Blessings Of The Moon Maiden

Published October 8, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Blessings Of The Moon Maiden

Blessings Of The Moon Maiden, From The Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Blessings Of The Moon Maiden, From The Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild

Blessings Of The Moon Maiden: “The Moon Maiden, with her Lucky Hare, brings auspicious tidings of prosperity and abundance to you now. The Universe seeks to replenish, restore and create through you. Allow yourself to receive beyond what you have thought is possible by opening your heart with gratitude now. Let the blessings of good fortune from the beloved Maiden of the Moon, Kuan Yin, flow easily into your life now.

Gifts of abundance and prosperity are flowing to you now. You are being asked to open up to what you believe is possible and then open some more! Allow good fortune in all its forms to come to you. Don’t limit what you are capable of attracting with false beliefs about how much you deserve or what you are worthy of having. The Universe will share with you so much more than you imagine possible as you open your heart and let go of self-imposed limitations, doubts or fears.

The Moon Maiden blesses with great generosity, blessings of good fortune and peace, yet we must trust how these blessings come to us and accept that we may need to grow for those blessings to manifest in our lives. All blessings need energy within us in which to vest, like a seed needing soil in which to be planted so it can manifest in the physical world as a vital healthy plant!

Blessings such as a new partnership, life path, career opportunity, growth in personal or spiritual power and financial healing require energy within us to be able to settle and grow into physical form, to be enjoyed and shared in our lives. Our beliefs, openness, vitality and trust need to be big enough to receive the magnificence of the blessings coming to us. Otherwise it is like asking a wonderful vast oak tree to be planted in a tiny pot or an ocean to be contained in a thimble!

Do you know how easy it is for you to attract even more goodness and support for this growth in your life? Hav gratitude for what you already have received and how you have already grown! These blessings would not be coming to you if there was not a readiness and ability within you to receive them.

So share something of what you have with others in a way that expands rather than depletes you. You may choose to share kindness, your talents, love or affection, knowledge or material resources. Give from the desire to do so from the heart. Do not seek to give our of fear, obligation or guilt. Just give what feels good to give and your heart will open with joy rather than close with anxiety or fear. You will feel good and move even more deeply into the flow of abundance.

The divine feminine endlessly creates, over and over again, flowing in cycles, just like the Moon. If you have been through a challenging cycle where your creative ability to manifest seemed to be impeded, this oracle indicates that the tide is changing and your finances, energy, relationships, and vocation are being infused with abundant universal energy now. Accept this Divine Grace and know that your abundance helps others feel abundant too. It is a spiritual service to live a life of fullness and joy.

Healing Blessings Of The Moon Maiden:

Take a few moments to consider the area in your life where you would like growth, healing and abundance. Prosperity and good fortune have many faces –  material wealth is one, and relationship is another, professional success might be another and spiritual fulfillment and relative expression are yet other faces. What are the faces of abundance that you wish to experience more of in your life?

Once you  have identified which areas you would most like to receive healing in (realizing that the healing will usually affect all areas of your life no matter which channel it comes through), take time to articulate and perhaps write down in your journal at least three negative beliefs that you have about this part of your life. Then consider three positive situations that you would like to experience and perhaps write them in your journal.

Gently close your eyes and imagine you are in a mystical place with a full moon in deepest night, shining brightly. Imagine Kuan Yin dancing with beautiful light all around her, lotus blossoms pouring from her feet and golden light shining towards you from her hands. Imagine offering her your negative beliefs from your journal – you can even read them aloud to her if you wish – and allow her to shine golden light from her hands, flooding these beliefs with light and transforming them into positive energy. Imagine the lotus blossoms of her feet tickling the crown of your head as she sends the healed, positive energy back to your heart chakra. Imagine breathing it in and when you are ready, you may like to say the prayer below or simply say “than you” and open your eyes.

