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Published July 26, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle



Doubt is like the weather, it can squash plans in the matter of minutes if you let it. Have you ever been all set to have a picnic at the beach with the kids, gotten everyone all packed up and ready to go and looked outside only to have it thundering down golf ball sized hail? Then what? Throw in the towel, stay home, wait it out? Go anyhow, kids never really care about the weather do they? Well mine don’t but it’s usually me who doesn’t fancy sitting out in the cold.

Doubt is the same as that hail storm, driving the spirit back into submission. For example, say you go to a seminar, conference or class, where you hear the most inspiring words of your adult life. You float out of there, about six feet off the ground, head in the clouds planning all the amazing things you are going to do with your life. And then you head home and try and explain all the cool stuff you learned to your skeptical family or friends. You defend your point of view perfectly, no one can take this away from you, they just don’t get it. Thank God you get it, no wonder there are so many issues in the world, and here you are so ready to take them on. For a week, or a month, well, definitely three days or so…. and then this sneaky feeling squeezes up on you.

It’s kind of like coming down with a cold, for the first couple of days you aren’t really sure, but you know you feel kind of off. A little achy, head hurts, neck may feel a little stiff. Doubt is like that, a little here and there, very innocuous, very subtle you can hardly even tell it’s there. Then you catch it, a little voice in your head as you open your new Save the World Facebook page tells you that probably no one will Like your page anyhow, is it really worth all this work? Then you realize that if you work on your webpage tonight you will miss Top Chef. Well, not a really big deal if no one really seems on board anyhow.

Friends and family breath sighs of relief, thank god this latest storm seems to have passed. You have landed firmly back on planet Earth.

But what about you? What about all those plans? What about your vision board? Where is the motivation to follow that massive hit of inspiration? There is a fork in the road. Which way will you go?

Follow the low road? It feels so familiar…. been down there so many times you know it like the back of your hand, and there is something so secure and safe about knowing where you are headed. The low road meanders around in a big, lazy, loopy circle right back to where you started, you have been there countless times.

The high road looks kind of intimidating. It starts with a big steep hill and you can’t even see the top from where you stand. What if it’s too hard? What if you climb up all that way and then fall off or get lost or end up on the wrong path? You stand pondering the roads, feeling the pull of that old familiar route. Plus, that’s the way most of the people you know follow.

Then, before you know what you are doing, you take off at a full run, straight up hill, leaving the low road in the dust. Your heart is pounding, all your senses are on high alert, you are in disbelief that you actually had the guts to get up the nerve to even try it. You keep going up and up and up and you are passing waterfalls, old growth trees and ferns up to your waist. The road gets narrower but you just keep going, an audience of amazed wildlife cheering you on. You get out your machete and start bush whacking, no one has ever made it this far before, or at least not for a very long time. Finally, you slow down a little, feeling committed to your journey you start to look around you, enjoying every challenging step. You push through to a clearing and stop, stunned at how far you have made it.

You are at the top of the world, you can see everything from here. You suddenly understand your purpose. To help other people find their way up here. You can feel the abundance, you can sense the Universe gazing down on you benevolently silently offering you all the help you are willing to receive.

Then you realize your journey has just begun.


The Power of Positive Affirmations

Published May 4, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Today my daily angel card reading was the Affirmations card as you may have seen. If not, check it out under my Daily Angel Card Category. I wrote a little about the importance of daily affirmations, but I feel like I need to say more.

Over the last two years I have made leaps and bounds in managing my stress. I had been feeling totally overwhelmed, unhealthy, tired and depressed. I knew that something had to change. I was mothering two small kids, doing the administration for my husband’s small business, running a household and running my hair salon from my home. Exercise was the first thing to go out the window, and I was eating on the run. Never the typical fast food, no deep fried stuff or pizza every night, but I was eating too much salt, a little too much sugar, way too much caffeine and cutting corners. I had gained weight with both pregnancies and not been able to shed it. My skin wasn’t great and I wasn’t sleeping well. Something had to change.

