Give Back

Give Back, from the Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Give Back, from the Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

Give Back: “You need an interruption from what is going on in your life. A wonderful way to divert your mind is to give back. Giving back does not have to be difficult. Think of simple ways you would like to help or contribute to your community. This can be anything from donating food or clothing to a shelter to volunteering your time to a cause you feel is important. Giving of yourself will give you a different outlook on what is going on in your life.

Share your volunteering with family members or friends so they can benefit from giving back as well. Sometimes giving back may be close to home. It can mean assisting a family member, giving a ride to a neighbour or running an errand for someone. The important issue here is recognizing that health or emotional challenges can create self-absorption. Helping someone else will provide a break in the daily grind that has become your routine.

There is so much to notice in this card. Pay attention to the imagery that stands out to you. The foxgloves to the left of the image relate to projects, getting yourself out there and the willingness to give to others. The Pegasus bounding above the lady’s head is about clarity of mind. The children, the elder and the peacocks indicate various opportunities that will bring healing to you and your heart as you give to other. There are so many programs that rely on volunteers for extra support. Consider whether this is something you would like to do. If not, there are other ways to give back. The possibilities are numerous and you will benefit once you decide to take this step.”*

~ By Angela Hartfield

It is so important that we all find a way to give back. Even, or especially when we feel we don’t have the time to do it or the resources to part with. It doesn’t meant giving money, unless you have abundant money to give, and then by all means find a worthy charity. But if you do not (yet) then be very careful and discerning about who you give to, draining away your resources is not the same as giving back.

You can give of your time, by volunteering at a shelter, soup kitchen, old folks home or animal shelter just to name a few examples. You can assist a neighbour, a friend or a relative, particularly one who is unable to do something unassisted. You can watch a friend’s children while she gets some rest, or help her to clean her house (believe me, that is gold right there). Walk someone’s dog when they can’t do it, or sit and listen to someone who needs to be heard out. Choose something that resonates with your own heart, and what feels good to you. There should be no agenda, and no resentment. There should be no need for recognition or repayment. Just a knowing that you are making a difference.

Enjoy your giveback. Put your heart and soul into it. Do not overextend yourself, set your boundaries and do what you can without ever feeling guilty. Know that even a few minutes of your time can make a big difference in someone else’s life, and it can help put your own in a new perspective.



~Archangel Oracle

*Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

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