A Blessing For Support

A Blessing For Support, from the Blessed Be Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Jane Starr Weils

Daily Angel Oracle Card: A Blessing For Support, from the Blessed Be Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Jane Starr Weils

A Blessing For Support: “A blessing on you, so that those who are in accord within their hearts and within their noble selves come to your side in times of need, as ally, advisor, friend, and if nee be, warrior.”

“A blessing upon you now, who need the support of others. May you send out the call, in spirit and in word, and to your side may there come those who know they stand with you. Within this atmosphere of empathy and accord, let there be honour on each side, and let old dissatisfaction fall away so that together now you can face whatever it is you must confront. For when we stand with others, with the tribe, with the souls of those with whom we have stood in the past, we allow ourselves to have support and back-up, and the strength of alliance, instead of the fragility of isolation.

May the right allies come to you, and be noble in their deeds, and ask nothing of you that you are not willing to give, because it is good and just. May those that come to your side be brae, full of integrity, able to feel fear, yet do what is right. And when you go through whatever darkness that is before you, may these allies walk with you, allowing you to lead, and asking only that you too act in integrity and with justice. May those who stand with you be most blessed – advisor, warrior, kindred, clan and may you all conquer the enemies both within and without. If it be sickness or hard times, let healing come to you, if it be poverty, let food be placed upon your table, it if be injury, let them offer you the rest that will help you be whole, and if it be in battle, let their swords be sharp, their skills steadfast, their knowledge of the enemy keen and shining. May you be most blessed in this support, and may rewards come to all those who do what is right, in the hardest of times. Look about you – see – they are coming to ride by your side, and you will not go into the darkness alone.”

Blessed Be

~ By Lucy Cavendish

Have you been waiting for your proverbial knight in shining armour to come to your rescue? Have you been feeling like you could use a little support on your journey? Well your prayers have been answered and help is on the way. It may not come in the form of Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, although it could… but it will come in exactly the form you need. Maybe a friend, a co-worker, a new boss, landlord, acquaintance, mentor, family member, teacher, room mate… you get the picture. You have asked for assistance and that is the call that is being answered.

We each have out own unique situations, and we all need some help from time to time, we simply cannot do it all by ourselves. We are strong, courageous and self-sufficient, yet we can’t be everywhere, we cannot be everything to everyone. We need someone to step in and offer a hand.

This message also brings with it an opportunity, a new door opening up to us. Take the opportunity! It will lead to more. This is a leap of faith too, knowing that as you step into uncharted territory you will be supported by the Universe.

Be observant, use your intuition and open to receive this blessing.



~Archangel Oracle

* Blessed Be Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Jane Starr Weils

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