A Prayer To The Moon Maiden

I now choose to release negative energy, negative beliefs and negative memories connected with abundance, money, relationships, success and well-being. I offer these for healing to beloved Moon Maiden, Kuan Yin. May she turn the heaviness of these offerings into golden light. May I receive this golden light into my heart. Good fortune and blessings flow to me now. May I share as I receive. May I flow with joy, abundance, and divine grace. Through the blessings of the Divine Kuan Yin, so be it.”*

– Alana Fairchild

With gratitude and grace, we lovingly accept the blessings of prosperity and abundance from the Moon Maiden, Kuan Yin. May her blessings set our souls free.

Today is the new moon and new moons are the time to plant seeds, set intentions, create goals and acknowledge dreams; making the space to bring them all into reality. What is your intention for the next full moon on the 24th and how can we plant the seeds today? How can we take action towards the creation of our dreams?

We are in the process of our journey into the underworld and here we are in the darkness, no light of the moon to guide our way. What can we learn as we journey? What patterns can we recognize, what blinders can we remove, and what habits can we finally break?

Where do we need healing in our lives? Where do we need expansion? What needs to be released in order to create space? Now is the time to dive deep and find the darkness we have been hiding away from the world. Now is the time to process it, to heal it and to let it all go.

There is light after the darkness; there is joy, prosperity and abundance. But we have to wade through the darkness first. We have to make it into the depths in order to clear the way back.



~Archangel Oracle

* The Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild


Published October 7, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Mayu, from the Earth Warriors Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica”

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Mayu, from the Earth Warriors Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica”

Soma From The Galactic Heart

“The Divine Mother’s milk of the galaxy is feeding your soul. Expansion of your horizons, your spiritual purpose and your sacred responsibilities is taking place. Divine potential within you is awakening at a higher turn of the creative spiral of consciousness. This oracle is prophecy of ascension and grace.”

In A Reading: “Your soul has been going through a deep spiritual feeding process and is growing rapidly. The evidence of this in the outer world will be a sense of expansion of opportunity, reach, connections and new levels of spiritual experiences. This oracle foretells the welcoming in of a new phase in life. Newborn energies and fertility, whether biological, creative or psychological, are being stimulated. The oracle indicates the discovery, development and expression of talents. An increasingly public profile, which moves you into the spotlight, can help you fulfill your divine life mission, provided that you keep your inner connection to Spirit as the highest priority. The oracle speaks of soul healing around matters of trust, spirit, mother and abundance.”

Spiritual Guidance: “Mayu, Star Goddess of the Milky Way, was seen clearly in the skies of the ancient Incas. In Western traditions, the Milky Way is recognized as a metaphor for nourishment and the milk of the heavens. When she appears as an oracle, it is an omen of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment. If you develop your spiritual practice, you shall come to experience feeling drunk on divine bliss, like a baby in an ecstasy of complete fulfillment through the mother’s milk.

When we connect with the Galactic Heart, it is a sign of spiritual advancement. We are growing in such a way that our being becomes ready, willing and able to take up more spiritual space in the atmosphere. You will express that spiritual growth in your life according to your talents. If you are a thinker, your ideas will become more inspired, expansive and original. if you are a healer, you will experience the flow of a new quality of divine consciousness through your work. If you are a leader, you will experience a feeling of being overshadowed by something truly great, kind and helpful, whilst at the same time feeling more fearless, bold and confident to speak your truth and guide those in your care. Whatever the truth of our soul, encounters with the Galactic Heart are granted in order to evoke, expand, and empower it upon the earth.

Some interpretations of the Vedas from ancient India see the Milky Way as the heavenly Soma, the nectar of immortality and the drink of the Divine. Soma can feed the soul, but like any food, healthy or otherwise, too much at any given time is hard to digest and can create more harm than good. More divine light and energy is not always better – at least, not when we try to take it all in at once. We need to learn when enough is enough, to detach from the Divine Mother’s breast, and rest in contentment and fulfillment of the present moment.

