Manifestation, from the Sacred Power Reading Cards, by Anna Stark artwork by Louis Dyer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Manifestation, from the Sacred Power Reading Cards, by Anna Stark artwork by Louis Dyer

Manifestation: “Release control. Evaluate your priorities.”

“The wizard is a symbol of magic and manifestation whose power is activated harmoniously through the mind and the heart. Bridging humanity with the world of spirit, the wizard borrows the power of the universe to direct and enhance energy to a specific task, healing or outcome.

A wise wizard is loving, spontaneous and transparent. With intelligence and an open heart, the wizard is able to help all people, himself included. The wizard does this by harnessing the power that is all around him. Without expectation, the wizard allows the beauty of magic to come through him rather than trying to control and manipulate it. An open and trusting heart is a refined tool of perception.

Right now you have the power to manifest your dreams into reality. With pure thoughts and intention, you can create magic in the world around you. Allowing energy to flow through you with ease and with purpose, you can create a magical life. Learn to share your natural gifts with others. You are here to help humanity in a positive way. Refrain from sharing your personal intentions, now, as they will be easily influenced with other’s distorted energy.

You have the power to create and shine your light upon the world! Examine your thought patterns and energy and amplify your intentions. Positive thought and creativity will bring you closer to your goals, one step at a time. Intentions are everything right now! Focus your attention on seeing the magic in all things including the beauty residing in the darkness. Look towards the stars for guidance. Astrological influences are high now.

Manifest the power of energetic thought and investigate alchemic practices. This will assist you in understanding natural systems such as the elements, nature, medicine, astrology and life’s synchronicities. With the right mindset, you can create and manifest anything!”

Affirmation: “I AM a conscious creator of the energy around me. My heart and mind are unified in spirit.”*

 ~ By Anna Stark

…. so, I wrote a special message for today. But I have wiped it out for something more important to me, I hope you don’t mind. I feel like I need to share something else. Yesterday (well to be completely honest, today as I am writing this in advance as usual…) I was triggered. And I need to get this off my chest.

Someone told me that they feel like my posts are repetitive, inauthentic, cliche (It was even suggested that I don’t actually read what I write. Yes, I know there are typos, I haven’t taken a typing class since grade 7! It is not my strong point, I thought being that it’s free no one would really mind)…. and the very worst part…that I’m coming off as a guru…  Which is pretty much the opposite of everything I have worked for. So it hit me pretty hard to be completely honest. I could dismiss it, but I am sensitive and I am also aware that if it triggers me, and I feel defensive and take it personally, that there must be some fear in there too. I feel like I need to explain my reason for doing this so that everyone understands. Even though I know I don’t actually need to. But I’m human so please hear me out.

So here goes.

I started this blog because I wanted to be of service. I was told right at the beginning, by three people I knew, that no one would read it. I wrote it anyway. I figured that I like writing and I want to help people and what better way to try help wake everyone up to a more spiritual existence, including myself. I wanted to do what no one else was doing at the time… write every day. I use the cards to give me direction, and a visual cue. (I buy hundreds of dollars worth of cards and about six months ago when I was lamenting the cost of the cards and the site itself a friend offered to put a donation button on it for me to help offset costs. It’s definitely helped and I am so very grateful). I kept writing.

I want to keep writing. But I do not want to be a guru. I see a guru as someone who is trying to sell you a way of being in the world that matches their own belief system. It involves a hierarchy, a scheme that you have to buy into. It’s ego based and it generally revolves around money and fame and them being somehow higher up than anyone else in the overall picture. Usually with a bunch of rules you have to live by, or lifestyle choices that you would be judged harshly for not living up to. I am a work in progress. I’m learning as I write this, along with anyone who chooses to read it. I mean to be as authentic as I can, whether I pull it off effectively every day or not. My apologies when I don’t. The messages are often repetitive because, unfortunately, humans don’t necessarily read something once, go make all the necessary changes and immediately move forward with their lives. I’m assuming if they did, they wouldn’t bother reading what I write, they wouldn’t need it. It took me five years to make big and very necessary yet totally terrifying changes in my own life. I needed to work up to it. Maybe it will take someone else less. Maybe I can help to inspire and motivate them. Ideally, Empower them. Or maybe they will do it on their own time regardless of what I write, and maybe I don’t want that kind of pressure anyway.

