Empowerment, from the Nature's Whispers Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall
Empowerment, from the Nature’s Whispers Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Empowerment, from the Nature’s Whispers Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall

Empowerment: “The moment for respect for life and all living things, attuning to nature and to the creatures of the Earth is at hand. Tune into the deep well of compassion that spills over readily to anyone who needs your help. You are being directed to take action to remove difficulties and resolve problems. Be receptive to guidance from wherever it happens to come. Do not be surprised to receive support from unusual avenues. Be alert to seemingly random input, which will give you clues and ideas that had not occurred to you earlier. Once you have picked up these signs, pursue them diligently and with determination. The potential for them to pay off is immense. As soon as you know what action to take, take it!”*

~ by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall

This card is a mirror of the goddess within us all. Gaze at her beauty and perfection; her ultimate power and stunning grace. She embodies all; the storm and the sunshine; the rainbow and the waterfall; every season; every creature; nurturing safety and utmost peril. She is fertility and love, passion and fire; water and rainbows; snowflakes and ice. She is the Northern Lights; she is the brightest dazzling day and the very darkest nights. She is all encompassing, she is in every aspect of the world but yet not caught up in any particular part of it. She is rooted in the present as she gazes with detachment into the future. We too are all of these things. We are flesh and bone, yet we are stardust and light.

Since the ecplise season this summer, I have felt the goddess energies flowing through every aspect of my own life. Body, mind and spirit. Do you feel her energy too? Which ever goddess you feel drawn to embodies the aspect of Divine Feminine energy that will benefit you most in this present moment. Expanding into your own personal power is vital for us, as this empowerment will allow us to truly step into our authentic selves. The Goddess reminds us that we are beautiful, we are capable, we are Divine. She whispers to our Souls and if we quiet our busy minds we can hear her words of wisdom. She whispers gentle that we are right here, right now for a very profound experience. A physical, tactile, luxurious experience. Every breath is a gift. Every sip of water is a miracle. Every bite is a whirlwind of pleasure… if we let it be. She is of the Earth and the elements, including Ether, the element of love.

Take a few moments to consciously connect with your Inner Goddess. She is right there in  your intuition. She is gazing back at you in the mirror. She is your foundation, your lifeblood, your strength, your courage. Your love.

You are her and she is you.

Move forward fearlessly with this knowledge safely tucked into the depths of your heart and Soul.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

* Empowerment, from the Nature’s Whispers Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall

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