To allow ourselves to be spiritually fed – to know when to latch on and when to detach from the inflow of spiritual energy, to allow for the mind, body and soul to adjust to the increased levels of light and spiritual nutrition and to metabolize that for healing growth – we need to feel trust and surrender into the Divine Feminine. If we have had difficult issues around trust, support and nourishment as human beings, then clearing those issues through grace, so as to be able to receive the heavenly nectar without greed or fear, is important. Mayu offers healing of these matters with grace.

Digestion and integration allow us to utilize the blessing and become ready for further expansion when it is time to be fed again. We trust that her sacred food will be available when needed. We can learn to rest into all that the Galactic Mother will provide for our soul, growing us into the fullness of our spiritual radiance and maturity, one dose of her extraordinary blessed Soma at a time.”

Healing Process: “Say this prayer aloud, with one hand on the heart, if possible: ‘I invoke the unconditional love of the Galactic Heart, and give thanks for all that is good, true and nourishing of my being on all levels through unconditional love. I surrender, with forgiveness and blessing, any issue to do with mothering or being mothered, whether too much or too little. I release myself from false guilt, shame and judgment, now. I release the mother figures in my life with forgiveness in my heart, for I no longer wish to hold on to old pain. I acknowledge I am worthy and deserving of nourishment straight from the sacred milk of unconditional love from the Galactic Mother. May all mothers receive healing and guidance, blessing and assistance from the Divine Mother of all souls. With trust, I open myself now to receive what is needed for the ecstatic fulfillment of my own being, through divine grace. With gratitude, so it is.

Now it is time to close your eyes and rest for as long as feels good. Whether you wish to meditate or sleep or just close and rest your eyes for a time, give yourself permission to do that now. You can begin that process by gazing at the image on the card for a moment, gently focusing on the light at the heart center of the Galactic Goddess and imagining, feeling visualizing or pretending that you are stepping right into that heart light as you either zone out into sleep, rest your eyes or meditate, now.

When you are ready, ground yourself with some deep cleansing breaths in and out as you emerge from your rest. Move your body a little and ground yourself in the here and now.

You have completed your healing process.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

The speed with which we have been trying to assimilate all the new energies can really take it’s toll, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We can end up feeling exhausted, isolated and frustrated instead of joyful, uplifted and enlightened. We can put in all the work and still feel so alone! When this happens, we really need to practice self care. Slow down, reconnect and nurture ourselves, body, mind and spirit.

Take a time out! Relax, practice your deep breathing, get outside, take a salt bath, do some yoga. Meditate, contemplate, listen to Solfeggio frequency music. Repair and restore your energy. Drink lots of water. Eat clean, high vibrational foods like organic fruits and veggies, cutting back on sugar and refined foods as much as possible. Take time for yourself.

This is an invitation to reconnect to the energy of the Great Mother. Know that she is always available to us, to nurture and support. This is a great time to make a little altar to honour her presence in our lives. A piece of rose quartz, a pink candle, a picture, a flower. Create a sacred space.

Write her a little letter of gratitude and a prayer for further assistance. Share with her your deepest desires, your wildest dreams. Sit quietly and consciously make the connection through your heart center, directly to hers. Knowing that she will help you to manifest these creations with grace and ease.



~Archangel Oracle

*Earth Warriors Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryan “Mariposa Galactica”

Initiation and The Count St. Germaine

Published October 6, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Initiation & The Count St. Germaine, from the Akashic Tarot, by Sharon Anne Klingler, artwork by Sandra Anne Taylor

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Initiation & The Count St. Germaine, from the Akashic Tarot, by Sharon Anne Klingler, artwork by Sandra Anne Taylor

“Standing among the pillars within a beautiful temple, the Ascended Master Count St. Germaine sends his light and energy to the four robed people who stand before him. It is a time for their initiation.

