Ariel ~ Nature

Ariel ~ Nature, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ariel ~ Nature, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Ariel ~ Nature:

“Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel.”
~ Saint Augustine, Eight Questions

“Ariel is a powerful angel of Nature. She has evolved through the air kingdom and is in charge of human interaction between the devas and angels. An open heart is all it takes to connect with the Nature Angels. To attune with this delightful group of beings, you must have a genuine, loving interest in them. When you can recognize and appreciate the life within the soil, shrubs, flowers, trees, rocks, breezes, mountains and seas, you will open the door to the observation and acceptance of these blessed ones. Ask Ariel to take you far back into the forgotten memory of your origin. Help the Earth by recognizing and developing your ability to work with Nature. Angels follow an ascending path which is parallel to humans – we complement one another. Angelic essence is expansive and naturally attuned to the Cosmos, seeking to become more aware of the form which enfolds it. Atomic essence in minerals, plants, animals and humans is limited to form and seeks an expanded awareness. Angelic awareness holds the patter for perfection and atomic matter fills the pattern, manifesting form. The deva for a bush knows how the plant will mature and blossom, bridging the changes into manifestation just as your Guardian Angel knows your perfect matrix and helps bridge your perfection into manifestation. The angelic essence is the being, while the atomic essence is the doing. Thus, we seek to transform from humans doing to human beings.

Nature spirits begin their evolution as devas, like the little fairies in children’s books. They begin as tiny creatures with no individual awareness, acting on intuition which connects them to the more advanced spirits guiding their development. As they evolve, they attain individual consciousness and wisdom, passing through 124 major initiations by the time they are transfigured into angelhood. Like humans, they pass through many lives and bodies on their journey. Unlike humans, they posses strong powers of intuition that connect them at all times to the will of the Eternal. With no personal motivation, they are selfless and joyous, projecting their vitality and electric energy to all who will receive. The nature spirits accomplish their tasks through the rhythms of breath, creative intelligence, and spirit.

There are tiny devas for every blade of grass and flower petal, drop of water and breeze. Angels of awesome power and majesty overshadow the mountains and valleys. By attuning to the devas and angels of nature, you step through the doorway to a world of God-beings. Angelic communion in areas of undisturbed nature can be very renewing.

Take every opportunity to send love and appreciation to the nature devas and angels. Each time you go outside, silently say a prayer of thanksgiving to those around you. At sunrise, the powerful angels of fire and the solar logos (sun) appear over the horizon, bathing your etheric body with rays of renewal, joyously activating your life force. For one half hour after noon you may receive a powerful internal cleansing of  your astral body from the sun. At sunset, peaceful reflection is broadcast in exquisite rays of color as you take a moment to receive their blessings. Commune with the angels of fire through the devic Salamanders present in the flicker of fire.

The angels of Earth hold the power of generation and regeneration. They help crops grow and trees bear fruit. Just as seeds are germinated in the topsoil, you can use the life-giving force of your sexual energy to regenerate your body. Tend your yard or garden with love, show your appreciation of rocks and  crystals and make friends with trees.

The angels of water circulate in nature just as blood circulates in your body. Contemplate the water in ponds, lakes, streams, fountains, the ocean, in food and be aware of the connection between purity of the water, your blood and health. The great devas and angels of water help to bring rain to dry areas and stop the rain when it is too much. They direct the currents in moving bodies of water and do what they can do keep all water clean and pure. The tiny water devas enter your body when you drink to improve your circulation. Thank them as they help you purify your system both physically and emotionally.

The angels of air are the link between the trees and ocean breathing out, and you breathing in. They direct the breezes to cool you on a hot day and blow in rain clouds, working together with the angels of water to wash your area clean and nourish the vegetation. Minute devas, beautifully colored, move among flowers and greenery like bees, invigorating the respiratory process with the sheer pleasure and joyousness of life. Commune with the Zephyrs as they direct soft breezes to caress your face or strong winds to blow clean your air. Give your love to the Sylphs who create exquisite canopies of their own etheric substance to shield a tree, a hillside or your community from the harmful radiation of solar and cosmic forces. Call to the angels of force when you need your weather pattern to intensify and the angels of calm when the gales become too much. There are devas for the evaporation of water and its release, for the patterns in snow flakes and frost, and the mingling of air and water elements. The devas of lightening are called when the lower astral plane is heavy with impurities. The electric angels draw the forces of magnetism and electricity.

Angels direct the moods of nature to reflect our human moods. Natural disasters allow for the release of human anger and viciousness when the Earth can absorb no more. Violent forces that are not of the nature spirits, such as earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, and floods, gravitate toward the areas that best anchor them to vent hatred, selfishness, deceit, prejudice and greed. During the eruption of these destructive forces, all but the strongest nature spirits withdraw to a place of safety. This is an inward cleansing of the gathered momentum, lest even worse disasters take place. Our Earth is a living, breathing being, following her own path of evolution. She is in a place of desperation and needs our help. As you transform and heal yourself, you are also helping her to heal. Be aware of your impact on nature. Stop polluting and poisoning, both physically and emotionally. Do you recycle? Reduce your driving? Spray poisons? Add to the psychic accumulations of denied rage? Do your part to clean up!

To work with Ariel and the nature angels, clear your mind, be silent and feel a desire to know them. Be open to receive their direction for actions you can take to prune, plant, water or clean up. Communicate your intention for abundant flowers, fruit or vegetables, or how you want a vine to grow up a trellis. They will alter the blueprint of the plant to allow for your idea. Feel, acknowledge and love them as you go through your day. Celebrate the equinoxes and solstices with joy. Offer gifts and cultivate friendships by dedicating your garden to peaceful cooperation between our two worlds. Enjoy hot baths with sea salt, herbs, essential oils or natural hot springs. Swim in the ocean or a lake. Put flowers in your home and work space. Take nature walks with an open heart, recognizing God in everything about you. Try to break free from the limited concept that you are your body and merge with the essence in all things. Ride the waves of the breezes through the trees, fly on wings of sons with the birds, invite the enthralling potency of prana to flow through and renew you. It is all available at every moment for your taking!”*

~ By Kimberly Marooney

This is the perfect balance to yesterday’s message. Cultivation of the deep connection to our planet and the magic she offers us. Our Great Mother, a living, breathing Being. With so much to offer us. So much beauty; an abundance of colour; sustenance, nourishment, hydration, shelter. She provides for us everything that we need. So in return what can we do for her? Protect her. Keep her earth and waters pure and clear, her animals safe and her citizens united. 

The magic is all around us in the natural world. In every blade of grass, grain of sand, petal of flower. It is in the shimmering colours of feathers and fins, and it is in the wisdom of the eyes of the majestic animals and birds. It is up to us to see it, to honour it, to connect to it deeply. So deeply that we feel what she feels, that we see our blood and her waters connected, one and the same. That we learn to use the utmost respect when dealing with our own bodies, a reflection of how we treat her.

Did we come here to accumulate material wealth? To collect and hoard ‘stuff’ ? Or did we come here to experience this beautiful and magical place? To assist her by shifting energy, coming together and making a difference?

We are waking up, remembering. We are coming together, transforming. We are feeling the connection. The shift is taking place. It is up to each and every one of us to make the choices that lead to a different way of living. Balanced. Sustainable.

Get outside, feel the weather, be it snow like we happen to have today, rain, sun or otherwise. Breathe it all in. Immerse yourself in the experience of it. There is magic there, can you feel it? The elementals, the devas, the energy of each Being invites you to connect. Deeply, peacefully, openly.

What are you willing to do for our Great Mother? How are you able to make a difference?



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

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