I cannot guarantee that I will never ever monetize my work, I may need to at some point, but it isn’t my main concern and hasn’t been for the last 4 years or so that I’ve been doing this. I have other ways of making enough money to get by and I am working on my abundance and prosperity, just like you probably are, we are all in this together. If I do go that way one day, I will try to always make sure I offer something complimentary to be of service and try to be as accessible as I am able to be. I already have two other businesses, hair and jewelry. I do hair to support myself and my kids and I do the jewelry for the healing and metaphysical properties of the stones in hopes of helping people to heal, body, mind and spirit. Between the two jobs and the two kids with school and sports and hobbies and play dates, and four pets, we are pretty busy over here. But I make time to write. I take it as seriously as a paid job.

It is not surprising that all this has come up now. It is also not surprising that I’m feeling emotional and on edge with all this lunar madness! We are supposed to be feeling this way, it’s part of the purging, the letting go of the need to try and control. Centering into the heart and letting go of the ego, the self-doubt, the worry and the fear. Breaking down boundaries and limitations. Having faith that you can keep doing what you are doing with love and somehow that it will all work out. That people will see, feel and honour the real, authentic You.

That you are just doing your best with what you have to offer.

So let’s embrace this madness. The Super Blue Moon with a lunar eclipse something that hasn’t happened in our sky for 150 years. How are YOU feeling today? Are you a little off kilter? Did something blindside you? How are you handling it all? It’s a bit of a roller coaster isn’t it!

“Magic and Manifestation; Borrow the power of the Universe to direct and enhance energy to a specific task, healing or outcome…You have the power to manifest your dreams into reality… With pure thoughts and intention you can create magic in the world around you… Intentions are everything right now! Astrological influences are high now. .. With the right mindset you can create and manifest anything!”

So let us collectively let all that old crap GO! All the fear and doubt and worry and anything that is limiting us or holding us back. Including the judgment or opinions of others. Let it all go.

Let’s use this energy to make some positive and lasting changes, even if they are simply shifts in how we see ourselves in the world.

What do you wish to create? It is a question worth repeating every single day, as it brings our awareness to how powerful we really are in creating our reality. In taking responsibility for it. It is an answer that could change, and we must be focused in order to manifest our dreams.

Take this crazy energy and use it to move forward fearlessly. Create with clarity and intention. This is your chance, your window of opportunity. A portal.

Use it wisely.

Thank you for your support and thank you for listening.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Power Reading Cards, by Anna Stark artwork by Louis Dyer

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  1. Peg Garner says:

    I have nejoyed your reading most mornings. It has helped me to be more positive and to move forward with me healing business. It is my spiritual path. Boo to the nay sayers. We are not perfect we make mistakes but in your typing my mind know what you are saying for I herar your voice so I am not really reading the words per say. Thank you for your daily writings. ❤

    1. Thank you Peg, best of luck, love and light for your healing business, we need you in the world. Many blessings, Dee

  2. sanctuaryofthewhiterose says:

    Reblogged this on Sanctuary of the White Rose and commented:
    Affirmation: “I AM a conscious creator of the energy around me. My heart and mind are unified in spirit.”*

  3. says:

    I love your daily messages. The times I do find them “repetitive” it’s usually a message I need to hear again! I don’t feel you are trying to be a guru at all! I actually find your posts to help me with my own Oracle card readings and intuition. Thank you!!



    1. Thank you Heather, I very much appreciate it. I also believe there is synchronicity in repetition; sometimes we get to look at things from different angles, or we are told not to ignore what is coming through! Many Blessings, Dee

  4. Katie Corritori says:

    Hi Dee!

    Thank you for you message today. It really resonated with me. I just received a message from someone on Monday calling me unprofessional and blaming me for things happening in their life. This definitely triggered me, but for the first time, rather than taking on the energy of what they were trying to put on me, I was able to see how that was THEIR STUFF, not mine. And the truth is that I have been really generous with this person and now it is time to let go.

    I also wanted to say thank you for the writing you do each day. Your messages have been a big part of my centering myself into the day for the past few years and many times I have been in awe of how spot on the messages are with what I am needing to hear. I often love the ones that have a similar message two to three days in a row. I really get that I need to hear the message again then, either because I haven’t fully absorbed it from the day before or because it is really important.

    I just wanted to say thank you for what you do and for inspiring me.

    Have a great day! Enjoy the Super Blue Moon!

    With love, Katie

    1. Thank you Katie, I always see it as synchronicity when the message continues over several days, slowly unfolding. I am so happy that the messages resonate with you, and I think this was energy that just really needed to clear for all of us. Many blessings, Dee

  5. John Koch says:

    Excellent post today! Thank you for expressing yourself. Do not let critics affect you, what you do is beautiful and helpful.

