Medicine, from the Sacred Power Reading Card deck, by Anna Stark, artwork by Louise Dyer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Medicine, from the Sacred Power Reading Card deck, by Anna Stark, artwork by Louise Dyer

Medicine: “Lead by example. Share your knowledge with others.”

“Found in employment, social circles, families, organizations and spiritual groups, leaders nurture, guide and support us through life at all levels and in all situations. People seek out leaders for survival, purpose and achievement.

The ability to heal and work with different energies, and the gift of vision, are the medicine of the shaman, bridging the world of earth, nature, self and spirit. Looking to a leader or elder for guidance and mentorship is essential now. Remember, true leaders empower, direct and facilitate transformation; a false leader, however, can tear down progress, destabilize social networks and create spiritual cults.

Powerful healing energy is around you now. You are strongly connected to shamanic medicine. Journey within the realms to learn and share in the messages from your ancestors. Past life journeys can reawaken your soul’s natural gifts and access your ancestral power to enlighten and illuminate your direction.

Right now you need to harness the power of natural remedies, herbal medicines and natural skin care products. Visit a professional to assist you to support your mind body and spirit. Use complementary medicine in addition to traditional healing methods.

You are a natural healer. You are being asked to utilize your natural talents in the healing arts. Whether for counseling, energy practice, holistic or western medicine, you are encouraged, now, to explore your gifts with purpose. Take a leadership role. You have the knowledge and guidance to heal yourself as well as others. Lead by example. Be humble and graceful in your approach.”*

Affirmation: “I AM a powerful healer. The power of the universe shines within me. I AM a powerful light bringer.”*

~ By Anna Stark

Heal and be Healed, that is what they are telling me now. That is the message, that is what they want you to know. That is the urgent message; one that should not be ignored.

When we heal we become vessels for the healing energies. They flow to us and through us, awakening the ability to heal; in ourselves and in those we wish to assist in their healing journey. We don’t heal them. We heal ourselves and they heal themselves. We merely direct the energy for them, focus it as needed, be the conduit for the shift. Remind them of their incredible power to heal themselves.

Each time we hold the intention to awaken the healing capability in another, we draw it into ourselves. We never have to worry about contracting what ails them, for the energy comes from outside of us, through us and to them to use as they need it. We are not sponges for their troubled bodies, minds or spirits. We can hold space for them as we open to receive and radiate the healing. To us and through us.

It is just the same for healing our great Mother. Draw upon the energies. See them as the blessing they are. Direct them to her. To her waters. To her creatures. To the standing ones. The plants. The people. Come together to create an even more powerful connection. Hold the intention to heal.

Heal and be healed.

Start the circle now.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Power Reading Card deck, by Anna Stark, artwork by Louise Dyer

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