Published July 21, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Choice, from the Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Choice, from the Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

Choice: “Somewhere along the way you have given up your right to decide. This can happen for many reasons. You may have quit making choices under the pretext of being agreeable or putting someone else’s needs before your own. It may be that decision making is too overwhelming right now. You have so many options. Each choice you make can take you closer or further from your desires, so it is imperative that you start exercising your power of choice.

If you feel confused about a decision, evaluate what is going on. Come up with a list of possible outcomes. Make your list as long and elaborate as you need. Ask yourself what is blocking your ability to decide. Are you trying to please someone else? Are you afraid of making a wrong choice? Choosing not to decide, is a choice. Decide to make healthy choices that meet your needs and desires.

A fairy blows iridescent bubbles filled with possibilities. Bubbles represent hope, wishes, dreams and the array of choices you have in front of you. Bubbles may also indicate a need to raise awareness, as there are extraordinary moments of magic appearing to you. The bubbles also represent happiness, amusement and the innocence of childhood. The castle in one bubble represents your hone or feelings of safety and security. The Pegasus is a symbol for raising above difficulties. The Pegasus is a guardian. Its appearance here is an acknowledgment that you are supported in your resolve. Once you begin to make choices for yourself, it will become easier and easier to choose what you love.”*

~ By Angela Hartfield

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are stuck in victim mode. We have given our power away and are caught up in repetitive patterns, just waiting for someone else to save us. Maybe we have taken on too much. Maybe things never seem to go the way we would like them to go. Maybe we are stressed, overwhelmed and worn too thin by all of our obligations and responsibilities and nothing feels fresh and fun anymore.

Maybe we spend so much time trying to make others happy that we don’t realize just how miserable we are, or how tired, or how uninspired. Maybe it seems like everyone else gets the breaks and we are stuck in a life that we don’t love anymore.

But what we must realize is that we cannot live our lives trying to please other people. We must take time for self-care, even if it feels too self-indulgent. We cannot expect anyone to rescue us, we must make the choices that lead us out of this reality and into something new.

And only we have the power to do this.

Yes it may make someone close to you uncomfortable if you decide to change things. But sometimes our soul has been whispering, coaxing and nudging us for too long. Sometimes we just need to make the leap before we lose hope.

You have a choice to make. Make it from the heart and you cannot go wrong. But know that change is necessary here, and you must put your needs first. For the highest good of all, of course.



~Archangel Oracle

*Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

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