    1. Thank you so much John, I really appreciate it. I was definitely out of my comfort zone but I needed to clear that energy and I am overwhelmed by the positive and heartwarming response, truly wonderful people on here I am so grateful. Many blessings, Dee

  6. Patty says:

    Dear blessed soul what courage you possess and a kind loving heart too, what you do is just wonderful you will always be blessed. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all and standing in your truth.

    1. Thank you Patty, I feel very blessed to have such an amazing community to share with. Many blessings, Dee

  7. Deborah Flaxman says:

    I had my life shook up from stem to stern four years ago. Then I discovered your blog. I have found the information provided amazing. The card and your clarification of the card of the day has always helped. I honestly, don’t always read the read through, but jump to your personal post. Then I go back and read the card. Helps me to understand the meaning since cards have a lot of information to give. By the way the artwork on the cards is beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing. It has certainly helped me to know I am not the only person in a new journey.

    Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Deb, I am so glad the cards have helped you and I am so happy to showcase some amazing artwork, I love it too! Many blessings to you, Dee

  8. Jill says:

    I’ve been getting your posts for a long time and I read them pretty much every morning. I enjoy them and I just wanted to comment in support of your writing. I haven’t ever had any thoughts like the ones from the reader you are addressing…but it looks like you can see it for what it is. I wish someone would trigger me so I could release more of my crap 😂

    Have a good one!

    1. Jill your message made me laugh, what a great way to think about it! Thank you for that! Many blessings to you, Dee

  9. Sally says:

    Your posts mean so much to me! Thank you for writing, your contribution is huge!

    1. Thank you Sally, many blessings to you. Dee

    2. Thank you so much Sally, Many Blessings, Dee

  10. Lori says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into your writing for all of us to benefit from. Your bravery in expressing your thoughts and feelings is inspiring. Your commitment to be in service to all is so very appreciated. You are a light and your work is needed to continue the positive changes to our world.
    Lots of love and a great big hug.

    1. Aw thanks Lori, Hugs to you too. I appreciate your message and thank you for the support. Many blessings, Dee

    2. Thank you Lori for your message! Many Blessings, Dee

  11. Osterbauer,Linda Joan says:

    Good Morning,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, wisdom, ideas with me on a daily basis. They have made a huge difference in the way I think, love and live my life. I look forward to your daily emails….somedays they are the message that helps me understand the world, myself and others.

    You are a blessing to this world! Thank you for sharing your words and your time, they are both precious.

    1. Thank you so much Linda, I so appreciate your message and I am so glad the posts resonate with you. Many blessings, Dee

  12. deanna says:

    I love you and thank you for your daily messages

    1. Thank you Deanna, Much love to you too. Dee

  13. Tom says:

    Hello Dee,

    Thank you for your time you invest in posting these amazing messages here every single day, they are really uplifting, warmhearted and I can feel they are bursting right out of your soul!
    Don’t let anyone discourage you, because you are definitely helping many people in remembering who they really are.

    1. Thank you Tom, I really appreciate your kind words. Many blessings to you, Dee

  14. Bronwyn Tregunna says:

    Dear flawed woman, give yourself a pat on the back. Your posts have helped me so much, and I appreciate your insights. The comment that rattled you was simply a way to say you are actually on the right track. Funny isn’t is, may not feel like it, but you are. Some of the decks don’t resonate with me, while others I adore and look forward to reading. So you just keep on posting. Gottit?

    1. Thank you Bronwyn, yes got it! Many blessings to you, Dee

  15. Deanna Morris says:

    Hiya, I feel you should not have to defend who you are. I have been online since the beginning and I have noticed many people with there so called opinions and some can be so mean. You are who you are. You are so kind from what I see to even add this to a community that cares about this subject. I am grateful I found your blog. A truly enlightened person will see within themselves something they need to work on and move on. They will not feel the need to say such crazy things to make themselves feel better. A guru to me is just a teacher that has something to say to help those around them. But a true teacher will never try to sell you anything especially about yourself. Keep shining Dee you are special lady. I know I look forward to all your info I get each day in my email. I even made special folder for them. Big hugs from Minneapolis MN USA. Smiles

    1. Thank you Deanna, wow that is awesome to hear that you have been on since the beginning, thank you so much I am truly honoured. And thank you for your kind words. Many blessings and hug to you too! Dee

  16. Thanks for doing what you do, Dee! Your messages make my mornings, and help me focus my intentions for the rest my of the day.