The first major change I made was in my diet. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I was introduced to Isagenix by a close friend. Through high quality nutrition and cleansing, I was able to drop 26lbs (which I have kept off for two years now), my skin is healthy and radiant, I’m sleeping well, and I have more energy and patience. See a video on the importance of Nutritional Cleansing here:

Secondly, I bought three Groupons for three different Bikram Yoga studios around town (having never tried Bikram Yoga), and used them consecutively. I had tried many forms of exercise before, including TRX, Circuit Training, various Boot Camps, gym memberships and even jogging, which is really not my thing. Yoga changed everything. I have 90 uninterrupted minutes to connect my body, mind and spirit. I leave feeling like I have had an amazing workout as well as feeling connected, in the moment and balanced. It is an excellent way to manage stress.

There is one more component to my ongoing transformation, and that is reading self development books, listening to self development audios and using positive daily affirmations.

Positive affirmations are simple statements that you can speak out loud or concentrate on silently. They can influence your life in ways you never thought were possible.

On a daily basis, we are inundated by literally thousands of thoughts a day. How many of those thoughts are actually positive? How many times do you give yourself a little pep talk in the day, and how many times do you find yourself thinking self defeating thoughts? Do you find yourself thinking thoughts such as “I can’t do that” or “That kind of success is for other people”, or “I’m not lucky enough for that”? Remember that worrying is like praying for what you don’t want. Imagine the difference we would experience if we changed those thoughts around. Change your thoughts, change your life. The more you focus on positive outcomes, the more positive things you will attract in your life (and visa versa obviously, but we are concentrating on the positive today!).

I have used a wide range of positive thoughts, affirmations and prayers to help me achieve what I would consider to be a huge turn around in the way that I think. Some of the positive affirmations I use on a daily basis were/are inspired by Dr Wayne Dyer and James Twyman’s I AM meditation, find it here on Amazon: Another great tool for changing the way you think is Dr Wayne Dyer’s book, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Here is my previously posted list of daily I AM affirmations, feel free to use them or create ones that are unique to you and your situations. Remember, whatever positively resonates with you will work to change your thoughts, and change your life for the better.

  1. I am living my life’s purpose.
  2. I am happy.
  3. I open my heart to receiving love and abundance.
  4. I am forgiveness.
  5. I am gratitude, I appreciate all the daily miracles of life.
  6. I see abundance all around me.
  7. I see the kindness in others.
  8. I am love.
  9. I forgive myself any mistakes of the past, and use them as lessons to create my future.
  10. I am deserving of love.
  11. I am open to communicating the truth.
  12. I am a good listener.
  13. I am peaceful and balanced.
  14. I am calm.
  15. I trust my creative gifts and share them with the world.
  16. I am an unlimited being.
  17. I am capable of anything I set my intention to.
  18. I am living in the present moment, letting go of the past and enjoying each moment of my life as I live it.
  19. I am open to the abundance of the Universe.
  20. I am perfect health


Try journaling or using a calendar to write down your affirmations daily and see how your attitude towards life changes over 30, 60 and 90 days. Involve your family and see how it affects them. Set your intention to think positively every day…. for the rest of your life! Start with a few moments morning and evening and work up to incorporating it into every day life. You can use sticky notes on your fridge, bathroom mirror or computer screen to remind you. My kids and I set our intention for the day and say our positive affirmations in the morning on the way to school.


Date Night!

Published May 3, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Date Night!




Date Night:


Part of keeping a marriage or relationship healthy is date night. Time spent alone together doing whatever it is that you like to do and catching a glimpse of what your lives used to be like before kids and major responsibilities kicked in. Or at least that’s the way I see it. It keeps the romance alive for sure. Hair done, makeup and nails done, pretty dress and high heels makes a huge difference to how you feel about yourself and your relationship. How your mate feels about the effort you put in will also benefit the relationship in profound ways.