This card represents your initiation. It is much more than a change or even a transformation; it is nothing less than your movement into higher revelations of power, insight, and achievement. And the time is now.

Some loss of lower vibration relationships, jobs, or activities may be required in order to life you to the new heights and power that await you.

Your initiation can be aided by meditation and study as well as by connecting to the Ascended Masters whom you have worked for centuries upon centuries. Know that you have shared purposes and activities with the Masters, even if you are not certain of what they are yet. The disciplines you create now during your initiation and the work you do with the Masters will lift your service to the world and to all humankind. This is a time of enormous uplifting – first in your energy and evolution, then in your manifest outer reality. The power that you hold within will impact every part of your life.”

As Challenger: “The time of your initiation has been upon you, but you are holding on to old ways and are resistant to the wonderful changes at hand. The old things and relationships that keep your energy low are not your safety net but rather the opposite; they keep you mired in your difficulties. Even if the lower energy people and things keeping you down are gone, you may be stuck on their loss or just afraid to move on to something new. Whatever is keeping you from pursuing your highest evolution must be confronted. Do not block your movement to a higher utilization of force and mind. With it, you can change your life and the very face of the world!”

Akashic Force: “Close your eyes and see yourself on the path of your initiation with the Count St. Germain beside you. Feel your energy and receptivity heighten as your vibration quickens. Realizing there are no limits or hindrances, what is next for you?”*

~ By Sharon Anne Klingler

Today our beloved planet of love, Venus, goes retrograde, throwing us into 40 days of challenge around giving and receiving love. It will be a test for everyone, whether in relationship or single. The way we view ourselves in love, the way we see relationships and the way that we see ourselves and our own self-love and self-worth will all be examined. When we come out of this on November 15th, there will have been some much needed big shifts in this area of our lives.

This is a time to let go, let go, let go. What are you clinging on to that you know needs to be just… let go? What valuable space is being taken up by something that no longer serves you? Maybe it is something that is so ingrained you aren’t even consciously aware of it. Maybe it is something glaringly obvious that you have been ignoring or avoiding because the change seems just too big, too daunting to take on and you just don’t know if you can get that far out of your comfort zone.

But there is assistance here. All you have to do is open up to receive it. St. Germain is a powerful force of healing and he is beckoning to you now. He is offering you a boost in energy, enlightenment and awakening. He will help you to reach this next level that you have hoped, wished and dreamed into reach.

Let go of what must go, of what you know deep down no longer serves your highest good. If your decision hinges on the well being of another, look closely at what role you are playing: caregiver, supporter or rescuer? The first two can continue to an extent, but if the third is true, then changes must be made on behalf of both of you.

Make the conscious decision to shift now. Invite your initiation and accept it with gratitude, grace and faith. And know that once you do so, things will progress to the next level, in perfect divine timing.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Akashic Tarot, by Sharon Anne Klingler, artwork by Sandra Anne Taylor

Bright Destiny

Published October 5, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Bright Destiny, from the Love Your Inner Goddess, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Bright Destiny, from the Love Your Inner Goddess, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante

In A Reading: “It’s OK to feel unclear or even confused about what is happening in your life or within you at this time. It is like that because you are going through soul growth. Things will become clear in time. For now, however, let the process happen. Fear can make us let the process happen. Fear can make us try to force something that is not quite ready yet. Do not try to impose a meaning, take action or understand it all prematurely. Do not think too hard! When it is time for you to act, you will know it. It is OK to relax and trust that the moment of clarity will come when the time is right.”