    1. Thank you for your message, very much appreciate it. Many blessings, Dee

  17. cathytea says:

    Thank you very much for writing this blog. I feel cheered each morning when I see it in my WordPress Reader . I can feel energetically with each post if it contains a message specifically for me, and when it doesn’t, I enjoy the picture, appreciate your love, and move on . I like every post because what a selfless gift you offer ! I hope you do a personal reading for yourself using Alana Fairchild ‘ s crystal mandala cards. I hope the card “Her Eye Ever Open” comes up for you , and if it doesn’t , please find it , read it, and understand it describes the very situation you write about ! May you feel the love and golden warmth you share !

    1. Oh my gosh, you are the second person… well technically timing wise maybe the first as I scroll down these comments lol… to post this card as a suggestion and it is absolutely PERFECT. Thank you so very much for your message and the card. Many blessings to you, Dee

      1. cathytea says:

        I learned of this deck through you… and it’s such a blessing in my life! 🙂 Thank you for that, too!

  18. Cheryl says:

    I apologize I have not thanked you for your lovely daily posts. I find them so inspiring and you really help me to understand the cards,usually better than the card’s author. You are a talented author and I appreciate you sharing your skills. I cannot stand to write so it’s a pleasure to read from someone who loves to write! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. Blessings to you as you have blessed me!

    1. Cheryl, no apology necessary. I just needed clarity and I needed to let people know that I am going through the same struggles, and that we are all human. I am so happy that you like the posts, and I very much appreciate your message. Many blessings, Dee

  19. Sarah says:

    Oh Dee, l LOVE your cards and your messages. They have spoken deeply to me for years now, l look forward to them every morning,lots of love ❤️

    1. Thank you Sarah, I appreciate your message. Many blessings to you, Dee

  20. Hi! Just want 2 thank you 4 what u r doing! i always thought u did a wonderful job n appreciate ur wonderful words! I’m going thru the dark night of the soul n every little thing triggers me n i have 2 sit down n meditate n go deep within n seek my inner higher self spirit guides n angels guidance n encouragement..u r so brave 2 do what u do! u help millions n millions of ppl by just being u..thank you 4 sharing ur story! u bless me every day with ur words n cards thank you! ❤

    On Jan 31, 2018 2:02 AM, “Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance” wrote:

    > Dee ~ Archangel Oracle posted: ” Daily Angel Oracle Card: Manifestation, > from the Sacred Power Reading Cards, by Anna Stark artwork by Louis Dyer > Manifestation: “Release control. Evaluate your priorities.” “The wizard is > a symbol of magic and manifestation whose power is activa” >

    1. Thank you for sharing, and may you have light on your journey. We have all been there, and when you reach the dark night, you know the light is coming. Many blessings on your journey, you are not alone. Dee

  21. pattysangels says:

    reading Alana’s card here:

    Today’s card is Her Eye Ever Open from the Crystal Mandala Oracle deck. This feels like such a powerful supportive card!

    It brings the message that as you learn to support your open and loving nature with strong boundaries and self respect, the Universal Mother, Tara, with her eye ever open, will also watch out for you.

    As you expand your light, she will create a field of fierce compassion and protective grace around you. If one fearful person attempting to attack you could cause you to lose your footing and prevent many people form benefitting from your light, she will step in, often without you realising that you need divine protection and support.

    You can relax and know that once you make a commitment to the Universal Mother to help nurture the world with love, you shall benefit from her unconditional grace, protection and support. With her eye ever open, nothing shall go unnoticed and her notice stops fear in its tracks.

    If you have fear about being seen, becoming visible or “coming out of the spiritual closet” of of concern for what others will think or do, take comfort. This card brings you the grace of the Divine Mother’s healing intervention. You are meant to overcome this and move trustingly into the light. It is what is meant for you and she will help you get there!

    Have a magical day! 💕🔮💕

    1. Oh my gosh Patty that is perfect! Thank you so very much. Lovely and exactly what I needed to hear. Many blessings to you, Dee

  22. Rachel Preston says:

    Just keep being you! People are opinionated, that’s human nature! It’s all good Dee ☺x

    1. Thanks Rachel! Love, light and blessings, Dee

  23. Abigail says:

    OMG You are AMAZING! I hope you know how wonderful the gift you give us is. Your truth has literally helped me overcome so many obstacles in the past two years. I feel compelled to keep stepping bravely into the darkness and facing the fears that hold me back. Reading your messages have truly help me find deep, lasting healing.

