Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Guardian Angel, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Guardian Angel:

“I believe we are free, within limits, and yet there is an unseen hand,
a guiding angel, that somehow, like a submerged propeller, drives us on.”
~ Rabindranath Tagor

“We are all under the watchful gaze of guardian beings. When yearning for spiritual growth and service becomes the predominant theme in your life a specific Guardian Angel is attracted and assigned to you. As your souls spiritual mother, she holds the blueprint of your perfection and knows how you can best evolve. She is concerned with the subtleties of building the inner connection to our higher consciousness and watches over the balance between the various chakras or energy centers of your body. Your guardian protects you and brings messages of inspiration. As you battle between your lower and higher aspects, she offers revelations and incentives toward voluntary change. She cannot alter your personal will, but is permitted to influence you with new interests and friends who may help you through troublesome or unwise behaviours. She stays with you much longer than any other angel, and is dedicated to strengthening and encouraging you on your path.

As the director of your spiritual evolution, your guardian is the initiator of many challenges. Difficult times are a sign that she is hard at work, helping you to change. When behaviours or beliefs interfere with your next stage of development and you are unable to consciously release them, she helps you through any unpleasant and unwanted circumstances, easing your distress. Simply believe in the surety of her loving response as any doubts will block your ability to receive help. think of your guardian as friend and companion rather than a lofty, unimaginably powerful being. She walks by your side, lovingly guiding and assisting you. She knows you so well that she is there for you, even beforeĀ  you think to call. Angels do not speak through vocal chords; instead they know our thoughts and communicate with feelings through the heart. The relationship with a guardian can become much more intimate than most human friendships because nothing is concealed. Humans usually rely on language to communicate. But, language often fails to describe the deep and complex emotions we wish to share. Your guardian attunes to these feelings and responds with loving devotion. Realizing she knows all can be an inspiration to weed out judgments and criticism. This opens space for spontaneous responds to life based on true feelings.

Commune with your guardian. Ask her name; then listen for her words of wisdom. Watch for the way she announces her presence through a fragrance, a feeling, a sound, or a colourful symbol. Sometiems guardians appear often, their guidance is so subtle that we don’t notice. Share your love and gratitude with your special angel as she strives to implant you with nobler aspirations, patience and courage.”*

~ By Kimberly Marooney

If you are feeling a little intimidated by choices which need to be made at this time, know that your Guardian Angel is always close by to assist you. Ask for guidance, ask for signs, symbols and messages. Ask that the right person or people be sent your way. Then watch carefully for what you have asked for! Answers may come to you in many forms, songs, articles, tv shows, snippets of conversations, etc. Watch for answers during dream time too!

You are never alone, even if you have to make some of the big life changing decisions coming up, you always have your team by your side. They are asking that you use them to assist you with all these decisions, both large and small. You are loved, you are supported and you are protected.

All you need to do is ask.



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

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