The Miracle Of Prayer

The Miracle Of Prayer, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Miracle Of Prayer, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie

The Miracle Of Prayer: “Archangel Sandalphon”

“Thank you Sandalphon for delivering my prayers to Heaven.”

General Meaning Of The Card: “The Angels want you to know that the prayers you have sent to Heaven have been heard. They are encouraging you not to ask for help, but to accept it. They send an answer to every prayer you send in their direction, and are encouraging you to fill your prayers with loving thoughts and gratitude. Instead of asking for specifics, thank the Angels for guiding you to the best possible outcome for your highest good.”

Expanded Card Meaning: “You may be feeling that your prayers are not being heard, but this is not true. Your Angels are encouraging you to shift your perceptions and see that prayer is not about hoping the future delivers the answer, but knowing the answer is already here and coming to you now, in the present moment. Archangel Sandalphon is drawing close to you at this time and is here to help you formulate your prayers to Heaven in a positive and loving way so that you can get the best help from above. Pray and trust – Angels are always listening.”

Archangel Sandalphon: “Sandalphon is the master of song and the Archangel who delivers our prayers to Heaven. He is the Angelic postman who ensures that our positive thoughts, prayers and intentions are received by the divine. He has a copper aura and is the twin brother of Metatron. He has the powerful ability to help us connect with God and the Angels in a level-headed and grounded way, because he was once human. He knew so much that when it came to  his passing, he ascended to Heaven and was transformed into an Archangel. You are blessed to receive his guidance.”*

~ By Kyle Gray

Your prayers are being answered, right NOW. In this moment there is a solution, another direction, a light at the end of what might seem like a very dark tunnel. It is not a question of if, it is simply when the prayer manifests itself into your reality. Know this and you can leave the worry, doubt and fear behind.

When we focus all of our attention on what is missing in our lives, we close ourselves to receiving it. We are so busy feeling like it will never come, that it is for everyone else but us, or that for some reason we don’t deserve it; that we can actually push it away. This is what it means when they say “get out of your own way” it means that you need to set your intention, take positive action steps towards your creation and let the Universe do the rest! Believe in the process. Don’t look back.

Archangel Sandalphon is on your side. He is delivering your prayers; making sure they are heard and answered. It is up to you to have faith, to Trust.  Let go of trying to micromanage the details. Allow some space for things to be even better than what you are asking for. And know that you deserve only the best.

This or something better.

For the Highest Good of All and so it Is



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie

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  1. Abigail says:

    He reaching out to me. I’m seeing him every. Synchronicity is happening here. Thank You!

  2. janmalique says:

    Thank you. A very timely reminder to shift my focus to positive things.

  3. susiekel says:

    Thank you Dee perfect spot on reading for me as always. Love Light and Blessings from Susie xxxxxxx 😇👼⭐

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    1. Thank you Suzie, Many blessings, Dee

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