    When people offer you the gift of their opinion, they speak of their own heart. Their need to break you down is about them not about you.

    I have taught writing in college and I never see enough grammatical errors to make it even worth mentioning.

    Keep sharing your healing energy. It is a compliment to be seen as a Guru. We all choose what we do with our energy. If we use it to break others down, it is manipulation and mean period.

    Be wise, Embrace Your Inner Guru. Your Light Is Magnificent!

    1. misloords says:

      To me, of course, you inspire me and motivate me. Thank you, with all my heart, for writing every day.

      1. Thank you! Many blessings, Dee

    2. Thank you Abigail, much appreciated… I do find typos lol, but my typing is getting slowly better thank goodness. I very much appreciate your message and I am so glad it has helped you over the last couple of years, they were tough years for me too. Many blessings, Dee

  24. Dolors says:

    To me, of course, you inspire me and motivate me. Thank you, with all my heart, for writing every day.

  25. ursula adams says:

    Dear Dee,

    Thank you for your deep and honest sharing 💖
    And thank you for your Daily Oracle Wisdom which I am following diligently and which has become an integral part both of my own healing journey and coming into awareness and the healing of my friends who I share your wisdom with.
    Please be assured that you do not come across as a Guru at all but as a loving and genuine support and that you do have a significant impact in empowering other people on their path of trust and growth.
    The ones who criticize you have a lot of their own fears and weaknesses which they probably don’t acknowledge but lash out instead to diminish others.
    I applaud you for taking such an honest look at yourself and sharing it with all of us which takes a lot of courage. You have surely done your work and encourage us all to do ours!
    And I admire how you stand up for your values in offering this service the way you do.
    Keep being the beautiful Self that you are ☺

    In Sisterhood,
    Ursula Adams

    Sent from my Samsung device

    1. Thank you Ursula, I appreciate your support. I’m very much still a work in progress which is what I wanted everyone to know. Ascension is a journey we are all on together. Many blessings to you, Dee

  26. Terra says:

    I look forward to reading your article EVERYDAY.

    1. Thank you Terra, Many Blessings, Dee

  27. Tina says:

    Well said!!
    Dont change for anyone !! I’m sorry this happened to you ! You are a very special person !I love to hear how you inturpit the cards ! I needed this today ! You are a very special person to me ! Your kind, your patient,free spirited, people wish to be like you !! But it only takes that “one person” to set a new tone ! I sure hope that person see’s how much your loved !! An stops to think about what they wrote ! It just shows the type of person they really are … judgemental, small minded, jealous, !!
    Keep doing what you do best !!
    Much love to you an the family!
    Tina 🤗

    1. Thank you Tina, I appreciate your words. I am glad they resonate. It was a tricky story to share, and I want people to know that we all face similar issues and that we are all going through our transformation together. Many blessings, Dee

  28. Diana says:

    Sweet Dee, I appreciate your post. I have a very good intuitive friend who told me never put anyone on a pedestal including her. She said the only one that belongs on the pedestal is God. So I told her that I saw her more as a life coach, a sort of a guide. I appreciate her wisdom as I appreciate yours. Never mind people who criticize, I’ve had that before. They have their own fears. Anyone can choose to read your blog or not. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your daily posts. It helps me immensely. So please keep on with your wisdom and yes it takes repetition to change bad habits so I need repetitive good thoughts, even though I never noticed they were repetitive. You are a brilliant light in a world full of darkness. I love you sister! Sending love your way! 💙 Diana

    1. Thank you Diana for your kind message, I really appreciate it. We all need to be our own gurus, lifting and inspiring each other as we go, no one at the top. We are all One. Many blessings, Dee

  29. ljwinchart says:

    Dee , your blog has been helping me through a very difficult time in my life. You have been a positive, magical influence. I look forward to seeing what the card of the day is and figuring out how it uniquely manifests in my life.
    It’s disappointing the rants of a jerk were directed towards your blog but I’m relieved that it won’t stop you from continuing with it.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that it has helped you through a difficult time, it’s helping me too. And the energies are going to lift and everything is about to change for the better. Many blessings, Dee

