Wild Compassion

Wild Compassion, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Jane Marin
Wild Compassion, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Jane Marin

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Wild Compassion, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Jane Marin

Wild Compassion: “Ascended Master Buddha and Peridot”

“We bring you the blessing of wild compassion. What is a restriction now could prepare you to receive greater freedom in the not-too-distant future, and to be able to appreciate, enjoy and fully receive that freedom? What if growing pains now would strengthen you to be ready to receive a life-changing opportunity headed your way? What if rest and time to just be at this moment would help you build up your reserves of vital energy for a time in the future when you will be asked to step up, perhaps to lead or use your energy in some way to support many? Wild compassion is at work in your life and you can trust that it knows what you need and when, and will deliver it with unsurpassed grace.”

“Wild compassion is what is active in your life when something is a hidden blessing. In some spiritual traditions this is known as obscuring grace. It is something that seems to be undesirable at first; and yet, in due course, reveals itself to actually be something for which you are most grateful! When the situation is happening however, it will often seem absolutely impossible to the mind that you could ever feel gratitude for what is taking place. Yet if you allow yourself to engage in your life journey, with an open and trusting heart, you will find that wild compassion will bamboozle your mind and dazzle your heart, again and again, with its unfailing gracious and tender love for your soul.

As you take this journey you will come to realize you are not just another blob of light having a life experience in this Universe, one amongst the many, not particularly known or loved or acknowledged. In fact, the Universe loves and cares for you with such personal, intimate detail that your every need is anticipated and responded to with care. No matter how difficult things may seem to be at times, you will – if you keep your heart and mind open – come to realize you are always, without fail, being served by a loving divine intelligence. When wild compassion strikes, you are going to need to delve deep and tap into trust, into curiosity and into your sense of humour. You can know that only the Divine can truly put your plans into absolute disarray and if that is happening, which it absolutely will from time to time, then there is a good, loving and helpful reason for it.

The best way to respond to wild compassion is to allow yourself to be wild too. That means not being afraid to let go of the script of your life, to think on your feet (or even better, to let your instincts move your feet and not think so much at all), to let yourself intuitively respond to life, as though you were in a dance together rather than a boxing match! You don’t have to duck and weave to avoid what life sends your way. You can play, engage, be curious, sometimes feel pain but always understand that the pain – because sometimes pain is an unavoidable part of life – is part of the healing the Divine is sending your way. It is not out of cruelty. Sometimes the pain of letting something go now saves you from the agony of having what is not meant for you, causing you far greater suffering over the long-term.

Wild compassion is not always painful. Often it is utterly joyful. It sweeps in and before your eyes, what was considered an opportunity for a small gain becomes a trigger for a cascading flow of divine blessings into your life. Wild compassion provides whatever is needed for your deepest and most soul-satisfying success. It is neutral, it is wise and it serves the higher will of the Universe. It cannot be controlled by the mind, nor is it often understood by the mind (except in hindsight, upon occasion). It cannot be thwarted or blocked by human will, yet it is our choice whether or not to embrace and enjoy it (even if we find it mysterious) or resist and fear its workings in our lives. For those reasons you can trust it completely. It is the hand of the Divine, sweeping in and uprooting what needs to be removed and planting what needs to be planted. It might be stark at times, but it is always loving. And no matter what you believe at the time, eventually you will be grateful.”*

~By Alana Fairchild

I love the synchronicity here! Again we are blessed with the energies of Master Buddha, again we are reminded that we are learning to live in a state of non-attachment. Releasing the drama, and embracing the Wild Compassion of Being.

Peridot is a stone of lightness and joy, of health and vitality, of abundance and prosperity. It is a boost of luck and wellbeing. When combined with the benevolent and peaceful energies of the Buddha, we realize that we have access to all of this within us. We awaken to knowing that We are the Love. We are the Light. We are the joy and the healing. We have gone through the fire, survived the challenge and are on the other side, wiser, calmer, and prepared for what is to come. Open to receive the abundance of the Universe in the form of love and Light.

Yet we are able to practice detachment. We are no longer trying to control. We are co-creating from feeling. From a point of joy and passion and freedom of expression. We are not conforming to the expectations of others, we are comfortable in our own skins. We know, inherently, that we are always provided for, that we never need to experience lack, and that the Universe is abundant and full of Love.

When we look back years, even months or weeks, we can see the change. The transformation has taken place. We are no longer as we were. We are awake. We are free. We are here, Now, experiencing life differently than before.

A rebirth of possibility.

Wild and free.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Jane Marin

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  1. June Partington-Smith says:

    As always a powerful insightful message. Thankyou 🦋

  2. Abigail says:

    This was the one that hit me straight in the heart. 💛💛💛

    1. Aw thanks for letting me know Abigail! Many blessings to you. :o)

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