Mayu, from the Earth Warriors Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica”

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Mayu, from the Earth Warriors Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica”

Soma From The Galactic Heart

“The Divine Mother’s milk of the galaxy is feeding your soul. Expansion of your horizons, your spiritual purpose and your sacred responsibilities is taking place. Divine potential within you is awakening at a higher turn of the creative spiral of consciousness. This oracle is prophecy of ascension and grace.”

In A Reading: “Your soul has been going through a deep spiritual feeding process and is growing rapidly. The evidence of this in the outer world will be a sense of expansion of opportunity, reach, connections and new levels of spiritual experiences. This oracle foretells the welcoming in of a new phase in life. Newborn energies and fertility, whether biological, creative or psychological, are being stimulated. The oracle indicates the discovery, development and expression of talents. An increasingly public profile, which moves you into the spotlight, can help you fulfill your divine life mission, provided that you keep your inner connection to Spirit as the highest priority. The oracle speaks of soul healing around matters of trust, spirit, mother and abundance.”

Spiritual Guidance: “Mayu, Star Goddess of the Milky Way, was seen clearly in the skies of the ancient Incas. In Western traditions, the Milky Way is recognized as a metaphor for nourishment and the milk of the heavens. When she appears as an oracle, it is an omen of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment. If you develop your spiritual practice, you shall come to experience feeling drunk on divine bliss, like a baby in an ecstasy of complete fulfillment through the mother’s milk.

When we connect with the Galactic Heart, it is a sign of spiritual advancement. We are growing in such a way that our being becomes ready, willing and able to take up more spiritual space in the atmosphere. You will express that spiritual growth in your life according to your talents. If you are a thinker, your ideas will become more inspired, expansive and original. if you are a healer, you will experience the flow of a new quality of divine consciousness through your work. If you are a leader, you will experience a feeling of being overshadowed by something truly great, kind and helpful, whilst at the same time feeling more fearless, bold and confident to speak your truth and guide those in your care. Whatever the truth of our soul, encounters with the Galactic Heart are granted in order to evoke, expand, and empower it upon the earth.

Some interpretations of the Vedas from ancient India see the Milky Way as the heavenly Soma, the nectar of immortality and the drink of the Divine. Soma can feed the soul, but like any food, healthy or otherwise, too much at any given time is hard to digest and can create more harm than good. More divine light and energy is not always better – at least, not when we try to take it all in at once. We need to learn when enough is enough, to detach from the Divine Mother’s breast, and rest in contentment and fulfillment of the present moment.

To allow ourselves to be spiritually fed – to know when to latch on and when to detach from the inflow of spiritual energy, to allow for the mind, body and soul to adjust to the increased levels of light and spiritual nutrition and to metabolize that for healing growth – we need to feel trust and surrender into the Divine Feminine. If we have had difficult issues around trust, support and nourishment as human beings, then clearing those issues through grace, so as to be able to receive the heavenly nectar without greed or fear, is important. Mayu offers healing of these matters with grace.

Digestion and integration allow us to utilize the blessing and become ready for further expansion when it is time to be fed again. We trust that her sacred food will be available when needed. We can learn to rest into all that the Galactic Mother will provide for our soul, growing us into the fullness of our spiritual radiance and maturity, one dose of her extraordinary blessed Soma at a time.”

Healing Process: “Say this prayer aloud, with one hand on the heart, if possible: ‘I invoke the unconditional love of the Galactic Heart, and give thanks for all that is good, true and nourishing of my being on all levels through unconditional love. I surrender, with forgiveness and blessing, any issue to do with mothering or being mothered, whether too much or too little. I release myself from false guilt, shame and judgment, now. I release the mother figures in my life with forgiveness in my heart, for I no longer wish to hold on to old pain. I acknowledge I am worthy and deserving of nourishment straight from the sacred milk of unconditional love from the Galactic Mother. May all mothers receive healing and guidance, blessing and assistance from the Divine Mother of all souls. With trust, I open myself now to receive what is needed for the ecstatic fulfillment of my own being, through divine grace. With gratitude, so it is.

Now it is time to close your eyes and rest for as long as feels good. Whether you wish to meditate or sleep or just close and rest your eyes for a time, give yourself permission to do that now. You can begin that process by gazing at the image on the card for a moment, gently focusing on the light at the heart center of the Galactic Goddess and imagining, feeling visualizing or pretending that you are stepping right into that heart light as you either zone out into sleep, rest your eyes or meditate, now.

When you are ready, ground yourself with some deep cleansing breaths in and out as you emerge from your rest. Move your body a little and ground yourself in the here and now.

You have completed your healing process.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

The speed with which we have been trying to assimilate all the new energies can really take it’s toll, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We can end up feeling exhausted, isolated and frustrated instead of joyful, uplifted and enlightened. We can put in all the work and still feel so alone! When this happens, we really need to practice self care. Slow down, reconnect and nurture ourselves, body, mind and spirit.

Take a time out! Relax, practice your deep breathing, get outside, take a salt bath, do some yoga. Meditate, contemplate, listen to Solfeggio frequency music. Repair and restore your energy. Drink lots of water. Eat clean, high vibrational foods like organic fruits and veggies, cutting back on sugar and refined foods as much as possible. Take time for yourself.

This is an invitation to reconnect to the energy of the Great Mother. Know that she is always available to us, to nurture and support. This is a great time to make a little altar to honour her presence in our lives. A piece of rose quartz, a pink candle, a picture, a flower. Create a sacred space.

Write her a little letter of gratitude and a prayer for further assistance. Share with her your deepest desires, your wildest dreams. Sit quietly and consciously make the connection through your heart center, directly to hers. Knowing that she will help you to manifest these creations with grace and ease.



~Archangel Oracle

*Earth Warriors Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica”

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