  30. Sarah Anderson says:

    Dear Dee,

    First off, Happy Full Moon to you! I just want to quickly say, I’ve been looking forward to your daily oracle in my email for over 6 mo. I read cards for others for a living. I receive and give messages throughout the day almost everyday. That being said, your email daily oracle card is Magic to me! It’s nearly always resonates with me right at the moment or it’s something I can learn from. I do daily pulls for myself and I always check my inbox for yours, it’s that important to me. There have been times I’ve been flabbergasted upon waking up from a dream about something and that very VERY specific thing or keyword will come though from you and I’m like whoah! Is it because I’m connected by being receptive and looking forward to you? Is it that I ask to be open to receive daily? I’m not sure but it’s wonderful and I appreciate you! Keep your chin up and know your value. All my love, Sarangelica

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you Sarah, that is awesome, I love the synchronicity. I think it is because we are all more connected than we know, and we are learning together. Love, light and blessings, Dee

  31. Sarah Anderson says:

    One more thing!! I forgot to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your time and effort. It’s a rippling positive affect for sure. Cosmic hugs to you! 🐉⭐️✨ Sarangelica

    Sent from my iPhone


  32. Susan Marie Drozda says:

    Please do not stop posting Dee💜 I look forward to reading your post everyday in my inbox! You have inspired me and have been right on with your advise. I love the beautiful artwork and readings that brighten my day and teach me lessons, such as following my passions and not caring what hurtful, negative people say. It is brave to be different and to think out of the box. It’s easy to just be a follower. I have been writing books and poetry the past two years and have been looking for a way to get my stories and poetry out there. It’s not easy without money, but it’s reassuring that people like you just enjoy helping others on their journeys out of love and generosity. That’s what it’s all about, after all, isnt it? Helping, teaching, and loving each other? Please don’t stop. You are a unique, loving, soul and you make a lot of people happy💜 Thank You💜

    1. Thank you Susan, I appreciate the message. I won’t stop, I just wanted to make sure people knew where I was coming from I guess… and that everyone needs to be their own guru. We are all in this together. Many blessings, Dee

  33. Good day, Usually I don’t say much because I take too much time ingesting such good information. Yesterday was a rough day for me as well. Caused by another and because of the Blue Moon and Eclipse as well as my sensitivity I let it affect me. Its because of your writings and my own spiritually I am sane and feel great today and everyday. I said all that because I enjoy your writings, most of them are on point for me. They give me a fresh perspective in other ways of dealing and understanding what I’m going through. Please continue to write because you have been a true blessing to me. Love & Light

    1. I think yesterday was rough for a lot of us. Thank you so much for the message. Many blessings to you, Dee

  34. Lexie Shelby says:

    You are amazing!! Thank you for sharing your unique beautiful gifts to the world. I have greatly benefited from your emails

    On Jan 31, 2018 12:02 AM, “Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance” wrote:

    > Dee ~ Archangel Oracle posted: ” Daily Angel Oracle Card: Manifestation, > from the Sacred Power Reading Cards, by Anna Stark artwork by Louis Dyer > Manifestation: “Release control. Evaluate your priorities.” “The wizard is > a symbol of magic and manifestation whose power is activa” >

    1. Thank you Lexie I appreciate it! Many blessings, Dee

  35. Jayde says:

    Don’t concern yourself with comments from people speaking from their minds & not their souls. These people are often too lazy or too scared or too selfish to be the change they seek. Instead turning to you & other guides to do it for them, never self reflecting deep enough to perhaps ask why these messages seem so cliche and/or repetitive, never asking perhaps “why does the same information keep being presented to me? What am I not seeing & how do I become more open to what’s really on offer here/to me? How do I get past or let go of ego & harboured emotions that are evidently unsatisfied with all of what’s being presented & why do I subconsciously or unconsciously keep (intentionally) seeking similar or cliched messages?”.
    Remember you are helping & guiding the ones who do need it & are Divinely driven to your energy. People are able to discern when or where a message is not for them (at that particular time or moment in their life) & correctly identify what correct action they should be taking to receive the answer or guidance they themselves seek. This has nothing to do with you or your beautiful gift at all. Know that you can never be wrong as long as you are continually learning, growing & grateful for what you are here to do. Always maintain your light & your own power. Give love & compassion to any who question or doubt then let them all go wishing them a safe trip on their journey. Ask to be filled with the Divine knowing you hold again. Reading their slight criticisms, doubts & opinions only seeks to tarnish or destroy your gift – a gift bestowed upon you by the Highest of all powers, source, love & energy. So if they must query, tell them to ask the man upstairs because the answers they seek do not reside with you. Oh & picking up on grammatical errors – really?? Is that ‘happiness’ to those people? I mean really?? That’s not even 1st world – I don’t even know what that is (besides ego & insecurity). These people are no authority on you! Only YOU are the authority on you!
    Namaste #IAMEnough

