Ten Of Cups

Ten Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Card deck, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ten Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Card deck, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Ten Of Cups: “The spiky scent of lavender lightly veils the deeper, sweeter notes of rose. Their essence is carried into the air on spirals of steam. Underneath, the earthy, rich smell of frankincense fills in the empty space. The air is permeated with peace and love and promise.

Calling on the spirits of the plants, which she harvested with her own devoted hands and blended together in water gathered from her own blessed spring, she invites them into her life. She sings their songs, and as they release their magic, they sing with her. In that moment, powerful magic is present.

Old, even for a faery, she has gathered deep wisdom and much experience and thus can weave her spell perfectly. She knows what is important, what is the best use of these gifts of nature. With practiced motions, she moves her hands over the steam, deftly mingling the energies to summon precious blessings for her loved ones; a peaceful, compassionate countenance; deep, intimate connections with others; and commitment and honor.”

Divinatory Meaning For Ten Of Cups: “Life is full of moments of love and connection. Some are fleeting. Some stand the test of time. Some are effervescent. Some are deep and rich. When they mingle together in one life, the variety creates a full existence, a complex tapestry that is extraordinarily beautiful. The Ten Of Cups promises such an experience. But it is not just a card of receiving. It is also a card of wisdom and experience, bringing with it the knowledge and ability to nurture such relationships in your life and in the lives of those around you. This card marks a time to create these ties as well as to celebrate them.”*

~ By Julia Jeffrey

This card represents a coming together. It also tells of the tiny moments that make up an abundant life; those lazy afternoons spent with family in the back yard, or a walk with a friend. It is a reminder that there is so much to be grateful for that is untangible, fleeting and precious. A smile or hug from a loved one. A cup of tea and a heart to heart visit. Holding hands. Gazing into someone’s eyes. Admiring the deep blue of the sky or the sea. Feeling your toes in the sand or the wind in your hair. Doing what you love to do, mindfully, without a rush.

Feeling love in your heart, filling it right up to the brim and letting it spill over.

That is abundance.

Connect today. Make it a little more special. Reach out. Get outside. Surprise someone with a call or a hug or a smile. Give of yourself and pay it forward.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tarot Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Card deck, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

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