Spiritual Guidance: “To become truly yourself, shining your divine beauty and light, you will go through a process of releasing what is no longer right and true for you. Like the caterpillar who sheds the chrysalis when it is time to emerge as the butterfly, you will let go of the person you once through you needed to be. This can feel freeing, exciting. It can also seem frightening. You may feel crazy sometimes, trying to hold onto a past that is no longer available to you and grasping for a future that is yet to be. Sometimes, it can feel like a dark night of the soul, filled with questioning and confusion. Others may not understand what is happening, and you may feel as though you cannot really explain it, either. In such times, we have to trust that all the changes and uncertainty are part of a process of growth – letting go in order to open up to something amazing and new. This is happening for you now. You do not have to be afraid. You are going through this because you are ready for it, even if you think you are not. There is a loving reason for all of it, even if you cannot see that right now. Put your faith in the mystery. Trust that the answers will come – and so will that joy of all that you have grown into. Stay true to your path and know that you have a bright destiny ahead.”

Sacred Ritual: “Place your hands in prayer and bow your head. Feel like you are surrendering, letting go. As you do so, a beautiful light shines all around you, holding you safe and bringing peace to your heart. Let your heart feel light, and smile gently.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

You may find yourself wondering exactly who you are and how you fit into the world. What are your dreams? What is truly important to you? Who do you love, and who is let in close to your heart?

All these things have been shifting and changing throughout this year. What used to seem important may no longer hold your attention. What you used to be passionate about may have faded. This can be confusing as you find yourself wondering what is truly important. It is even possible to feel some grief around who you used to be when you realize that you are so far from that person now.

But all of this is part of the process. The shifts that have happened are vital to your continued growth. Many of us have shifted from the material to the spiritual. From the ‘stuff’ to the experience. We are aware of the time passing faster, of the daily distractions. Of the social conditioning and the expectations of others. And we yearn for something simpler. Something deeper.

This is the perfect time to revisit your hopes, wishes, dreams and goals. What do you wish to create? How do you wish to finish this year, and how do you wish to start the next? The new moon is coming up on the 9th, which is the perfect time to set intentions; you are planting the seeds of the future.

Getting really clear is the first step. Use your imagination to visualize all the details. Write it all down. Give yourself permission to recreate yourself and your life.

Create your own bright destiny.



~Archangel Oracle

*Love Your Inner Goddess, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante


Published October 4, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Will, from the Chakra Insight Oracle Card deck, by Caryn Sangster, artwork by Amy Edwards

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Will, from the Chakra Insight Oracle Card deck, by Caryn Sangster, artwork by Amy Edwards

Will: “Expression, Assertiveness, Self-Control, Direction”

“”As you move in the direction of your heart’s calling, your will aligns with the Universe – allowing your highest path to unfold before you.”

Card Story: “Sand hills stretch deep into the mist. There is no telling how far the tortoise has come, or how far he must still go. Guided by an ancient knowing and a deep sense of inner direction, he moves with steady determination. He does not waste energy looking backwards, nor does he stretch his mind too far into the future. He is simply , profoundly, committed to each step before him as he forges a path forward. He knows he will arrive exactly where he needs to be, at just the right time. Will.”

Card Message: “This card is about the expression and communication of our will. It is about voicing our opinions and feeling comfortable to state who we are with pride.

It is about being able to assert your will so that you have self-control and are able to maintain personal boundaries and choices. If we have a strong will we are able to move beyond resistance, beyond doubt, opinions and judgment – of others and ourselves.

This card is an invitation to ignite your personal will power in alignment with what is most important to you, through the simple steps you take in the world each day – the foods you eat (or choose not to eat), your spiritual practice, fitness regime and work you engage in. It is one thing to set a goal – for health, love, financial or creative success – it is another thing to follow through with empowered, wilful action. It is time now, to move steadily in the direction of that which you feel most called to do.

This card encourages you to acknowledge who you are and to practice living in alignment with this. To speak up, communicate and fully express your truth. When we have a strong will we are not forceful. Instead, we are simply secure in who we are and what we are doing. We do not need to control or dominate others, nor do we allow ourselves to be pulled off course or knocked off balance.

When our will is engaged there is a quiet, humble strength in our words and actions. Our unique path unfolds before us as our true will and that of the universe align.

A strong will allows our truth shine!”

