Conception, from the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, by Lon

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Conception, from the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, by Lon

Conception: “The frequency of Conception invites us to bring our consciousness to our origin – the place where everything in creation begins. It helps us to remember the infinite potential and possibilities of this space and what we can manifest through our own focused awareness and intention.”

“Infinite movement and expansion are dancing with stillness and contraction; deep silence is harmonizing with the presence of a strong heartbeat. We are at home in this space, and at the same time, there is an indistinguishable sense of stellar connection that is unmistakably not of this Earth.

Conception can be described as the process of creation. This may refer to the beginning of life as a physical being or to the start of an idea or a belief, like thinking a thing and then making it a reality. At the beginning of everything, there is a conceived nothingness that then becomes something – like one cell splitting into two, splitting into four, and so on.

At the very core of everything, there is a universal heartbeat, represented by the heartbeat graph running through the middle or this Activation. The dark blue background shows the vast, deep galaxy and the depth of consciousness. The swirling background circles represent a grid that is not from this Earth plane, indicating an origin from other dimensions and star systems as well. The bubbles are like the splitting of cells, symbolizing the process of conception and creation.”

Try This: “Take a moment to go inside and remember where you came from. You are made of energy – pure consciousness. You choose to be here in body, at this time, in this place. Allow yourself to realize the infinite potential and possibilities that you are able to manifest through your focused awareness and intention – through Conception.”*

~ By Lon

Conception. Available to us the moment we decide to use all of our internal resources to create something new. Stepping into this new month of February we have a clean slate. What will we create with this blessed opportunity?

Sacred Geometry contains messages that are available to us on a subconscious level. Gaze at the image above and allow yourself to receive its message. Allow it to trigger in your mind, body and spirit the magic that you need at this time. An opportunity to create something new.

If change is required in your life at this time, now is the time to create a plan. Now is the time to make the decision to take things to the next level. The energy of 2019 does not allow us to live out of alignment any longer. It will become more and more difficult to life a life that is not of truth and authenticity. If there are discrepancies, they must be addressed now.

Do not let fear hold you back, do not let judgment hold you back. This moment of conception is yours, take it and create what you will.

For the Highest Good Of All and so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, by Lon

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