The Joy Of The Future

The Joy Of The Future, from the Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud
The Joy Of The Future, from the Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Joy Of The Future, from the Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

The Joy Of The Future: “Fearful Anticipation ~ Optimism ~ The Now”

“If you look at The Joy Of The Future, you will see that it is full of possibilities. The pixie holds nuts capable of turning into trees and the other beings are filled with joyful anticipation, ready to jump into whatever the future holds for them – except for the little man in the left hand corner. See how worried he is?

Anticipation is really what this image is about. The future is coming and will soon be the present. There isn’t anything we can do to stop that from happening but we often fear what the future holds. This uses up a lot of energy. You can use the same amount of energy thinking that something good is coming, as fearing the worst. It takes courage to anticipate joy: There is always the chance of being disappointed. It is so much easier to expect the worst and then be pleasantly surprised if things are better than you thought they would be. I have found from personal experience that believing that all will be well really can work. It is not easy to believe, but it IS possible. If you concentrate on the present, you do not have time to worry about the future in great detail. If you can learn to move through life with a sense of non-specific joyful anticipation, you may find that some of the barriers that were in your way just disappear. Faeries live in the now. The moment – this moment – matters more to them than any past or future. We of course are mere mortals, but we can try to emulate them.”*

– Brian and Wendy Froud

Change is good. Isn’t it? How do you feel about change? Do you spend time thinking of all the wonderful things that are coming your way, new friends, new loves, new opportunities? Or do you worry and fret about the mystery of the unknown?

We have been going through cosmic upgrades. Changes to increase our vibrational frequencies. Changes to raise our consciousness. Changes to infuse us with stronger connection to Source energy. All amazing, positive and much needed changes in order for us to progress into the fifth dimension of Being. Much more scary than the changes themselves are the mere idea of these changes not taking place; being stuck in the old frequencies, lower consciousness and feelings of isolation and abandonment. Change is our bridge to miracles, abundance and Love. It is the gateway to infinite possibility.

Who do you relate to in the card above? Can you use positive and joyful anticipation when focusing on the future? Can you live moment by moment in the present, refusing to worry about that which hasn’t yet presented itself?

This is the new. We must try in each moment to see the fertility, the creative possibility, the Love, the light.

Time to move forward, embracing the change.

Change is good.



~Archangel Oracle

* Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud


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