Synchronicity, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Synchronicity, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan

Synchronicity: “This card indicated a need to have faith in the Universal order of events, even in the midst of hopelessness and uncertainty. There is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence in the Universe, and the perfect people and opportunities will appear miraculously when least expected.

Even when you can’t logically comprehend how your dreams could possibly come true, you must trust in the magical power of synchronicity to deliver what you need. Remember, it is not your job to know how things will unfold; it is simply your job to believe and know that all is well. The “how’s, when’s and who’s” lie in the hands of the Divine; but once you surrender the outcome, you are shown the next logical step.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to trust in the power of synchronicity. By living in consistent alignment with Source through positive thoughts, emotions, and prayer, you will automatically attract miraculous synchronicities into your life.

I have faith that synchronicity will lead me

where I need to be.”*

– Michelle Buchanan

The Universe is communicating with you every moment of every day.. are you paying attention? There really are no coincidences, there are messages everywhere if we tune in to see, feel, hear, and witness them. It’s all about slowing down a little, (or a lot!) removing distractions whenever possible (yes, even your phone!) daily if possible. And making time to tune in to that larger part of your Divine self. It’s about hearing the song on the radio, seeing the repetitive numbers (11:11 is recurring for many of us at this time) and noticing the little white feathers floating down in the middle of your hot yoga class (like seriously, what are the chances, and it has happened more than once, thank you angels!). It’s about seeing the angel shaped clouds; the Devic faces in the trees; the affirmative or contradictory advice of the birds; the sudden appearance of the perfect person to help you at the most opportune time.

Really, it’s all about perspective. It’s about asking for what you want and then letting it go off into the Universe like a child sending a letter to Santa. Full of wishes, hopes, dreams and desires that they just KNOW are going to come true. But instead of a letter from one of Santa’s little helper elves, we receive all sorts of other fun signs and messages pointing us in the right direction. Think of it like the best scavenger hunt or Amazing Race ever! Knowing that as you check off each item on your list, you get closer to the prize! And the best part? You get to have an awesome and super fun experience while you are doing it! Because the journey really is where the wisdom comes from.

Turn your senses on high alert, for over the next couple of weeks, you are in for a few surprises! People, opportunities, prosperity and abundance are all coming to call.

Surrender and allow.



* Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan

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