~ By Caryn Sangster

Abraham speaks of the “Vortex” in which we create our life experience. It is about aligning your vibration with the vibration of that which you are seeking. It is about having a vision and knowing that it is absolutely possible to achieve it. The Law Of Attraction at work.

The tortoise might not be in the best predicament here; he must find his way across the desert to get to where he needs to be. He doesn’t move quickly and he appears to already have come a long way. He might be tired, yet he perseveres. He is not giving up, he is not changing his goal or his dream to make it easier. He is taking his journey, one step at a time. Before he knows it, he will have reached his goal.

This is a message of empowerment; a reminder to stay true to our own hearts. To stand up for what we believe in and to go in the direction we truly desire, even if others challenge us. It is up to us to stay our course with determination and self-belief, knowing that we can create anything we set our minds to.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Chakra Insight Oracle Card deck, by Caryn Sangster, artwork by Amy Edwards

Ngetal Reed

Published October 3, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Ngetal Reed, from the Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ngetal Reed, from the Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Ngetal Reed:
“Northern Hemisphere Dates: September 5th – October 2nd
(Southern Hemisphere Dates: March 5th – April 2)
Totems: Owl, Pike
Deities/Guides: Goddesses of the Hunt, like Athena and Artemis, and the Crone Aspect of the Goddess, like Hecate and Lilith
Letter: NG
Class: Shrub
12th Lunation
Celebration: Autumn Equinox, September 20/21 (March 20/21)”

Keywords: “Direct action, movement, focus, intention, conviction, on purpose, progress, skill, becoming a hollow reed.”

The Ngetal Reed initiates in the twelfth lunation of the year and the autumnal equinox, also known as Mabon and Alban Elved. We celebrate the harvest, now. Thus, we honour completions and also prepare for the coming of winter. This portal calls for direct action towards the month in which we can set and deliver our last intentions for the year’s ending. The double helix of our DNA is a symbol for this portal. Reed includes grasses, bamboo, cattails, and other plants with long, hollow shoots. The ogham for Reed is Ngetal and the letter NG.”

Ngetal Reed in a Reading: “When you get Reed in a reading, it is time to focus on a desired outcome and take action. If you are looking for a job, make calls and set up appointments. If you are working on a project, set up your itinerary and get busy. Today is the day.

Set your intentions and back them up with daily affirmations. Ask your community for help and seek out those who will support you. Call upon those who are in a position to lend you a hand up. It is time for strong, determined action. Go for the bullseye. Use your energy to make your dreams come true.

This card also asks you to either reset your intentions and goals to make them more current – or more realistic – or to re-energize them. Take stock. Write down ways you can implement your dreams. It is time to take concrete action towards your goals. Even small steps can make a big difference. This is a great time to seek out a friend who can act as support and a witness, help you launch your ideas into reality.”

As Challenger: “Perhaps you are avoiding taking responsibility for your situation. You cannot win, now, by simply biding your time. Don’t let life pass you by: get busy and get going. Perhaps you are too sedentary. If so, get off the couch and start walking. Tidy up. Use your energy in a positive way. Begin to move, little by little, baby step by baby step. You have some work to do before you can reach your goals and inspirations. You need more practice and skill and knowledge.

Ask for the energy of Reed if you are stuck or blocked. Imagine that you are the archer – take your bow and arrow, and with great skill and purpose, shoot the arrow to your bullseye. Allow the intention of your focus to carry you forward. Ask spirit for help. Set your intention to be a hollow reed for spirit to work through you as you focus on your intention.”

Message: “I represent action. No more apathy, please. Align with spirit and ask for direction. Align with the power of the owl or the pike. They know how to hunt and stalk. What do you want? It is time to go for it. Stick to your resolve. Set your intention and take steps toward outcomes. I ask you to take yourself seriously. Believe in yourself. I send you courage and fortitude and the belief in a positive outcome, no matter what. You are here for a purpose: to fulfill your own choices. So so with creativity and a spirit of fun.”*

~ By Sherlyn Hidalgo

As the time of the autumn equinox or harvest closes we are asked to take action on creating our dreams. This is a time of forward momentum. We must close out the year successfully, there is no room for stagnancy here. If you feel that you are stuck in a rut, it is up to you to change up the energy.

