Archangel Jophiel ~ Creative Power

Archangel Jophiel ~ Creative Power, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Archangel Jophiel ~ Creative Power, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Archangel Jophiel ~ Creative Power:

“This world is but a canvas to our imaginations.
Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

“Jophiel teaches our consciousness to discover the Light within. Divine ideas begin to manifest in the heart of the Eternal where electronic light substance containing ‘everything’  is broadcast out in great waves. Jophiel coordinates a team of angels who see each vision through to physical manifestation. In this process, Paschar receives the vision and projects it on to Jamearah who adds detail and form as the essence begins to condense. It is then kissed by the beauty of Iofiel. Galgaliel charges it with vibration and magnetic energy which surround the idea in a mighty vortex of love, spinning the web of matter that will become the physical manifestation. Next, Micah adds emotional depth, giving the plan the power to move to its right place. From our side, Shekinah holds us in the presence of the Eternal. Jophiel helps us receive the vision and Ongkanon assists with clear communication.

There is no need to suffer from lack with such an abundance of creative power available for the asking. God wants us to join in co-creation, sharing the joy of directing energy into form. Seed ideas of the Divine are in the wind for us to catch and then nourish, energize and externalize.

‘De sire’ captures the significance of the manifestation event and means ‘of the Father.’ Your feelings connect you with the Eternal to energize the thought form and draw it into physical substance. A desire for things that help you awaken is good: a strong desire to be free, to give and receive love, to find your right work, to be surrounded with beauty, to be fully alive, healthy and sexually vital are all good. Intention and feeling are the keys. When material desires dominate, then take action to seek the cause of attachments and free yourself. Don’t waste time on trivial pursuits that have no value. Concentrate instead on beneficial endeavors that are worthy of your commitment.

Make yourself a clear and open vessel; then call to Archangel Jophiel to fill you with the perfect vision of what you desire. Use your passion to call the vision into form. It will feel complete when it comes from God. It will excite you and there will be no question or doubt in your mind. Accept the vision with gratitude and take action. The angels will help!”

Music: “Jimmy Cliff, “You Can Get it if you Really Want it” Mariah Carey, “Make it happen” from Emotion, James Taylor, “Like Everyone She Knows” from New Moon Shine”*

~ By Kimberly Marooney

Our creative powers of manifestation are at an all time high. Far and beyond anything we have every experienced, in this lifetime or any other on this planet. We are getting back to our magic, opening up to what was always possible. ‘Junk’ DNA is being activated and lo and behold… it is the most valuable we possess (of course!). Centers in the brain are being activated, our extra sensory perception is above and beyond what we have previously experienced.

What is it that you wish to create? Focus all of your intention on this ONLY. Nothing else matters. I repeat: NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. There is no drama, there are no obstacles. It is all smoke and mirrors… and the smoke is clearing… the mirrors are reflecting back to you your own perceptions of your limitations. Step around the mirror and see the infinite possibility.

You, right now are a tiny snowball at the top of a big snowy mountain. All the snow that sticks to you and creates the massive snowball of your reality is made up of your thoughts and emotions. What will that look like? What else is possible?

So here you are, standing at the top of a mountain. On one side lies a volcano, bubbling with red and orange lava. On the other side is a beautiful soft and snowy slope leading right down into an enchanted forest. Take your big old snowball of limiting beliefs, painful experiences, fear and doubt and roll that baby right off into the volcano! Don’t worry, you can keep all your beautiful and loving memories. Now, reach down and make a little snowball with the fresh snow at your feet. Hold it in your hand and set all the positive intentions you can possible think of that you wish to create. For the Highest Good of All and your Highest Good. See the little snowball fill with bright white love and light, like an exquisite little orb. Hold it in front of your heart and fill it with as much love and light as you can muster. Bless it, and then with faith and trust, let it go, watching it roll playfully down the mountain, growing larger and larger with every turn.

Only you know what it is creating with every turn. Only you know how powerfully significant this really is.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

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