Cuprite, from the Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Cuprite, from the Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman

Cuprite: “Rites of Passage”

Crystal Colour: Red

Related Chakras: “Base and Sacral”

Crystal Medicine: “Cuprite is the feminine aspect of the crystal Hematite. A very sacred stone, it holds the medicine and energy of guiding you through the process of transformation and healing on a very deep level. This dynamic crystal invites you to sit with your pain and stop running from your fears. It offers a space of deep healing and allows you to find the strength and courage to deal with life’s challenges are you draw deep wisdom from this process.”

Crystal Meaning:

“~Supports exploring the shadow self and healing deep issues
~Provides access to sacred ancient knowledge of the feminine
~Supports you and holds you as you enter into the void
~Supports you to feel like you belong here on the Earth”

Oracle Reading Message From The Crystal Deva: “You have attracted this card today as a sign that you are entering into a powerful time to rites of passage. As a deep honouring of the soul and to live a balanced harmonious existence, it is essential that throughout specific times of life you are showered with sacred initiations and moments of celebration. This is known as rites of passage, times to receive energetically all the fruits and gifts of your labor. Tribes throughout history understood the importance of these rites of passage and facilitated many ceremonies and rituals for these special times. In this honouring and recognition of the soul, you receive a deep knowing, respect, and love of the self. These rites are a very important process of the soul’s journey and can assist you greatly in your life. In recent times the importance of rites of passage has been forgotten – however, energetically you will still experience these sacred rites of passage facilitated by your ancestors in spirit and universal energy itself. The devas of Cuprite are also here to assist you through this process as you transform fro your old state of being and awaken into another, bringing about deeper understanding and self-awareness. This powerful process can sometimes be challenging as old ways of being are questioned and you are asked to let go and allow for new awareness to arrive and as you then integrate this into your life. You may be feeling mixed emotions at present, like fear and confusion, or you could be excited as your soul is open and ready for this powerful new change – how this affects you is unique and different for everyone. Rites of passage offer you the gifts of challenges and lessons and help you define who you are in this world, presenting an opportunity to master self-honour and respect. Whether you are experiencing a loss of a loved one, an ending or beginning of a relationship, or entering into a new phase in your life, know that this is a sacred and important time. It is an initiation of your Soul’s journey. Step lightly and stay open as you transform through this potent time.”*

~ By Rachelle Charman

Recently I received a message asking why we are constantly going through transformation at this time, and why when it seemed as if the reader had already transformed I was still writing about tranformation. I get it! These are intense and accelerated times. Time is speeding up, and speeding by. We are climbing the ladder of ascension and it can be an exhausting and elating journey. Just as we feel that we have finally transformed, we realize it was only a stepping stone on our journey.

Now we are being asked to take note, as not only are we experiencing changing times, but some of the upcoming experiences will be so profound, they will actually mark a complete shift or change in direction in you life. A rite of passage. Once we step through the portal of a Rite of Passage, nothing remains the same; that is because we are no longer the same. This is a pivotal moment; a highlight in your life. It may be subtle or it might be so big you will wonder how you might continue, but it is coming none the less. It may be that you are passing through it not, with or without the awareness that you are doing so. This is a reminder to be mindful; to awaken and participate fully in this magical time.

Perception is huge here, and really, what is anything but a perception of our reality. How we see things, the lens we use, how open our hearts and minds, are all factors at this time. Surrender is key, embracing new though patterns and belief systems as we go, releasing all the old, dense energies.

Cuprite is not a stone that many will have, but you can quite easily connect to the healing energies by taking a few minutes to gaze at the card image and set the intention to work with the energies. Ask for the support that you need at this time, ask for the guidance.

And enjoy the ride, it will be so much easier if you undergo it willingly!



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman

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  1. janmalique says:

    Thank you! It seems each time I look at your blog the perfect guidance is ready and waiting.

  2. janmalique says:

    Reblogged this on strangegoingsonintheshed and commented:
    I love reading this bless g, it always seems to have the right message at the right time. Rites of passage and transformation are very important themes for many on this planet.

  3. “Time to receive ENERGETICALLY all the fruits and gifts of our labor.”
    Today is May 3, 2017.
    I gave my son up for adoption on this day, 31 years ago.
    We have recently reconnected and TODAY I was able to wish him a happy birthday. The energy is almost overwhelming. Almost. I had written a blog post about it and was hesitant to post it but, after seeing this, I know I must. Thank you Dee.

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