Magic Prayer

Magic Prayer, from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid
Magic Prayer, from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Magic Prayer, from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Magic Prayer: “Speak your prayers, listen for the answers, act in faith.”

“When you see the Magic Prayer card, it is a reminder that your prayers will be answered. Spirit is always waiting to help you – and to heal you – when you are in need. That said, the best prayer is: “Thy will be done through me; thy will and not mine be done.”

Conscious contact with your higher power is achieved through the ritual of prayer and meditation. Speak and listen to the Divine force within the field of creation. Surrender your wishes and desires to Spirit. You may not get what you want, but you will surely get what you need. Your destiny awaits you. As long as you keep in conscious contact with your higher power, be assured that you are on the right path.”

If this card comes to you as challenger: “Self will that goes unchecked can bring difficulties. The Magic Prayer card can be a sign that you mistakenly believe that your way is the only one. Could the path you are on be leading you to a place of regret, or could you be pursuing something that just is not good for you? If so, you may be facing a painful lesson – and a lonely one, too. Perhaps it is time to pray, and meditate on your highest good and the highest good of all. Spirit may have other plans for you. Be assured that they will be better than any you could ever dream up.”*

~ By Colette Baron Reid

There is power in voicing your intentions aloud. It tells the Universe that you are serious about what it is that you desire. It also helps plant seeds in your subconscious that help move you forward, step by step towards creating that reality. When we hope and dream and wish, we get ideas and inspiration on how to set our intention. When we say them out loud, either alone or to a trusted and supported friend, co-worker, spouse, partner, or relative, it takes on new meaning. This meaning is amplified if we use concise, direct language to express ourselves. Skip the if’s and use when’s; take out the should, could or would and just go for it.

Affirmations are extremely powerful tools that we can use daily. Short and sweet, they get straight to the point. They also help us to change our brain chemistry, forming new neuropathways and helping us to become better at focused thinking. They can help us to weed out limiting belief patterns, replacing them with positive self esteem and raised confidence.

The other incredibly powerful tool that we have at our disposal is singing or chanting with our voices. Chanting is used in many Eastern cultures to create vortexes of power, clear and focus the mind, and pay tribute to the Divine. Singing is used to voice our emotions, can be used to celebrate victory, tell a story, bring power to us, and also to release pent up or stored feelings. Experiment with singing or chanting mantras to empower you on your life’s journey. Listening to music is also powerful, but keep in mind that when you participate, adding your own voice, you are sending that powerful message to the Universe and will expedite your process.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

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