Astral Travel

Astral Travel, from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Melissa Virtue
Astral Travel, from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Melissa Virtue


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Astral Travel, from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Melissa Virtue

Astral Travel: “Vital Force ~ Information ~ Dream Time Soul Travel.”

“This card is telling you that it is time to expand your horizons. Perhaps you need to travel to experience a foreign culture or learn a new subject. Possibly you need to widen your circle of friends.

This card also lets you know that you are receiving vital information for your well-being. Astral or soul traveling – an out of body experience in which your astral body travels to another place or dimension – occurs when you are between the “asleep” and “awake” states of being. Your astral body, or dream body, is filled with sparkles, like a thousand tiny stars and universes.

Additional Meanings For This Card:

It is time to feel your greater sense of purpose and focus on the bigger picture. Your astral body needs a charge. Go outside to stand beneath the stars and the beautiful moon, allowing yourself to absorb this cosmic energy. You need a break or vacation. If you cannot travel right now, choose a place you would like to visit and pick up some books to study that location and culture. You have been gaining knowledge through out of body experiences. Call in protection and release your fears about astral traveling. A positive change is coming. Use your dream time to accomplish a specific goal.”*

– Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Melissa Virtue

The reason our dreams feel so real to us is because they are. We are literally entering another dimension of reality with our astral bodies. When we are in this dimension, we are able to assimilate new information from our higher consciousness directly from the Universe without our ego’s getting in the way. We do not have to deal with that little voice in our heads telling us that the information, signs or symbols are “not real” or are confusing.

The best way to bypass this upon waking is to keep a dream journal. Write down any animals, symbols, colours, people or places which you remember from your dreams as soon as you wake. Try not to analyze the information until after you have written it all down, just allow the information to flow about what you saw, who you were with, and where you were. Later on, you can go back over this information and take note of any patterns, synchronicities or answers that may have come. This is also a great time to look up the animal spirit medicine of any animals which came to you… they are definitely part of your team of guides and may appear regularly, signifying a totem animal, or simply to pass on their message. Ancestors may also come in your dream time to offer ancient wisdom, support and love from across the Universe.

If we can learn to control our lucid dreaming, we can harness this ability as a powerful tool to control our dreams and get answers faster. This takes concentration and practice, and it is always a good idea to protect yourself with a black tourmaline, amethyst or black obsidian crystal while purposefully using your astral body to travel across the cosmos. Hone this ability and everywhere in time or space will be yours to explore.



~Archangel Oracle

* Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Melissa Virtue

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