Q’Ente, from the Earth Warriors Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica” published by Blue Angel

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Q’Ente, from the Earth Warriors Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica” published by Blue Angel

Q’Ente: “Sweet Paradox of Empowering Grace”

“When the mind says no, but the heart leaps with joy, we are ripe for a transmission of empowering grace. The sweet paradox is that the more impossible the situation appears to be, the more we are supported through grace – and our divine success manifests, swift and complete. Let the faith of the heart overcome doubt. Allow your mind to be filled with wonder at the unlimited power of the Divine, and you shall bear witness to sacred manifestation.”

In A Reading: “When there is something within your heart that you know you are on this planet to accomplish, you shall be given equal grace, power, talent, and ability to succeed in that mission. This is the divine promise and sacred plan for you. If a miracle is required for success, then one shall be given. Pray with courage and confidence for your rightful divine inheritance, and allow your bold heart and loving soul to believe in your beautiful, hope filled destiny.”

Spiritual Guidance: “Q’Ente, the Sky Jewel of the Andes, brings you Hummingbird, who bears the soul medicine of spiritual grace, the evolution to conquer any obstacle and the extraordinary power of the heart. The concept of spiritual grace can be challenging to the mind. We often don’t realize just how much we have been conditioned to subconsciously demand that progress in our lives be difficult, even whilst at a conscious level we bemoan the struggle and wish that things could be easier. We want help, but we believe that we are unworthy or have to earn our success completely off the back of our own efforts. Whilst the Divine wants us to engage and participate in the fulfillment of our destiny, if we do not surrender our arrogance and learn how to surrender spiritually, we will never fulfill our potential.

There is a way to allow for spiritual grace so that any obstacle can be surmounted, even the invisible ones that seem to block your progress from some unknown source. It is not the question of needing to become more powerful, but rather of your relationship to the Divine needing to become more vitalized. Then grace can flow, creating success in the same situations that would have otherwise defeated you.

When Hummingbird brings you medicine, you have a high spiritual destiny, one that is going to triumph against apparently insurmountable odds stacked against you. Hummingbirds have the highest metabolic rate of any animal on earth, with their hearts capable of beating at over a thousand beats per minute. These remarkable little creatures have an exceptionally high need for oxygen, yet some of the species have evolved to thrive in the low-oxygen, high-altitude environment of the Andes Mountains, flying at over 15,000 feet above seal level, in truly rarefied air.

This has become possible because of a seemingly tiny genetic mutation in how oxygen is metabolized in the blood. This subtle inner evolution opened up the power of some hummingbirds to thrive, quite literally, in higher worlds. Hummingbird medicine empowers the soul for success in situations that would seem the most unlikely. This medicine brings a subtle adjustment within the blood or feminine life force and how it receives and processes the enlivening presence of Spirit. This in turn leads to extraordinary and heightened abilities. Trust in the incredible possibilities that are birthed through the union of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine energies within you.”

Healing Process: “Rest quietly and be aware of your heart, as you place your hand there lightly.

Say aloud: ‘I call upon the sacred testimony of all perfected ones who have laid down their blood for the very purpose for which I have been born. I bear witness to their sacred testimony of love in the spiritual reams, as they call out for the cleansing of my bloodline. No impediment can stand against my divine fulfillment.’

Allow  your heart to feel relaxed and peaceful.

Without it having to make logical sense, allow yourself to speak from the heart now, by saying: ‘I ask for divine forgiveness for my own transgressions and for the transgressions within my ancestral bloodline now, back to the beginning of time.’

This will evoke an energetic release from your blood, which you may feel if you are attuned to subtle energies. rest and allow this to happen without attachment or analysis. Even if you don’t consciously sense something taking place, it will be happening.

When you are ready, complete the process with the following statement: ‘Through the intercession of the divine blood testimony from the purest Sacred Heart, all impediments have been answered. Grace flows, and divine love manifests. So be it.’

Finish with your hands in prayer.

If there is an emotional release that follows this process, in your dreams or in your daily life, take a moment to place one hand on your heart, reconnecting with a feeling of love and peace within. Know that this is a continuation of the healing release and that it will subside, leaving more space for grace and fulfillment to flow through you.

You have completed your healing process.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

We are truly blessed to have Hummingbird fly in to heal and uplift us with her precious sacred medicine. Hummingbird beats the odds, and is a ball of strength and fury not to be messed with. She is as ferocious as she is beautiful and dainty, having no idea that her tiny stature should hold her back from dive bombing an owl or eagle should they threaten her family or territory. She is quick and agile, shiny and awe-inspiring in every way.

And now is our chance to harness some of her feisty and determined energy. Hummingbird will give us a way to succeed no matter how big the hurdle in front of us. Hummingbird will give us a new perspective. She is about action, intention, and absolute conviction. She encourages us to speak our truth, go after what we want, and not let anyone or anything get in the way!



~Archangel Oracle

*Earth Warriors Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica” published by Blue Angel

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  1. Thank you Dee for allowing Divine Grace to flow through you. You are my hummingbird today!

  2. Lú Delgado says:

    Aww… thank you Dee, Colibrí or Picaflor is my totem animal and in the cards is named as Q’Ente, but in the language of my ancestors (quechua) we call her just Qenti. She is a very lovely but powerful bird. Blessings and my best regards.

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