Nature, from the Oracle Of The Unicorns, by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs Nature Card artwork ‘Unicorn Of The Forest’ Copyright 2017 by Carol Cavalaris

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Nature, from the Oracle Of The Unicorns, by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs Nature Card artwork ‘Unicorn Of The Forest’ Copyright 2017 by Carol Cavalaris

Nature: “Ground yourself. Find a sanctuary in nature. Connect with the elementals”

“Spend time out in nature before you make a decision or take your next steps in this situation. Either you need the clarity of mind that time in nature will bring or you need to release some stress and become more clam and grounded before moving forward.

The unicorns ask you to find a beautiful sanctuary where you can be surrounded by nature and breathe in pure air, relax and connect more deeply with your heart. Not only will this be soothing for your soul, it will help you listen to your inner wisdom and gain a new perspective ion this situation. Venture out into a meadow, a forest, a mountain or a beach where you can find peace and solitude. If you can, take off your shoes and go barefoot. Feel the soil or sand beneath you. Close your eyes and open all of your senses.

Feel the breeze brushing against your skin and the sun warming you. Listen to the sound of birds, waves or rustling leaves. Breathe in the scents of flowers, tree sap or salt air. Imagine your cares and worries melting away from you, as Mother Nature cradles you in her arms. Sink deeper into her presence, as you become more grounded.

Imagine yourself connected heart to heart with the earth and feel at one with all of the life around you, from the tiniest insects to the tallest trees. Call on the devas, unicorns and the other elementals in this place, including the fairies or mermaids. Set intentions for miracles, love and abundance, and ask for guidance, to support you on your path.

Visualizing your desires in nature can help them manifest faster, so take the time to sit, relax and imagine your dream life as if it is already happening. Give thanks when you leave and give back by doing something to take care of the earth by donating to an environmental non-profit, volunteering, buying eco products or recycling more.”*

~ By Cordelia Francesca Brabbs

Again we are nudged outside, into the most magical of places. The forest, the ocean, the garden is calling to you. You need the energy of the natural world to clear and cleanse  your own energy and to recharge you as well. We all need this.

No matter the weather, get outside today. Breathe the fresh air. Find stillness out there. Ground yourself back into Mother Earth. Bare feet on the ground, palms to the sky or on the bark of a tree. Use all of your senses and fully embrace the power of the Now moment.

The elemental realm is available to us, but only if we take the time to connect. There is a vast amount of ancient wisdom and healing energy that we could be receiving, but we must make it a priority. We must approach these mysterious dimensions with respect and curiosity. We cannot expect anything, but be open and allowing. It takes time. It takes silence. It requires a releasing of the ego, an open mind and an open heart.

Peace within can be found in the outside natural world. Not in stuff, but in the deep connection to the Great Mother. Take the time you need to really be there. To breathe the love in slowly and hold it in your heart.



~Archangel Oracle

*Oracle Of The Unicorns, by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs Nature Card artwork ‘Unicorn Of The Forest’ Copyright 2017 by Carol Cavalaris

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  1. bev37 H30 says:

    All the oracle cards this week, have been ‘inspiringly Perfect’ & I have been sharing them on my site ‘the Pond’……lovingly Thanking You & your connection to spirit….which lately has also been matching mine…..xoxoxo Bev

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