Hemera ~ Rebirth

Hemera ~ Rebirth, from the Mythic Oracle card deck, by Carisa Mellado, artwork by Michele-Lee Phelan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Hemera ~ Rebirth, from the Mythic Oracle card deck, by Carisa Mellado, artwork by Michele-Lee Phelan

Hemera ~ Rebirth

The Myth: “Hemera is the primordial embodiment of day. She is the daughter of Nyx (night) and Erebus (darkness). She is the bringer of the day. At night, Hemera’s mother, Nyx, draws the veil of night across the Earth. In the morning, Hemera disperses the night mists and bathes the world in a heavenly light again.”

The Message: “When we experience a life-changing transformation, we return to a world that has remained the same. Old meanings no longer hold value for us, and we feel a sense of displacement. Although this can be a very frustrating period when the regular world no longer makes sense, eventually we begin to feel new meaning in life, see the sense in things with new eyes, and make the appropriate changes to reflect our new lives.

This is the transformation taking place for you now. You are coming out of the darkness, a life-changing period, and bringing the wisdom from that period into your new life. This takes time, bravery, and exploration. A new you has been born, and you must now give your new self the love and nurturing it needs to grow into its full potential.

This is a period of rebirth. You may have just been through a journey that challenged and awakened you both physically and spiritually. You are surfacing now from the night into the day, changed, and you must reintegrate all that you have learned into your self and your life.”*

~ By Carisa Mellado

The changes we are undergoing right now will take a while to integrate. However, they are so profound that they will quite literally take us from night to day. Total transformation. Complete transmutation of energies. Expansion, awakening, ascension. For All.

Some faster than others yes, but everyone will have to experience the shift in some way. Those who embrace it and dive into it fully, mind, body and spirit will soar. Those who resist will find struggle until they learn to surrender the old in exchange for something brand new. How you experience this is completely up to you. Full responsibility for the manifestation of our own reality; there is no other way.

You may have a feeling that you are just waking up. Things that held your interest may no longer inspire you. Relationships may come to a sudden and shocking end, particularly if you have been holding on to something that was toxic or stagnant. Career choices may change, coming from a more heart centered awareness. Creative self-expression will come from a place of self-love and acceptance; you can have so much fun with that one now! Travel may beckon to you; particularly to sacred sites and far flung places. Time alone that used to make you feel as if you were missing out will now be cherished. Crowds may repel you. Animals will suddenly seem to have a higher consciousness than you ever noticed before. You are waking up, Dear One.

Suddenly the things that made you uncomfortable will draw you near… the things that kept you stuck in your comfort zone will feel stifling and suffocating. Polarities will start to shift.

Heart and mind expanding, aligning. Opening and receiving. Senses sharpening; colours brighter, sounds clearer. And your dreams! Oh the dreams you can dream both awake and asleep will blow out the limitations you once lived so rigorously by.

Bring on the rebirth. We are ready.



~Archangel Oracle

*Mythic Oracle card deck, by Carisa Mellado, artwork by Michele-Lee Phelan




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  1. Debra says:

    Absolutely love this, 💚

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