Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow Dragon, from the Sacred Power Oracle Card deck, by Anna Stark, artwork by Louis Dyer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Rainbow Dragon, from the Sacred Power Oracle Card deck, by Anna Stark, artwork by Louis Dyer

Rainbow Dragon: “Be honest with yourself and others. Release your burdens.”

“Floating within the Golden Ascension rays, the rainbow dragon is making you aware of what is required for you to act in truth and honesty. Bringing the vibration from the Golden Ray, the rainbow dragon opens connections to your higher self, the central sun, and angelic and ascended master realms, while centering you in the present.

Through the dragon’s movements, the frequency and vibration of the rainbow spectrum dissipates negative blocks and Karmic debris – but only if you are willing to accept the change required to break down walls and barriers that stop you from moving forward.

Powerful and unstoppable, once you activate your rainbow dragon, prepare for swift and sudden change! Bringing harmony and change in a positive direction, the rainbow dragon is the protector, harmonizer, destructor and creator all in one.

Connecting to the elements, the dragon is here to assist you in raising your vibration and consciousness through the energy of the elements. As the creator of action, you are encouraged to follow your truth with honesty and integrity.

Right now, honesty is required in all areas of your life. When you begin to unburden yourself, you allow yourself to be open to the gifts of the universe. Now is the time to get busy!

Ask the elements for assistance to work through your present issues. Which element can help you in your current situation? Focus on the Rainbow Dragon; which colour are you most attracted to in the card?

Earth ~ Pink and Purple ~ Grounding, nature, practical life-cycles, balance and harmony.
Air ~ White ~ Breath and meditation, clarity of consciousness
Water ~ Blue ~ Accessing and freeing emotion, truth and expression
Fire ~ Red and Orange ~ Finding your passion
Spirit ~ Purple ~ Placing you on your life direction, harmonizing Yin and Yang energies, emergence of one with spiritual law (identifying patterns and rules governing life, creation, awareness and higher frequency.)”

~ By Anna Stark

A special Thank You to Louis Dyer for this amazing artwork… I could look at this spectacular dragon all day long. The colours. The majesty. The power. The perfect alignment of Universal energies. The infusion of colour. All on offer to us now.

Today is my birthday. (I wish I was a bit more excited but as I get older I find I feel more contemplative rather than celebratory.) However, this is the beginning of a new chapter, so a big Yey to that! I AM ready for more. For expansion. For higher awareness. For ascension of consciousness. For more love in my life, more light and more healing. Freedom, adventure, passion and joy. Bring it on! I AM truly ready for transformation on every level.

And you? What do you intend with only twelve days left of this year… the new moon just last night, Winter Solstice in two days and the full moon beckoning us into the new Year? Feel free to share your intentions, dreams and/or desires on my facebook page… writing them down makes them more powerful. Sharing them out there in the world amplifies them. Or if you are more comfortable, write them down at home and place them under your pillow. Most importantly, Be honest. Be absolutely true to you.

For the Highest Good Of All and So It Is



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Power Oracle Card deck, by Anna Stark, artwork by Louis Dyer

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  1. C THORNTON says:

    Happy Birthday.. Will send donation for you get a small gift just a token gesture of my appreciation. If i had more would send it as I get so much from these daily emails .. blessings xx

  2. Angela Hilmer says:

    My dear friend, anything is possible. I have learned much from all of you. the Dragon is a picker-upper
    colors are beautiful. and so will my day be the same
    I look forward Everyday “Namaste for your Oracle cards. Each one gives me inspiration to grow spiritually
    Thank you,

  3. Angela Hilmer says:


  4. Erica Edwards says:

    Happy Birthday Dee! This is a wonderful card for today. Thank you for all of the positive, vibrant, healing messages that you have shared this year. Namaste. Erica

    1. Thank you Erica, Many Blessings, Dee :o)

  5. MarieLouise says:

    I only know you through this page and I want to say thank you !
    But most importantly, today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!L!!L. The best to YOU!
    With respect & Light

    1. Thank you Marie Louise, Many Blessings, Dee :o)

  6. J says:

    Happy birthday, Dee. Always appreciate your faithful and insightful daily card. Thank you so much. May this day be a new beginning to a life that is richer with love, wisdom and all that you deserve.

    1. Thank you so much J, Many Blessings, Dee :o)

  7. AngelBarbelo says:

    We are ready too. Happy 😊 Birthday 🎂 to you.
    Linda (Human) and Barbelo (Angel) xx

    1. Thank you Linda and Barbelo, Many Blessings, Dee :o)

  8. NL says:

    Happy Birthday to you! May your days be filled with Love &Light.

    1. Thank you Naura, Many Blessings, Dee :o)

  9. Yihan says:

    Thank you for this.I have every intention to write my dreams, goals, desires. Thank you again

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