It’s not a beauty contest, it’s way deeper than that. Think about a peacock fluffing up his feathers to attract a mate. It’s all about presentation, and you don’t want to lose the importance of that over the years. Glamming up for your date tells your partner that you care about how you present yourself to them, that you care enough to take that little extra step. Maybe you don’t like makeup and have low maintenance hair. Try some lipgloss and maybe a squirt of a light perfume. Put on an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself, or a special piece of jewelry. It’s what works for you, and if your mate knows you well, they will know that you are making the effort. So jump on out of that LuLuLemon induced coma and put on something pretty, get out of your comfort zone!!! Feeling like the clothes aren’t fitting quite so well? Either go shopping or check out my second to last post, I can help you get your sexy back!

Hair is super important too, and as a stylist for over 20 years (gulp that I can say that!!) I can’t stress enough, you can look feminine and low maintenance AND pretty, all at the same time with the right cut and colour. Really. You don’t have to look dowdy or feel  masculine with a short haircut, unless that’s your thing, and I’m totally ok with that too! Get a decent stylist, even if you only go 3-4x a year, you wear your hair 24/7, so skip the lattes if money is an issue and save up for some good hair. If money is not an object, get in there right before your date, it will make you feel that much better to have fresh new hair!

Anyhow, tonight is all about me and my husband and our precious hours away from our lovely, adorable and high maintenance children! I painted my nails, shaved my legs and anything else that looked like it might need a trim and the curling iron is heating up as I type this. Figuring out what to wear is usually the hardest part for me, but I do believe in the golden clothing rule, whatever you try on first is usually what you end up wearing, even though you have to try on absolutely everything else in your closet to prove it! And then there are the shoes, but that is a whole other blog right there!

We are headed to our favourite restaurant, to have our “sure thing” meals… we have experimented enough to know that we would rather have a fabulous meal that we love in a familiar setting than try something different and be disappointed! Boring? Probably, but we are the only ones affected by this decision, so who cares? And we don’t get out much so we have to make the most of the time we have.

I’m excited to spend some quality time flirting with my handsome husband, I even still get butterflies when I find out the babysitter’s (my parents) booked and we are good to go. The atmosphere immediately lightens up, we are escaping, just for a little while, and we will be all the better parents for it!

Hope you have a fantastic evening too.


Energy Artist Julia

Published May 2, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Energy Artist Julia



I’m fascinated with the whole idea of Feng Shui, how you can manipulate your environment to help you have a more abundant life. You can unblock energy by moving your couch to the other side of the room, or attract wealth by adding a red pillow. I have incorporated quite a bit of this into our living space and it has definitely enhanced the vibes. I added a small fountain, 9 small plants, uncluttered like you wouldn’t believe and even got a small wind chime to hang right in the center of the house. The flow is definitely better, and de-cluttering is kind of a spiritual endevor unto itself. There is literally no better feeling than opening up a closet or drawer in your house and being able to find what you are looking for! Ok, there may be other better feelings out there but it’s pretty darn great!

So now that my house is all Feng Shui’d up, and I am in the process of creating my abundant fortune, what else is out there? Well, I have now discovered Energy Art. What an amazing concept.

One of my favourite energy artists right now is Energy Artist Julia Watkins. Here is her own description of her work “I paint the natural flow of spiritual energy that exists all around us, helping you to connect to its healing powers. In 2003 I had a “waking dream” where I saw a world interconnecting ours made of pure energy. I awoke and created the painting “First Dream”. From that point forward I could sense energy and paint it on canvas”. I sent her a Facebook message asking if she minded me writing about her in my blog and could I use a small photo to show you as a sample of her work. She replied to me that I could and gave me a link with a discount code, how awesome is that? Check out her link and generous offer here:

I am about to place my first order, using the coupon of course, I just can’t decide between my three favourites, Harvest Moon Abundance Blessing:, Dragon Fairy: or The Creation Tree:

Maybe I will have to get all three! I’m thinking the Dragon Fairy would be great for a child’s room, the Harvest Moon in the living room and the Creation Tree in our bedroom!

Anyhow, this endorsement is purely by choice on my part, I came across her work and was instantly mesmerized. I can’t wait to have it as part of my home.

Do you have a favourite energy artist? If so please share the link with me, I love the idea of having high vibrational artwork surrounding me and my family.