    1. Perfectly put Jayde, you should write too! Love your message, it’s bang on. Thank you so much for your support. Many blessings, Dee

  36. Katherine Salerno says:

    Just so you know I read your posts daily and mostly the blue text started last year when my lifetimes love relationship shattered I guess it was only getting me ready for my true blessings but last year did not feel like that and although I have done a ton of healing and reclying through the grief process over and over I have to credit some of my hand holding to the lifelines authentic and real beyond the understanding of many. Just chalk it up to your success at tuning your vibration and aligning to the immeasurable power of unconditional love
    Your sister in light and love
    Katherine Salerno

    1. Thank you Katherine, I understand completely, my own love life shattered almost two years ago now. It takes a lot of healing, that is for sure. I am glad the posts have helped you. Many blessings on your journey, Dee

  37. Jo says:

    Thank you for your heartfelt share and your truth. I love what you do, and your dedication -which is truly a blessing to those ready to hear it. We only ever hear what we want when not ready, and what we need when we are ready. A heartfelt thank you from me.

    1. Thank you Jo, I really appreciate it. Many blessings, Dee

  38. Sarah says:

    I absolutely LOVE this blog and it has really helped me through some tough spots. And quite honestly, the “repetitiveness” I NEED cause like you said, I don’t make the necessary changes and I need to be told AGAIN. Thank you so much for all that you do. This blog has really helped me on my spiritual journey and I appreciate it more than you know. I look forward to reading it daily and working on myself through it. ❤ Also, thank you for venting to us as well. I think that was important.

    1. Thank you Sarah, I am so glad that everyone was so understanding… sometimes it’s ok to just be human! Many blessings to you, Dee

  39. Debra says:

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being a steady light in my some times darkest days. You have been one of my most important teachers a long my path. Keep doing what you are doing because some of us are listening and so appreciate the message give.

    1. Thank you Debra, so very appreciate your kind words. Many blessings, Dee

  40. Poppy Foutoulis says:

    Hello Dearest Dee!

    I totally get why you needed to clarify your reasons for starting your post in this email.

    I LOVE your posts as do, I am sure, many, many readers.

    I was in a very similar situation and did just what you have done here. My friend said to me later that week. “Why did you feel the need to justify or clarify Poppy? Did you need to remind yourself or did their comments make you doubt yourself…” you know…blah, blah, blah. At the time I didn’t want to hear that at all and finished my coffee in silence. later, I totally got what she was saying.

    I love the way you distill the essence of each card in the comments you write. I totally get that they are yours and not intended to be prescriptive in any way in regards to how I am meant to interpret and apply the message.

    I’m sure the majority of readers wouldn’t interpret them as cliche, inauthentic, or anything like that. Your readership would have the maturity to accept them exactly for what they are and if they cannot, then they can chose to unsubscribe and go else where.

    My friend’s words made me understand that I was just buying into people’s negativity and if I TRULY meant what I was writing, doing, saying, blah, blah…then I wouldn’t be offended – it was my choice to be, and then they”win” what ever shallow victory they are looking for.

    Sorry for the babble, but I really related to what you were expressing and wanted you to know you are appreciated.

    Your posts and insights have got me through so much – I use them when I journal and cannot wait until they arrive in my inbox!

    Thank you dear Soul – what a Beautiful Spirit You are!

    Take good care – and much Love and Light to You and Yours!



    1. Thank you Poppy, and I do completely understand what your friend was saying. And I feel like that now… but didn’t in that moment and wanted to share how the experience made me feel. When we are triggered, we have to take full responsibility for it. I will partially blame it on the moon… and maybe some hormones lol… but fear too. I wanted to share so that it didn’t get to take up precious real estate in my brain and grow into something that would make me doubt and second guess myself. I feel way better now, and I am so overwhelmed and totally grateful for all the people who have reached out to me. I feel like we are creating a community here and that is a priceless gift. Many blessings, Dee

  41. Roger Derrick says:

    I really appreciate your daily cards and comments. I actually need things to be repeated sometimes.

