion. You know who supports you one hundred percent. You know who your ideas are safe with and who they may not be, listen to your intuition, it will not lead you astray!

Your gift is valuable, and this is a learning experience. Nurture your ideas and honour your creative process and you are sure to be successful. Keep your thoughts to yourself for now, and if you need help, try research instead of seeking advice. Trust yourself and your own inner wisdom to lead the way.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

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