Figure Skating Requires Mult-Figure Income!

Published April 27, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


figure skating


Figure Skating: 

I’m still having heart palpitations after receiving the invoice for my seven year old daughter’s private figure skating lessons. $294.50 to be exact. That is on top of the $425 for four sessions a week, an hour to an hour and a quarter each. That is also on top of the $138 in group lessons. I have to write them all separately as if I add them up I will pass out and won’t be able to write this, I’m sure you understand.

It all started when she was four. I signed her up for skating lessons at the local recenter and thought that while I was there I would take my then two year old son on the ice. I had the sense to put spikes on my shoes rather than skates, as my own skating skills are a little shaky and I knew if I had to carry him I wouldn’t be able to. During the 30min lesson, I didn’t have much time to do anything but cast the odd glance towards my daughter, as my son kept me very busy. He HATED skating, didn’t like being cold, was trying simultaneously to rip off his skates, helmet, and gloves while climbing up me (thank God for those spikes!).

At the end of the lesson, my daughter and her class met us back at the exit door off the ice and the instructor asked me “how long has she been skating for” looking expectantly at me. I looked at the big clock on the wall, uh… well, 30 min I guess, how long was the lesson? She then proceeded to tell me that my daughter was a natural and that I should consider putting her in twice a week, as the “ice time” makes all the difference. I told her I would consider it.

The following week I didn’t bother taking my son on the ice so I had a chance to watch her. She was shuffling along, but she didn’t really fall down, and if she did she popped right back up again. She finished that session and took the summer off. When she was five we went back the following winter and I signed her up for twice a week. I couldn’t believe how fast she improved, the instructor was right, it was all about ice time! When those sessions were finished we followed a friend’s daughter to the Canskate program, which is run by private figure skating clubs around town.

To make a longish story short, she ended up signing up for the full Canskate program when she was six, she did two lessons a week for six months and passed from level 1 to level 7 and received two awards, one for passing the maximum amount of levels in a season, and one for passing 3 or more levels in one season.

Then the good news came! She had been accepted to the Junior Figure Skating Team in two different clubs in town. I let her choose which one she would join. We signed up for the Summer session, five mornings a week for five weeks. The improvement was amazing! She has now completed a full season of Junior and two competitions, one she received Bronze and one Silver. The next one is in August and she’s aiming for GOLD!

Is it worth all that money? You wouldn’t need to ask if you saw her face when she’s on the ice. It makes it all worth while. I’ve had other parents come up to me and comment on her when she’s on the ice “Wow, she’s so happy when she’s on the ice, she just lights right up!”, “You can really tell that she loves to be out there, she really has fun”. And I can see it too. So we keep it going. Plus, it’s good teenage insurance right? Keep em busy and out of trouble!! I have to say, the Senior team is full of great teens that have a great bond, are dedicated to their sport and are skating morning and evening several times a week. Much better than hanging out in front of 7-Eleven if you ask me.

The next bill? Summer camp, $625… plus God only knows how much in private lessons etc. Guess I’d better get to work!


F#^$ Science!!

Published April 26, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle





F***ing Science: 

Ok so here I am, for the like 39th time sitting down to write my blog for the day and trying to think of something to write other than what happened today. Obviously not an option as I can’t think of a single other thing to write!

So here goes. I got called into the Principle’s office today at my kids school. My son, who is 5, and goes to Kindergarten wrote the F word all over his science worksheet today, basically til he got the spelling right. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked. And a tiny bit impressed that his spelling and writing was so good. No, I was shocked and appalled, really I was. SIGH. There is seriously always something. The teacher was not impressed, looking to me for an explanation. Like I sent him to school this morning with explicit instructions: “Have a great day at school honey, give Mommy a kiss. That’s a good boy. Now don’t forget to write Fuck all over your school work! See you after school!”. Ugh….

