Scorpio ~ I Transform

Scorpio ~ I Transform, from the Black Moon Oracle Card deck, by Susan Sheppard, published by Blue Angel,

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Scorpio ~ I Transform, from the Black Moon Oracle Card deck, by Susan Sheppard, published by Blue Angel

Scorpio ~ I Transform: October 23-Novemer 21

‘Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard’ ~ Anne Sexton

“Acknowledging desire and surrendering yourself to the depths will serve you best at this time.

Scorpio is one of the most fascinating signs in the Zodiac. It is ruled by Pluto, planet of gutters and extremes, and is the sign of sex, money, and passion. It is a powerful sign.

Scorpios have a bad reputation for ruthless behaviour which is not deserved. Like the other water signs, Scorpio is emotional but not in the sympathetic way of Cancer or Pisces.

When Scorpios enter a room they don’t have to say a word for the crowd to know; they can feel their energy. Their depth and their ability to understand  others, all the while not revealing much about themselves, is profound. Scorpios inspire you to tell them your darkest secrets while revealing none of their own.

When Scorpios feel deeply they fear the loss of control and they will sting when threatened or cornered. Almost always, Scorpios will deliver the last hit. Scorpio does not roll over and play dead. They never forget a slight.

People of this sign will make their mark, even when they have to do it all alone.

If the Scorpio card comes up then you are being tested. You may feel isolated and on your own, without much sympathy or help from others. If so, it’s time to stand on your own and fight those forces gathered against you. You will likely win and come out much stronger and happier than before, but it’s still an intense time.

There are a number of positive changes with this card. You will soon gain what you have worked so hard for. This card implies karmic issues, even the resurfacing of past-life recollections, so many of your relationships now will be of a karmic nature, and thus be tried as well. Your life may seem like a trial.

Matters involving inheritances and money may figure in, such as heirlooms, legacies, and what comes through family or people you are tied to from your deep past. You may have to deal with someone who may plot revenge over something you may not be guilty of. It could also be a time where enemies surface, so you would be wise to protect your reputation.

Strong sexual attractions may arise, whether wished for or not. Obsessions are possible. It is wise not to get wrapped up in intrigues with people who you don’t know very well or have known only for a short time. Do not attempt to maneuver or manipulate anyone as this will surely backfire.

On the positive side, now is the time to be resourceful and guard that which you have worked for.

If romance is your question, expect it to be transforming, and not something you can leave aside. In some cases, your partner may seem aloof and hard to reach, and matters may erupt into unexpected passions. If surrounding cards indicate that things will progress, this may be one of the most important and transforming relationships you have ever had.

In dealing with jobs and careers, expect intensity, restrictions, and demands.

Sometimes when this card comes up it indicates you will be going though a period of deep self-analysis. You may seek out a professional or you may work through this time alone by reading or through reflection.

Be careful when it comes to finances in areas such as taxes, property and shared assets. You could have resounding successes or tremendous losses currently, but the message is to take your chance then stick with your decision no matter what. You have the ability now to make it work.”

Scorpio Card In Brief: “A new thing born out of something thought dead; resurrection; love born out of the depths of passion; charisma; desire; sex; gutters; sewers; stagnant waters; funerals and graveyards; ghosts and hauntings; banks; inheritances; money or goods from a deceased relative; the taboo; the unknown; secrets; blessings in disguise; therapists; going into the depths; Hades; autumn; when things die off; suspicion; seeing into the heart of matters; being wise; not suffering fools; agreements, but with caution; resentment; severity; hidden aggression; enemies, secret or open; psychic energy; powers, curses and magick spells; metaphysics; vampire stories; anything Egyptian; being innocent yet accused; feeling lonesome; aloofness; being singled out; not being left alone; stalkers; past lives; the idea that death is never final.”

Corresponding Tarot Card: Death

Key Ideas: “Transformation through desire; psychic ability; taxes; secrets; wins and losses; sexual attraction; secret affairs.”

~ By Susan Sheppard

We are almost to the mid point in our journey with Venus and all of us will be feeling the effects in one way or another. Those Scorpios out there are entering into their birth month and they will feel it with even more depth of emotion, doubling up on the energy of Venus in Scorpio over the next few days until she transits into Libra. These are powerfully transformational times and we can meet them with our sleeves rolled up, ready to do the work, or we can be dragged through the mud. Always up to us what we will make space for and what we are willing to receive and intend to create. Taking full responsibility is our most powerful tool at this time.

Sexuality will be amped up too, particular up til the end of the month. Those who are in strong relationships will have the opportunity to take things to another level of connection. Those who are matched by the lesson they are meant to learn from each other will feel it, big time. Temptation will abound and you may feel reckless or rebellious; try to keep things in perspective, our actions will not be without consequence. However, on that note, sometimes we need bold and brazen action to get us out of being stuck and propelled into something new… even if it may feel like being dragged through a hedge backwards!

There is nowhere to hide on this journey, all will be revealed.



~Archangel Oracle

*Black Moon Oracle Card deck, by Susan Sheppard, published by Blue Angel

3 Comments Add yours

  1. wow I had a dream last night that I was being cornered by some people and one person
    was about to stick a needle into me but I managed to grab the needle out of the syringe
    and stuck it into this persons mouth.. I then opened a window and yelled for help and I escaped.

    1. Oh wow yes I’ve been having crazy dreams too… if you were to look at the symbolism of this I would say maybe that person was trying to inject their negativity or toxicity into you, and you gave their energy right back to them… because it was in their mouth, I would say this person is one who would say manipulative, negative or passive aggressive (or even just aggressive) things. Very interesting! Your guides are giving you a bit of a head’s up. No violence or physical stuff required, just a keen awareness of what is going on around you and not taking it on. I would suggest some cord cutting too, maybe today with the full moon energy at a high. Namaste, Dee

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