Sapphire ~ Inner Master

Sapphire ~ Inner Master, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Sapphire ~ Inner Master, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Sapphire ~ Inner Master:

Chakra: Third Eye
Element: Ether
For a grid: 16 points

“Sapphire is an inspired luminous gem that guides us deep within to our inner master and guide. Once this relationship is established we can develop a sense of direction and purpose. Our inner master acts as an intermediary force between our conscious mind and our soul’s energies. In order to connect and listen to this inner voice we need to develop certain skills.

The ability to still our mind – to listen or to take our awareness to a deeper level with meditation – is needed. Through this we will start to glimpse the realms of possibilities that are open to us. We will become the conduit for powerful creative forces to flow through us. This force will desire expression in the world around us.”

Inner Master: “The Sapphire Oversoul temple serves to attune us to mastery. Its mandala is a beautiful multi-layered Sapphire blue that gives a sense of peace even before going inside. As we pass through its center we have to adjust our eyes to the light of the temple, which is of such beauty that is hard to comprehend. This temple is a dome carved from Sapphire twinkling in the light. 16 beings, the energy of the Oversoul, greet us with their penetrating Sapphire eyes. They seek to see us for who we truly are.

They invite us to enter the temple. On the inside all is Sapphire blue and light streams in from all sides. In the center stands the Sapphire carved table and we are asked to lie upon it. The beings surround us creating a mandala of Sapphire light. They start to sing, making tones that instantly open our third eye chakra.

We see the image of our Soul and feel the intense love that is held for us. We see that we are made in the image of our Soul, co-created to experience the Earth. We see the image of our Soul and feel the intense love that is held for us. We see that we are made in the image of our Soul, co-created to experience the Earth. We see through our Soul’s eyes and see that life can have a new meaning and focus. We realize that time seems from this perspective irrelevant as we are part of an inter-connected pattern of our Soul’s journey.

We awaken to the beauty and mastery that can help us to be who we really are.”*

~ By Michael Eastwood

We came here for a reason. Volunteers to assist in a cause greater than our individual selves. To participate in a grand experiment; that of free will and of the great forget. But yet we are starting the remembering. We are slowly, too slowly, waking up. We are finally gaining the awareness.

You are only reading this if you are comfortable with stretching your belief systems past that of what society tells us is acceptable. You are opening up to the possibility that not everything we have been told is true. You are aware that there is so much more than what meets the eye. So much more than the illusion we have agreed to be suffocated by, lifetime after lifetime. That the system is truly flawed, and one by one we can change it. It’s the only hope.

You know that there is an element of magic and mystery to the world that is tangible only to the extraordinary senses. You know that intuition cannot be forced, only expanded as trust in yourself is strengthened. That you learn to go inwards; to listen, to honour, to receive. You know that you can learn the lesson instead of repeating the patterns, and that there is a much bigger picture than you may first have realized.

Maybe you can feel changes physically, especially lately. Some pleasant such as increased psychic awareness and heart expansion. Some not so pleasant such as the sometimes extreme shifts in energy or sleep patterns. It is all part of the process. Increased sensitivity. Intolerance for certain foods… and certain situations and people too. An aversion to negativity and toxicity.

As you build up the courage to remove the masks and learn to love yourself, which is key, you see through the illusion of others; society included. You cultivate compassion; oneness and finally, Unconditional Love. You see the connection between All That Is, and your place in the Universe.

And so is Ascension



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood 

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  1. Heather says:

    Dee, you are spot on as usual. Funny this wouldn’t have made sense 2 months. Thanks for all that you do! Heather

    1. Thank you Heather! Many blessings, Dee

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