So my question was how on earth did he figure out how to write that and why the choice of colourful words? Well, he explained that there were a couple of grade 5 boys who were showing off their fantastic vocabularies at recess. Then, since he wasn’t happy with his diagram of dragon fly that he had drawn, he decided to make it clear that things weren’t going as planned, by writing how he felt on the paper. Well it worked, he certainly got everyone’s attention!

This is not the first issue we have had at school, if you have read my previous blogs you will see a couple of other issues we have faced in the last few months. In fact, it seems like there is never a dull moment with my kids, as I mentioned earlier, there is always something. Last week he peed in a garbage can in the boys bathroom. The teacher was horrified. Turns out one stall was occupied (by the kid that ratted him out) and the other one had an out of order sign stuck to it. What, I asked, was he supposed to do? Really, he was using his problem solving skills, he couldn’t wait, didn’t know where else to go and didn’t want to have an accident… it’s only peeing on garbage for Pete’s sake!

The week before that he was caught on film poking one of the other kids during a class photo. The list goes on: taking toys to school for show and tell when it’s not his day, bringing toys home from school to do show and tell at home and being accused of stealing. Gosh, it’s not much fun being in Kindergarten anymore is it!! Or maybe not if you are a bit of a free spirit, better if you are one of those good quiet kids who doesn’t stir up any mischief.

Oh well, I’ll keep you posted on the next fiasco, maybe I’ll get lucky and it won’t be til the day after tomorrow!


Facebook vs Fidelity

Published April 24, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Facebook vs Fidelity:

I read this article today: By Austin Blood, called Social Media Booty Call, published by the Huffington Post, l and I find that I can’t stop thinking about it now. I can never make up my mind about technology at the best of times.

I’ll admit, you won’t find me very often without my phone within hands reach, I have been known to take both my iPad and my iPhone with me if I know I’m going to be somewhere for a while, and at home I alternate between the two and my iMac. I love how easy it is to keep in touch on Facebook, you can catch little snippets of what your 300+ friends are up to in less than a minute! I do find it a little rattling sometimes though when I have to check my email, Facebook, home phone and cell phone voicemail when my clients want to book an appointment with me. Ahhh, the old days of a quick phone call are far behind us.

But that isn’t what got me thinking today. The article by Austin Blood was about how the internet is undoing marriages at an alarming rate, Facebook being up there at number one. I haven’t ever though of Facebook in this way, although I know some of my single girl friends sure do. I see their ever changing profile photos, full hair and make up, sultry poses, sometimes even professionally shot. I never really got that, how on earth you would use that to your advantage in the dating world but I guess I’ve been out of the game for too long. Coming up 10 years to be exact.

I don’t really get the whole internet dating thing, although I’m not knocking it, I know it works for millions of people out there. I personally feel the need to have some real life contact to see if the chemistry is there. If it’s not, then I’m not interested. I don’t like the wide scope of lies made possible when hiding behind a computer. Number one being, are you married?? Never mind the whole I’m dating an axe murdered, or con man. What about Mr Tall Dark n Handsome turning out to be a toad with a good profile pic?

The fact that there are websites set up for the sole purpose of married people meeting up when feeling bored, neglected or sorry for themselves is really beyond me. As Austin points out in his article, it’s so incredibly easy,  all the work is taken out of it. You wait til your mate is occupied, log on, click here and there and you don’t even have to explain why you were late coming home from work or ask your buddies for an alibi, well until things get really out of control. Pretty scary stuff.

Call me crazy but why not try and improve the relationship you have? Or get out of it? I can’t really stand the deception, I would rather have it straight up. Luckily for me, so far anyhow, my husband only uses the computer to Skype his family or look up soccer scores. Phew!

And me? Honestly can’t be bothered. I don’t believe the grass is ever greener on the other side. Relationships have ups and downs, all of them. You alternate between having a fabulous connection and wanting to strangle each other. That’s just life. Call me old fashioned but I think you are better off sticking with what you have, as long as it is fundamentally healthy and not damaging mentally or physically of course. So I would say, if you are in a decent relationship, back away from the dating sites, it’s just not worth it. Go with fidelity. Try a hobby instead, maybe one you can do together to cut down on the boredom.

That’s my two cents.


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