Gypsy, from the Love Your Inner Goddess, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante published by Blue Angel

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Gypsy, from the Love Your Inner Goddess, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante published by Blue Angel

Gypsy In A Reading: “You are encouraged to say yes to new opportunities and adventures, ideas and connections. Especially the ones that fill your heart with a sense of excitement (perhaps just before your mind begins to dwell on doubts and concerns, trying to talk you out of something before you even give it a chance). You can handle the unfamiliar better than most. Once you get your bearings, you will find a way to thrive, to enjoy what you discover and experience. Let the yearning of your soul to explore the new and exciting inspire you. The unfamiliar and the unknown hold great blessings for you. Open yourself up to new horizons.”

Spiritual Guidance: “There is wanderlust in your soul, that heart quest for new worlds and amazing experiences. You are supposed to feel this way. You have a gypsy soul that will always seek out something new and different. This is just how your life is meant to be, a divine adventure. And there is an adventure that is meant just for you: places to see, people to meet, experiences to have. You are meant to go on a journey, inside of yourself and out in the world. You are meant to explore a world bigger than the one you currently know. It is going to happen. Trust in divine timing. Be open to what life has in store for you. Maybe you are a little afraid and wonder if you are brave enough. (Quick answer – you are brave enough, and then some). Maybe you worry that you have missed your chance, but you cannot miss your destiny. It is right here waiting for you, and your gypsy soul is going to grow and fulfill even more of the purpose for which you are born.”

Sacred Ritual: “Find a place where you can stand comfortably. Say aloud, ‘Through unconditional love, I give the Universe permission to guide me on a divine adventure. I trust the gypsy in my heart, which urges me to explore the new and unfamiliar and to make the entire world my home. I am curious and open, and I trust that I will be looked after as I take my soul journey.’ Then open your arms wide, as if you are embracing your future, the adventures that are meant for you and all the beautiful blessings that life will bring to you – for now you are open, ready and willing to receive. Gently scoop up all those good things and accept them into your heart.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

This card resonates right into the core of my being. I am a Gypsy; heart and soul. I am a free spirit, an adventurer, a wander, a mystic a yogi and a seeker of truth. Sagittarius, the sign of the centaur. Freedom, expansion, philosophy. Gypsy.

When I read those words my heart beats a little faster. My mind immediately conjures up ideas of exotic people and far flung places. Turquoise waters and secluded beaches, pristine coral reefs. Local flavours and secret places. Nature untouched.

But alas, I am a mother, in the thick of it. It will be a while before my physical body can follow my heart on the adventures it craves. For now my freedom is in the moments between. Between working and picking up kids. Between the odd Saturday to Sunday that they go to their dad’s. Between the responsibilities, the obligations and the scheduled events.

But I’m still a Gypsy. I can still anticipate adventure. I can still invite in new people from exotic places and dream about traveling to the far flung places. I can still express myself creatively and I can still conjure up excitement and adventure. I can wander through the woods or down the beach. I can choose to experience things differently; shift my perspective. And I can still say yes to the opportunities that come my way.

And so it is, being a Gypsy and all…



~Archangel Oracle

*Love Your Inner Goddess, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante published by Blue Angel

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  1. susan mcneill says:

    Thank you ..this is so beautiful can I share theses messages ?

    Love susannxx ________________________________

    1. Yes of course Susan, just please share the whole link! I’m on facebook too if that helps! Many blessings, Dee

    2. Emily Birckhead says:

      I love this- And even more, I love your personal interpretation. I am an Aries sun, weighed down by a great deal of Capricorn in my chart. It’s a constant tug-of-war between freedom and commitment, adventures and home. As I get older, I’m learning more and more to integrate the two, as you’ve explained so eloquently; that I may experience freedom IN the responsibility and expansion IN the commitment. Sending you so much love ❀

      1. Beautiful Emily, I totally understand that tug-of-war! Love and light to you too! Dee

  2. AngelBarbelo says:

    Do the Red Bus Boogie as and when you can. Lxx[Image]

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  3. Dr Hycienth Ekpemo says:

    Patient is no more coming to my hospital,do you have something that can bring work to my clinic? On Sep 3, 2018 8:01 AM, “Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance” wrote:

    > Dee ~ Archangel Oracle posted: ” Daily Angel Oracle Card: Gypsy, from the > Love Your Inner Goddess, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante > published by Blue Angel Gypsy In A Reading: “You are encouraged to say yes > to new opportunities and adventures, ideas and connections. Es” >

    1. Clear the energy, smudge if you can (white buffalo sage; close all the doors and windows, go clockwise around the whole place, then open doors and windows but only if you are allowed smoke and wont set the alarms off!). Black tourmaline, apopholite points and selenite in the corners of the rooms, tiny stones are fine. Also place rose quartz on either side of your entrance. Set your intentions for the Highest Good of All and to be of service. Citrine for prosperity. Many blessings, Dee

  4. theconsciouscowgirl says:

    Haha-Gyosy sister! No wonder I resonate so deeply with your messages. I am Sagittarius too.🀠 My youngest son graduated last year… and since then My Gypsy took took the reins. I was lead to Sedona multiple times.. My Shasta … France even .. by myself… from New York to Wyoming … Canada and all over. YES.. your time will come… Love this card and message!! πŸ’

    A-Ho! Annette-The Conscious Cowgirl in Canada 🐎 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Annette I love the energy of your message, thank you! Love that fellow Sag, we totally get it! Keep going, keep traveling, so much to lean and so many adventures to be had! Many blessings, Dee

  5. Christine Patriarca says:

    I am a gypsy too. I resonate 1,000,000% with this posting!!! I am a Sagittarius ascendant and feel the exact same feelings you do when you read this card! Alll of a sudden the wind starts blowing in a tornado around me and the excitement is rising and then I just want to grab my backpack and go!! AHHHH!!!
    life is so fun : )

    1. Oh Christine I love this message so much lovely! So funny us Sagittarius! Yes life is an adventure, embrace it. Many Blessings, Dee

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