Phagos Beech

Phagos Beech, from the Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Phagos Beech, from the Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Phagos Beech:

Totems: “Keys, Ancient Texts or Spell Books, Snake Deities/Guides: The Great Goddess in all Her Forms, Archangels, Merlin, Thoth, Ascended Masters, Ancient Ancestors”
Letters: “IO, PH”
Class: “Chieftain”

Keywords: “Ancient knowledge and teachings, generations, books, texts and scrolls, guidance from the past, wisdom, ancestors and lineages.”

“The Phagos Beech is associated with ancient wisdom keepers. The teachings form the past are stored in old objects, special power places upon the earth, and writings. This tree offers guidance from the past and can support new insight and sustenance. Beech is the mother of the woods and is queen to the king, Oak. She provides grounding and a strong foundation for any area of study or research. It is interesting to note that the words “beech” and “book” have the same origins. The ogham for this tree is Phagos and the letters are IO or PH. This ogham is represented by the hook.”

Phagos Beech in a Reading: “When you receive the Phagos Beech in a reading, you are asked to study, do research, or gather information. You might be drawn particularly to ancient information and seek guidance form the ancient past. You might seek lost wisdom or guidance from the ancient past. You might seek lost wisdom or guidance and information from your elders. Perhaps you feel drawn to research your own lineages or travel to distant lands and sacred sites or countries that were home to your ancestors. You may feel drawn to write your own book to share such knowledge.

The Beech is full of the ancient mysteries of the British Isles. When this card appears in your reading, you may fulfill a desire to visit a place connected with your past. You may have stories about your ancestors or lineages to share. You may receive information when handling old objects. If so, spontaneous stories and characters may come into your consciousness, which you will feel compelled to write down and share.

Perhaps it is time to go back to school and do serious research and study. What have you always wanted to learn more about? When you get this card you may want to commit to a plan. This can either be study on your own, classes, or a full program.

This tree also offers you grounding and is able to create sacred space for you. Call in the energy of Beech and ask for guidance and wisdom. The information you need may come from a wise person, a book a dream, or your intuition. If you are beginning a project, this tree offers you a strong foundation and stability. You may be involved with a project for a full year and have to be diligent to bring it to completion. Beech will help you stay with your task.”*

~ By Sharlyn Hidalgo

It’s time to broaden your horizons. Learn something new. Information is empowering, expanding the mind and opening new neural pathways in the brain. There is more out there, wisdom beckons you on.

If you have been feeling in a rut lately, this is the perfect time to shake things up a little. Stepping out of your comfort zone to learn something new; gaining inspiration and motivation. It could be as simple as joining a workshop or class, or reading a book. What is it that is calling to you?

Do some research, find out what your options are. If you just don’t know, try jumping in and trying something that you never thought you would try! Guaranteed you will learn something, and meet people along the way. Who knows what doors could open to you.

By deciding to learn, you trigger new experiences from the Universe. When you deepen your wisdom, you change yourself forever. You are creating turning points in your reality. Think about it, how profound it can be.

What are you going to turn your attention to? What are you going to learn? Maybe you will uncover hidden gifts or talents. Maybe you will access parts of you that have until now remained dormant. Maybe you will change the course of your life.

It is all up to you.

What do you want to learn? How are you going to expand your reality?



~Archangel Oracle

*Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, artwork by Jimmy Manton

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