Palhik Mana

Palhik Mana, from the Earth Warriors Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryna, “Mariposa Galactica”

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Palhik Mana, from the Earth Warriors Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryna, “Mariposa Galactica”

Palhik Mana: “Medicine Of The Butterfly Kachina”

“On wings of hope, Butterfly Kachina guides you through an ending to the light of new life within. It is your transition into a happier time, of increased pleasure and delight. Especially if you have experienced great struggle or loss, the spirit medicine of Butterfly brings hopeful promise to your heart. Here is your sign that there will be happiness, peace and light. Trust in the goodness being birthed.”

In A Reading: “An apparently lost cause or shattered dream was a necessary part of your transformational journey. What was sacrificed can be reborn into something even more beautiful. You are not meant to turn to the past, as it cannot support you in the way it once did. Trust that you have the inner resources to handle what is happening within you and in your life. You are moving towards a significant psychological, emotional and perhaps also physical breakthrough and transformation. You may have an inner sense of discomfort signalling that something new is unfolding within. It is natural to initially feel a little awkward or uncertain in the face of the unfamiliar. This is a good sign of change stirring from within. Allow nature to take its course. Trust in what is happening, even whilst you don’t fully understand it. It will turn out beautifully in the end (which will also happen to be a new beginning).”

Spiritual Guidance: “There are moments when even those of us with great courage feel tested beyond our faith. Doubt, darkness and despair can creep into our minds and lash our hearts with fear. Perhaps there seems to be good reason for our pain – the loss of a loved one, a cherished hope dashed, disturbing human behaviour, the state of the environment or some other unexpected and painful shock. There may be no particular reason for it, and yet we are somehow gripped by feelings of anxiety or despair that we cannot resolve, no matter how hard we try.

The healing soul medicine of the Butterfly Kachina comes to you now to alleviate your suffering, to remind you that everything yo have gone through has been part of what has made you strong, compassionate and wise. When all seems lost – perhaps especially then – our soul needs the gift of seeing the light, love and wisdom of Great Spirit at work behind all things, at all times, always reaching out to us and always offering love. The soul needs faith and hope like the body needs air to breathe. Faith keeps the soul alive and well.

You do not have to regret anything that has happened. You do not have to judge yourself or any other, or wish that things had been different. You have not missed out. You have not messed up. You have been learning and growing. What is required from you now is a willingness to let it fall away, because the person you once were actually no longer exists. YOu may not fully realize it yet. Like the butterfly trying to crawl on the ground like a caterpillar, you may mourn the loss of your old caterpillar ways. Yet, if you take a moment to witness yourself anew now, you will realize that you are not the person from two years or ten years ago. You can then open to the gifts that the Butterfly Kachina is bringing to you now – well-being, new life, vibrancy, freedom and happiness.

If you have been working hard on an issue, on yourself or on a cause in the world, and it seems to be going nowhere, Butterfly Kachina reminds you that in the divine alchemy of transformation things sometimes appear to be going backwards as they move forward. It is the way of things. After summer there is autumn, and then winter, all of which indicate progress towards the next spring. If you didn’t understand the creative purpose and regenerative nature of the seasons, you might be frightened by the winter, concerned that it signified the world was ending! With knowledge of the sacred feminine wisdom of the seasons, you are not afraid of the winter – you see it as an essential part of life. You may even learn to nurture and restore yourself during that time, gaining conscious benefit and appreciation for it. If you feel you are in a spiritual or emotional winter in your life, have hope. The soul unfolds according to seasons just as nature does. Let your heart and mind rest in trust that life is growing your soul in its beautiful fulfillment.”

Healing Process: “Butterfly takes us out of seriousness and into childlike joy. Is there something that you used to love as a child? Is there some activity that makes you feel healthily childlike – perhaps laughing a funny animal videos or going for a walk out in nature? Coloring or pulling a hula hoop out of the back of the wardrobe? Playing drums on the pots and pans? Singing and dancing in your living room? Take some time to be with your inner child self and be engaged completely in the present moment.

When you are ready, say this prayer aloud: ‘I give thanks for the sacred soul medicine of the Butterfly Kachina, to the ever-renewing power of life. I honour all that I have been through, for it has brought me to this moment. Now, I am strong, wise, compassionate and empowered. I accept life, and I am ready for the rebirth that is happening now in my own soul and in the world. May all beings move into love, freedom, peace, and happiness. I embrace this moment. So be it.’

You have completed your healing process.”

~ By Alana Fairchild

You may have had a dream shattered recently. Something you though you really wanted, only to have it stripped away again. Or maybe you got exactly what you wanted, and couldn’t remember why you had asked for it. Either way, there is a huge lesson here. There is no point in overanalyzing, regretting, or focusing on the past. What happened was absolutely what needed to happen. A redirection of sorts. It is time to allow yourself to move on. In order to pass to the next chapter of your life, and make the very most of it, take some time to acknowledge all that you have learned.

Then bless and release it all as you allow yourself to step beyond it.

It is time to reframe your life, your reality, your abilities and your place in the world. It is time to see yourself as the powerful manifestor that you are. It is time to embrace your transformation and focus inward on what else is possible for you at this time.

Find your joy, find your passion, find yourself. All these roads lead to your Soul Purpose; the true reason you incarnated here, at this time in exactly the body and the circumstances you are in. There is no coincidence, there is a reason behind it all. Your Soul chose this.

Things are about to change, possibly quite dramatically. Embrace this change and allow yourself to soar above the drama, seeking the answers you desire. Receive the medicine of  butterfly with grace, ease, gratitude. Open heart and open mind.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

* Earth Warriors Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryna, “Mariposa Galactica”



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  1. June Partington-smith says:

    Just read today’s reading, it was as though the card was speaking to me, have been through so much recently, now I feel stronger and moe at pace then I have for a long time. Thankyou for taking the time to write your blog. 🦋

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