Ganesh ~ Yes

Ganesh ~ Yes, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D
Ganesh ~ Yes, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ganesh ~ Yes, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Ganesh ~ Yes: “All the doorways are open for you, and the pathway is clear. Any previous obstacles have been removed. Keep a positive mind set about the situation to ensure the best possible outcome.
Additional Meanings Of This Card: The answer to your question is “Yes.” This is a good time to make a move or change. Your prayers have been heard and are being answered. You have positive support for this situation. Keep the faith.Ganesh is the Hindu elephant headed “over-comer of obstacles” who clears your path of any blocks. Call upon Ganesh at the beginning of any ceremony or new project to ensure a smooth start and steady progress. He is also very supportive of writers and helps anyone who is in a bind.”*

~by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

If you have been feeling held up lately by a series of obstacles, even if they are little things that have wasted your time or set you back, this is about to change. Sometimes we go through phases in our lives when we feel that everything is working against us, that we can’t seem to get ahead no matter what we do. We get stuck in this mindset and end up attracting more of the same by worrying about it.

Cast aside all these worries as Ganesha helps you to burst through your perceived obstacles with grace and ease. Quite literally anything is possible when you work closely with the Ascended Masters. They have been incarnated many times here on Earth, and have chosen to stay close to us in order to use their wisdom to assist us in our awakening process. They work with the energies of our great Mother Gaia as they work with us to expand our awareness and guide us back to our Soul path. They will help us to remember why we are here and what we are truly capable of in this lifetime as they work closely with us to bring our wisdom from past lifetimes into the present time. What would we do without them?

Take a few moments to gaze at this depiction of Ganesha… can you feel the warmth of his presence? Can you feel the window of opportunity he offers you? Can you feel him whisper with a smile that everything is going to be just fine, and all you must do is ask for his assistance? He assures us that once we ask our prayers are always heard and answered; our only job is to receive what comes to us with an open heart and an open mind.

Set your intention right now that your obstacles are removed. Be they financial, health related, career oriented, family matters or relationship (or lack of) issues, they will be resolved. With grace and ease. Remember, anything is possible with Ganesha on your side.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

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