Cacoxenite, from the Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Cacoxenite, from the Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman

Cacoxenite: “New Beginnings”

Crystal Colour: “A variety of golds, browns and blacks”

Related Chakras: “Solar Plexus Chakra”

Crystal Medicine: “Cacoxenite is a high vibrational crystal containing a range of different medicines and energies. It can awaken new opportunities, especially on the spiritual path, and is a great ally for energy healers because it shares its powerful medicine of awakening the soul. It helps you let go of stale energy and experiences and allows for fresh vibrant energy of new beginnings.”

Crystal Meaning: “Enhances channeling gifts and abilities. Enhances creative ideas and awakens imagination. Journeys with you into the magical realm of spirit. Activates new ideas and inspiration.”

Oracle Reading Message From The Crystal Deva: “You have attracted this powerful card into your life today to share with you that the blessings of new beginnings are upon you. Life moves in cycles and the one you are currently entering is one of exciting new opportunities. The light of a new dawn and the medicine of Cacoxanite is shining down upon you. As one chapter of your life is coming to an end, it is time to dust yourself off and focus on the here and now. As the old drops away, you may be feeling a range of different emotions such as fear, joy, excitement, anticipation and even a little sadness as you enter into this renewed time of transformation. Work closely with the devas to release any unwanted fears or resistance and trust this is a sacred time of bringing new energy into your life. As you draw upon the medicine of Cacoxanite, know that this is a perfect time for you to start a new project or pursue something that you have been holding off on for the right time. You are being urged to embrace this opportunity fully and allow the first light of dawn to shine upon you, offering blessings of rebirth and rejuvenation in every aspect of your life. Enjoy this new part of your journey – its will bring you an abundance of positive change.”*

~ By Rachelle Charman

A perfect message to start a new month! Blessings of new beginnings; opportunities and the light of a new dawn. All of this deeply resonates with me at this time, as we embark upon the second phase of 2017.

So much deep work has been done over the last six months, it really has been a whirlwind. So many energies to assimilate; so many new frequencies… are you accepting and embracing them, or have you felt as if you are fighting them? Surrender is key. Throw your arms wide; your palms out; your heart open. Accept it with grace and ease, gratitude. It has caused some chaos for sure as the polarities stretch farther and farther apart. What will become of us all, this complicated human race?

What we have learned is that we absolutely must take full responsibility for our the creation and manifestation of our own realities. As each individual does so, we can come together to form a new collective consciousness. As we take on more and more light, we form a powerful grid around the planet; one of healing,  of acceptance of unconditional Love. When we understand just how powerful we are, each and every single individual, then we can come together as a whole.

And change everything. Complete and total transformation of a broken system. From the inside out.

Starting with you.

Happy July!



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Readings Oracle Card deck, by Rachelle Charman

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