    Roger and Daisy Mae dog

    On Jan 31, 2018 1:01 AM, “Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance” wrote:

    > Dee ~ Archangel Oracle posted: ” Daily Angel Oracle Card: Manifestation, > from the Sacred Power Reading Cards, by Anna Stark artwork by Louis Dyer > Manifestation: “Release control. Evaluate your priorities.” “The wizard is > a symbol of magic and manifestation whose power is activa” >

    1. Thank you Roger, I think we all need some repetition! Me as well! Many blessings, Dee

  42. Ariel says:

    I literally come here Daily to receive your messages you’ve helped me in so many ways. God bless you !❤️💖

    1. Thank you Ariel, many blessings to you, Dee

  43. Jeanie says:

    I am so sorry that you have been on the receiving end of unkindness by some. Your beautiful cards and messages have seen me through a very intense and crazy time. During that time it gave me hope and inspiration. And it still does. It is a very special moment when I read your posts. Know that you are not alone when those nasty comments come at you. All of us who have chosen to walk this path receive them at some point it time. Yes it hurts when unkindness comes out of the blue. Follow your path because it does bring joy and hope and encouragement to many of us. I for one, love what you offer. Blessings.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanie, knowing that the posts helped you through a difficult time makes it all worthwhile. Many blessings, Dee

  44. Liea says:

    More power to you Dee. I am sorry that you are feeling this way.
    For me when I am feeling down I look forward to read your message.”
    It is heart is inspiring. May God bless you.

    1. Thank you Liea, I appreciate you letting me know that the posts have helped you, we all have down days. Many blessings, Dee

  45. Sharon Hillary says:

    Dear Dee

    Thank you so much for your daily guidance and honest views. I do Angel card readings and I find your page very helpful, to say the least, nine times out of ten being in tune with my own life. I have not read any adverse comments, as I feel that this would only bring energy where it doesn’t need to be going, that is keeping all positive towards yourself as you go through your soul’s journey, and not to latch onto any adverse comments. Please keep up the good work as I believe those souls who are on a similar vibration to yourself will gain immensely from your guidance, and will help to keep them focused, and indeed open up their own thoughts and feelings and intuition. Keep up the good work!!! Love Sharon.xx

  46. Yvonne says:

    Dee I’ve been reading your posts for 3 plus years now. Your posts have helped me through some difficult and stressful times and so often are completely in sync with what’s going on in my life. They make me think about how I’m treating others and face my own insecurities. Your posts have helped me become a more thoughtful and loving person by letting go of insecurities and accepting and loving myself. So please know that what you do is making a positive impact on so many people. Thank you for all the work, time and effort you’ve put into this site it’s truly special.

    1. Oh my gosh I love to hear that Yvonne, thank you for sharing. Many blessings, Dee

  47. Marta says:

    You don’t talk like a guru.
    I’m inspired and in awe, you’ve been doing this for so many years for your love of writing and helping others, that’s impressive. This was such a heartfelt post, so genuine and that’s rare. I really admire Lightworkers who can open up, haring the highs don’t help those spiritual people who are struggling, but the difficulties of those who are many steps ahead; like you.

    Thank you so much, it was so motivational.

    I’m so sorry you got hit with that. Those things happen to people like you BECAUSE you are a giver, a carrier of light, otherwise, people don’t try to get the fruits that have fallen and dried, they want the shining ones that are hanging from the tree. Without being able to generate that light within themselves they throw stones in envy towards fruitful trees. They know who to hit, it’s always those trying to make a difference.
    I don’t read the book messages, I always scroll down to read YOUR intuitive writing. You’re never preaching and your will to help others shows. Look how many are thankful for you.

    1. Thank you Marta, so very appreciate your kind words. Many blessings to you, Dee

  48. Tracey Willard says:

    Love your blog.💝🌄

    1. Thank you Tracey! Many blessings, Dee

  49. Kelly says:

    Please don’t let the negativity get to you. You are a beacon of light to many and I look forward to reading your posts every day. There are very few I seek out to do so. It certainly has been some crazy energy! Here’s hoping we can collectively manifest something positive with it in this time of worldly madness. Namaste.

    1. Thank you Kelly, I am feeling so much support and I am so grateful. Many blessings, Dee

  50. Angela says:

    I wrote yesterday to say how much I enjoy and appreciate your blog but my comment is still awaiting moderation. I was feeling quite hurt because you have replied to everyone else’s comments but mine, and wondering why. Is there a reason why my comment hasn’t been approved? Confused. X

    1. No I’m so sorry Angela, I just ran out of time and I have not gotten to all the comments, I had about 200! I’ve been overwhelmed. Between work etc I have limited computer time. I am grateful for every single message and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to sort through them all. Many blessings, Dee

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