Frogmouth, from the Animal Dreaming Oracle Card deck, by Scott Alexander King, artwork by Karen Branchflower

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Frogmouth, from the Animal Dreaming Oracle Card deck, by Scott Alexander King, artwork by Karen Branchflower

Frogmouth: “Secret Keeper”

“The Frogmouth’s tawny-grey plumage is reminiscent of the silver-grey hair of our Elders, the secrets they hold and the experience they can impart.

Elders were once revered as ‘wise ones’, simply because their wisdom had been accumulated over many years of life experience. They appeared to walk in beauty and in harmony with all things. They were seen as being ‘content’ and at peace with their lot in life. They were free of the mundane issues that hinder the progress of the everyday man. They had learned from their life experiences, integrating this accumulated wisdom into their future perception of life, thus freeing themselves of burdens and restrictions that promote anxiety, anger, guilt and resentment. Their knowledge was sought because they were believed to be able to see though the self-created illusions of fear and regret that bind us and prevent us from moving forward.

If Frogmouth has appeared in your cards, you are being encouraged to seek out the secrets being held in trust by your Elders. Approach them with respect and ask them to share their sacred knowledge. Ask questions about their history, their childhood and the way of their generation Inquire as to what life was like for them, how they interacted with their peers and kin and the responsibilities expected of them by their seniors. Speak of chores, education and wars, of times spent at school, of love, fashion and economic flow.

Most importantly though, ask the Elders of Spirit, God, Creation and the medicine ways of all things. Seek their opinion on things of nature, for example, the cycles of life and the Universe. Ask about the things that make your heart sing, of what saddens you and what inspires you to reach higher levels of awareness. Ask until there is nothing more to ask, and then incorporate the memories and wisdom of these things into your life and share them, with the blessings of your Elders, as the sacred knowledge of your people.”*

~ By Scott Alexander

The Ancestors are calling, can you feel it in your bones? And although this message suggests that we seek out our living Elders, which can definitely be helpful, my interpretation of this message is that there are secrets hidden within your ancestry, you heritage and your cellular DNA that can unlock the mysteries of your current reality. Past lives, clearing of ancestral lineage, bringing in the help of the sacred Ancestors; all these are deeply interconnected. That is where the mystery lies.

We bring many of our lessons through the generations; we can bring belief systems, blocks, physical issues and even skill sets. We bring these things through with us just as we bring our height, hair and skin colour and physical characteristics. There is no way to measure them, there is no way to see them etched there in our microscopic cells, but yet they are there. They are the undercurrent of our issues, obstacles, gifts and graces; physical, mental and spiritual. They can be our biggest assets, or our heaviest burdens.

But we have the chance to set ourselves free. To find out who we are without all that extra weight. To complete the circle with respect and reverence for the gifts we have been given, and to move forward on a brand new path.

It is time to work on clearing our Ancestral lines; releasing old contracts; reforming our own belief systems; and freeing ourselves of karmic debt. This does not mean that we do not revere our heritage, or proudly fly our flag. It does not mean that our Ancestors are not valuable assets to our spiritual journey, they most certainly are. This is about clearing out the old pain, trauma, fear or oppression that we have carried with us for far too long and making space for a fresh start. This allows us to take with us what will enhance our journey after blessing and releasing that which has held us back.

There are many ways to start this process. You can return to the land of your roots and spend some time there, learning about what must be done in order to move forward, honouring your heritage as you do so. You can meditate and ask the Ancestors to show you the way. You can seek someone trustworthy who can work with you to release past karma, a Shaman or practitioner who can help you to bless and release in sacred ceremony.

Be grateful for the Ancestors; without them you would not be where and who you are today. Honour them and send gratitude. Create an altar, inside or outside in their sacred honour. Celebrate the gifts you have receive from them and offer a gift of your own… tobacco leaves and chocolates are examples.

This is another step on your Spiritual Quest. Undertake to do it joyfully and it will set you free.



~Archangel Oracle

*Animal Dreaming Oracle Card deck, by Scott Alexander King, artwork by Karen Branchflower

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  1. janmalique says:

    Reblogged this on strangegoingsonintheshed and commented:
    Seeking ancient wisdom can be a healing process. Is it time YOU walked this path?

  2. emeraldprism says:

    I dreamt about this last night. I meet an “aunt” in my dream and I was so eager to finally had more and share about what I have learnt intuitively about our lineage. More pending apparently 😊 Such a beautiful synchronicity. Day in day out! Thank you for being a steady part of what makes my experience so magical!! Bless you Dee ❤❤

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