Will, Wisdom and Mind

Will, Wisdom and Mind, from the Akashic Tarot, by Sharon Anne Klingler, artwork by Sandra Ann Taylor Published by Hayhouse

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Will, Wisdom and Mind, from the Akashic Tarot, by Sharon Anne Klingler, artwork by Sandra Ann Taylor Published by Hayhouse

Will, Wisdom and Mind: “A gold crown of power and authority rests above a Celtic trinity knot. On either side of the Celtic knot are the alchemical symbols for fire and water; below is the ancient three legged symbol of the Coat of Arms from the Isle of Man.

This card brings with it a time of enormous power, balance and expression. The first three rays, or the energies of the Divine, move within you equally: Power and Will, Love and Wisdom, and Intellect or mind. You are working intimately (even if you are not conscious of it) with the Ascended Masters who are linked to these energies.

With the participation of the Masters, you can raise your focus to a higher power and purpose. You can combine the fire of creativity with the water of receptivity in order to make your contribution to the world.

With the gold crown raised high, you are likely to find yourself in a significant position of authority and influence at this time. It is likely to be a phase of great activity, but you can handle it. With these powers in play you are able to discipline yourself to bring together the meditation, creativity, rest and action required. Take advantage of this time and use these powers well. They are nothing less than the Divine forces moving through you so that you can manifest their power in the world.”

As Challenger: “At this time, your authority may be diminished, and there might even be a loss of position. You may feel like your talents, energies, and even your higher guides are missing in some way. Fire does not burn downward, and water does not flow up. You have been spinning your wheels, overthinking things, and going around and around the same issues with little clarity about what is next. Though it still might be a time of great activity, much of that action can seem futile and repetitive.

Nonetheless, the Coat of Arms of the Isle of Man flies high, sharing its message that however you land, you will stand – even in these difficult times. So take a step back and don’t try to fight the forces at hand. Get out of your head and do what you can to reconnect with your higher guides. Your outer influence may be diminished right now because your crown has been toppled. But your strength and authority have now become the foundation upon which to build anew. You can bring mental, emotional, and physical balance back to your life by working with the exquisite and powerful energies depicted in this card. The more you become aware of these forces within you, the sooner the right flow of energy will return.”

Akashic Force: “The power, heart, and mind of God dwell within you. Close your eyes, and feel these Divine forces. Your energy grows; your heart overflows wiht love; and your mind is as boundless as the sky. Feel yourself expand to limitlessness.”*

~ By Sandra Ann Taylor

Interesting that the Golden Ray comes to us again. This time the aspects that we are working closely with are revealed: Power and Will, Love and Wisdom, Intellect or Mind. Very important that this card carries with it the energy of working with the Ascended Masters. I have been seeing ‘333’ lately, and that, to me, is the sign of the Ascended Masters. When you see this number sequence, it is a message from the Universe that the Ascended Masters are working closely with you and through you; and wish to communicate on a much deeper level with you.

Of course, it is up to each of us to figure out which Ascended Masters are working with you at this time. Taking some time in quiet contemplation or meditation will help, although being highly aware of what is going on around us will also help. Watch for signs, symbols and visual hints that come seemingly out of nowhere. Do not discount them as they are not mere coincidence. When we acknowledge the signs you are receiving, and commit to having faith, the signs and messages will become stronger and more clear to us.

We are working with the amplified energy of creativity and manifestation. Divine forces working through us. It is vital that we have the intention to work for the Highest Good of All; that we commit to something larger than ourselves. If we find ourselves in a position of authority, we must use the power with the best of intentions, without power trips or struggles. To heal, to make things better, to change what is no longer working in this world.

There is so much work to do, and all of it must come from the heart.



~Archangel Oracle

* Akashic Tarot, by Sharon Anne Klingler, artwork by Sandra Ann Taylor Published by Hayhouse


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