Fearn Alder

Fearn Alder, from the Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Fearn Alder, from the Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Fearn Alder: “Northern Hemisphere Dates: December 27th-January 23rd. Southern Hemisphere Dates: June 27th – July 23rd.
Totems: “Kingfisher, Raven, Wren, Dragon”
Deities/Guides: “Bran adn Branwen of Welsh Mythology, Merlin”
Letters: F, V and GW”
Class: “Chieftain”
3rd Lunation”

Keywords: “Guidance, prophecy and divination, strength in a dispute or battle, spiritual protection, balance between the masculine and feminine energies.”

“The Fearn Alder initiates in the third lunation and represents guidance and initiative. This tree also represents leadership, power, and strength. If you need backbone in a dispute, this tree offers you strength and resolve as well as protection. Alder holds both male and female powers and shows us how to balance these aspects within us. Alder encourages us to seek the oracle to help us update our intentions and assert our plans. We set these renewed intentions for a new solar year. There is a quality of self-sacrifice for the good of the community, with this tree. The ogham for Alder is Fearn and the letters F, V and GW.”

Fearn Alder In A Reading: “Alder is especially connected to prophecy. Alder reminds you of your bird and animal totems, as well as your guardian spirits and allies, and asks you to listen to their messages. When this tree appears in a reading, reconnect to your own ancestors or spiritual lineages for guidance, information and support. Be alert to synchronicities in your daily life. Look to your dreams and record their wisdom. (If you set this intention they will inform you.) It may also be a time to use your divination tools or consult a trusted friend or psychic. What does your intuition tell you? What does your gut say?

If you are involved in a dispute or conflict, this tree offers you spiritual strength and protection. Alder possesses a strong male energy that offers you backbone and strength. Alder provides a bridge over troubled waters.

When you get Alder, you are asked to address your balance of masculine and feminine energies. What is the best use of these energies? Perhaps you are being overly assertive or aggressive. Or perhaps you are being too passive or dependent upon others right now, and giving away your power. Alder asks you to work from your own inner sense of authority. Trust your feelings, thoughts, and visions. Fearn Alder offers you support as you delve into your own inner knowing.

Alternatively, you may not be listening to others. Is it possible you are being too ruthless and ignoring ethical considerations? Either way, Fearn Alder invites you to return o the middle path and create a more balanced life. You have help and are never alone.”

As Challenger: “You may be too dependent upon either your masculine or feminine role or energy. Rowan asks you to address any imbalances in this area. Remember, you are not confined to any role. You have full choice in how your create your life.

You may be denying access to spiritual messages and guidance. Perhaps you are ignoring the fact that you require help and healing. Check in and see if you are being overly resistant. Help is available, but you must ask for it before your guides can come forward. They need your permission to assist you.

Similarly, you may be unaware of your need for protection, especially within a situation that involves a dispute or controversy. All that is needed is for you to invite your spirit helpers’ protection and guidance, and they will come forward for you.”*

~ By Sharlyn Hidalgo

Fearn Alder comes to us as support, and as a reminder that not only are we much stronger than we give ourselves credit for, we are also never alone. We are being asked to reconnect to a higher collective consciousness. One of strength of each individual coming together to create a brand new whole. Like a strong and self reliant wolf joining a wolf pack; finding our tribe. It is trusting our instincts and intuition and accepting help when we need it. It is also about walking away from those who do not hold our highest good, knowing that the Universe will send along those who truly do.

There is also protection here. If you are feeling vulnerable, separated or alone, know that this is just an illusion; a frame of mind that needs to be released along with any other belief systems that keep you from feeling like you belong. We all belong. When we release judgment, of ourselves and others, we can find peace, harmony and balance within. When we find this within ourselves, we see it in our external world. You are protected; know it is so.

Stand your ground. Ask for assistance when you need it. Take care of yourself without guilt or shame. Expand your social circle; your tribe is looking for you as you seek them. Soul family reunions is imminent. Embrace it.



~Archangel Oracle

*Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, Artwork by Jimmy Manton

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