Four Of Swords

Four Of Swords, from the Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, artwork by Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Four Of Swords, from the Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, artwork by Barbara Moore

Four Of Swords: “Her limbs are composed in the attitude of death, but this is not that final sleep. It is just a moment of rest and recovery. Her mind floats free. She is adrift in an ether of meditation. Her eyes are closed, but she sees with another kind of vision. The sigil of an eye upon the blade she holds clasped to her chest sees down into her heart and out into the world around with a clarity that she strives for in this inner contemplation and self-imposed exile.

She floats along with the lotuses, symbols of spiritual and mental purity. Lotuses grow from the slime and much of a lake, purified by the water to emerge in the sunlight as lovely flowers. They are a living metaphor for a seeker of spiritual truths. The pink lotus in particular is a symbol of enlightenment.

So, too, the swords that pillow her head as she meditates, as if to pierce through the fog of uncertainty and dissemble to reach a state of serenity. However, this is but a momentary rest. Her hands grip the sword tightly. She knows there are many ordeals to face still. She breathes deeply, imprints the fragrance of the lotuses in her mind. She is ready to draw the sword from the sheath and step back into a world of strife and conflict once this respite is through, though perhaps with a much clearer mental state this time.

The Four of Swords urges you to take a moment of respite. Close your eyes, and find that still and silent place at your core, where inner strength resides. Draw from that reserve in the times to come.”*

~ By Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

This is a message of inner strength and resiliency. Being able to trust in yourself to get through what the Universe brings your way. Not everything is easy, there are challenges coming. But every part of the journey is necessary to get where you need to be.

We always have the choice to face obstacles with strength, courage, grace and ease. We always have the choice to refuse to succumb to the victim frame of mind. Choose your thoughts carefully for this may not be as difficult as you think. Your inner resources are prolific, use them to their full potential.

You have everything you need in order to move forward. Take a moment to center yourself, breathe, call in your team and then channel your inner warrior. Set some positive intentions and focus your energy on the best possible outcome for the Highest Good Of All.

Then move forward fearlessly, knowing that this is only a speedbump, not a mountain. You are still en route to your dreams.



~Archangel Oracle

* Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, artwork by Barbara Moore


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