Shattuckite ~ Teacher

Shattuckite ~ Teacher, from the Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Shattuckite ~ Teacher, from the Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman

Shattuckite ~ Teacher

Crystal Colour: “Various shades of blues and greens”
Related Chakras: “Heart, throat, crown”

Crystal Medicine: “One of the magical stones of the crystal world with its beautiful blue and green hues, Shattuckite freely offers its powerful healing vibration. Its medicine encourages you to connect deeply with your teacher guides in the spirit world, to open to the wisdom that lies within and to step onto the path as a teacher. It also creates a sacred space where you can learn and heal from your own challenges and experiences. When you can understand and integrate the lessons you face in life, deep wisdom and healing is attained, which can then be shared with other. Shattuckite will assist you in finding the courage and strength associated with knowing your truth and connecting to your inner wisdom.”

Crystal Meaning:

* Invokes the wisdom of the inner teacher
* Opens the heart to allow you to share wisdom from a place of love
* Supports you to share the divine wisdom of the Universe
* Connects you to your teacher guides in the higher realms

Oracle Reading Message From The Crystal Deva: “You have attracted this card today to remind you that the best teacher in life right now is you. All your experiences have brought an abundance of wisdom and knowledge and now is the time for you to listen to yourself and implement this wisdom in your own life. This is an important turning point and the devas of Shattuckite are guiding you to connect deeply with the teacher within. Hold your own counsel, be your own sage and listen to your inner guidance as you draw upon you own personal life experiences to support your growth. You have been receiving signs, inner knowing, and hunches around situations in your life and this card is another confirmation that you have been already connecting with  your inner teacher. This card could also indicate that you have wisdom and knowledge to share with others. You are being encouraged to work closely with the devas of Shattuckite, releasing any fears you have of stepping into your power as a teacher. If you have asked for guidance about a specific person, know this card indicates that this soul has much to teach you and will play a significant role in your life.”*

~ By Rachelle Charman

June seems to be the month of self reliance and introspection. Again we are encouraged to look within to our own experiences and deep wisdom to guide us on. Maybe this is uncharted territory for some; if we do not trust in ourselves we may have given our power away to others to make our decisions for us. We may be so used to seeking advice or council, or running ideas past certain people that we don’t even realize that we are living our lives through their direction.

No one else can walk in your shoes for you. It is time to decide for yourself what you want and what action steps you are willing to take to get it. Yes, it may be scary, and you may feel like you need to check in with someone else first. Try instead to center yourself and look at why that is. Why do you have to seek permission or justification for your own choices in your own life?

It is time to take back your power. Take up the reins of your own life and steer in the direction your heart longs to travel.

This may be an important time to cut some cords, which may also be the reason you feel so tied to others opinions and advice. Cord cutting will energetically set you free from others influence, giving you the space to create something new for yourself. If you are unfamiliar with cord cutting see my previous blog post Archangel Michael ~ Cut Your Cords 



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman

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