He of the Fiery Sword

He of the Fiery Sword, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Daily Angel Oracle Card: He of the Fiery Sword, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

He of the Fiery Sword: “The Active Principle, Spiritual Will, Justice, Protection”

“When the song comes into any of the manifest worlds – this world or Faery or another – it first encounters two principles, sometimes called yin and yang, or masculine and feminine, or Great God and Great Goddess. He of the Fiery Sword is the primary manifestation of the yang principle – action, will, movement, force, fire. We see him in many ways, each one an aspect of his total being. All of the great gods and protectors are aspects of this power.

The  fiery sword is the archetype of all magical and mundane swords, and written upon the blade are the words ‘Draw me not without cause, nor return me without honor.’ A member of the Oracle group notes, ‘His fiery sword illuminates truth and dispels not truth.’

We can call upon the master of the fiery sword when we have difficult things to do, when we need to take action that is going to require much of us, both in will and in compassion. Another of the Oracle group reminds us, ‘He will do what needs to be done with love.’

When looking at this card, my neighbour saw it not as a sword but as a feather of light. He saw it as a symbol of the ability to fly, to rise above things. An Oracle group member saw it as someone reaching up, ascending, surrounded by multiple reflections, and filled with light and power.”

Starter Reading: “The presence of the fiery sword’s master in a reading can indicate that there is 9or there is a need for) clear and focused will and a determination to carry through on decisions, even if much effort is required. Or he an tell us that such will and strength is present in regard to the issues under consideration. We need to consider how he is expressing his will and strength and how that expression may be enhanced or improved.

It is this Singer’s energy that enables us to burst the bonds of an outgrown way of being and move on to the next level. He indicates that this is a time to take action based on clear spiritual will. His presence indicates great strength and great potential for good. It also reminds us that, if we call upon him, we will receive assistance. The presence of this card in a reading radiates strength and willpower to the cards around it.”

He of the Fiery Sword as Challenger: “Like all of the Singers, this card does not have an opposite meaning as such because He of the Fiery Sword is present in full measure throughout the universe on all levels. As Challenger here speaks of an archetypal energy blocked or unaccepted by the querent or another involved in the issue. Look to the cards around it to see what may be causing this. When He of the Fiery Sword is Challenger, the question we need to ask ourselves is ‘How may I free strength and will in my life and allow the vital force to flow through?’

“Faeries cannot be pinned down to a page,
a list, a single definition. To grasp their elusive nature
requires direct experience,personal engagement.”

~ Brian Froud

I see this as a message of loving assistance from the Elemental realm of Faery. This is a huge gift and should be treated with utmost reverence. Time is of the essence here, do no delay, as Faery have no patience when it comes to humans and their procrastinating ways.

He of the Fiery Sword is here to assist you in cutting the cords that bind you. These cords are etheric, and must be removed in order for us to reclaim our energies. Some are cords that connect us to others who may be ‘energy vampires.’ Being connected to them drains our life force, causing us to experience exhaustion, self-doubt and fear of leaving them even if they are unhealthy for us. Other cords may be in the form of fearful thoughts and negative belief systems around what we are worthy or capable of creating in our lives. Whatever the case may be, the cords must be cut in order for us to move forward on our Life Path and we are being granted some very powerful help to do so.

We each know which cords must be cut. Sometimes we hold on for the wrong reasons, but be assured that cords of true, unconditional love can never be cut or removed, only those that are damaging to our body, mind and spirit.

Ask He of the Fiery Sword to assist you in removing the ties that bind you as you focus on the image of the Card. See the sword cut through, and ask that the energies of each cord be returned to sender. This is done with strength and courage, but also with love. No matter who it is you are cutting cords with, know that you are not hurting that person in any way, you are simply separating your energies in a healthy and necessary way.

Once you feel that all cords have been cut, across all time, space and dimension, and you have asked that the energy be returned to sender, take a few deep breaths and send a prayer of gratitude to He of the Fiery Sword. Really feel into your energy. Expand your aura all the way around you. Intend that you set boundaries with your energy from this day forward, it will not longer be easy to connect cords to you. Know that you are protected.

This is a whole new kind of freedom.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

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