Find a way to do things differently; take a day off to go somewhere you have never been. Take a class or workshop, meet new people. Do some research on a desired vacation. Check into new job openings. Do something different than what you would normally do!

Revisit goal setting, particularly goals that you want to have achieved by the end of the year. Look at the bigger picture, what do you wish to create? How can you take action right now in order to get closer to your goals? Write it down. Get really clear. Set an intention for short and longer term. Do not let past failures get in the way of your future success.

You are the archer, this always resonates with me as a Sagittarius. See yourself aiming your arrow with absolute focus and concentration. Know that you are completely responsible for creating your dreams.



~Archangel Oracle

*Celtic Tree Oracle, by Sharlyn Hidalgo, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Shaman Of Skulls

Published October 2, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Shaman Of Skulls, from the Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Shaman Of Skulls, from the Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante

Shaman Of Skulls In a Reading: “In your heart, you have been asking for something different, something more, and the Universe is answering your prayers. You do not need to be afraid of the changes happening, or that are going to happen, for you. They are part of that answer from the Universe! You might feel uncertain because you cannot see how it is going to all work out – but know that the Universe is caring for you, and will provide a way to move through the transition with grace. You are not crazy to willingly enter this experience. There is nothing that you need avoid, and so much that you will gain.”

Spiritual Guidance: “Something is ending. Something that has meant a lot to you. Maybe it is a relationship, a phase of your life, an identity that no longer suits you. Maybe it is an inner ending that you cannot quite articulate, but you feel nonetheless. This is a symbolic death with a greater purpose. The shaman is spiritually trained to overcome the fear of symbolic death and, instead of avoiding endings, to willingly go through them with the awareness that an ending is simply the other side of a beginning. The shaman learns that endings happen when something new wishes to be born. The shaman knows that this is ultimately for good, and has compassion for the human mind that may still feel very uncomfortable and resistant to the human process. So, even whilst we may accept the change, even with gratitude, our minds might feel uncertain and afraid – we might feel confused or try to cling to what is ending. These are natural human responses to loss, especially when we sense that loss is irreversible and that life will never be quite the same again. Be patient with yourself, be kind, but also know that new life is happening for you now according a higher purpose and loving plan. Your life is mean to change at this time. Be encouraged. From the ashes of this symbolic death, you shall rise again.”

Sacred Ritual: “Place your hands lightly on either side of your head. Say aloud: “This sacred skull holds the light of wisdom, shining unconditional divine love in all directions now.” Use your fingertips to gently massage your head, all over, including under your jaw and behind your ears, allowing your head to feel relaxed.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

A chapter of your life is coming to a close. This could have been happening slowly and methodically throughout this last month or so, or it could be something quite sudden that you have had to deal with. Whichever the case, a door is closing and with it comes necessary change. Sometimes we have known what must end or change yet we lacked the courage to do it. In these cases, after a time it is taken from us, whether we like it or not. Maybe you don’t like your job but you see it as necessary security and are afraid to search for another one, only to be laid off. Maybe you have thought about moving only to find out your landlord is selling and you must move. Maybe a relationship is well past its lesson and yet you have been holding on thinking it might get better. Then they up and leave you “unexpectedly.”

Sometimes we know but we don’t want to know. We should move forward but we feel scared and stuck. Sometimes the Universe does it for us and we feel like the victim until we realize it was all for a greater cause.

It’s time to look at the bigger picture. Release the fear and shift our perspective of what is possible. Aim higher, dream bigger and just stop holding ourselves back. Reconnect with the passion and inspiration that motivates us to make things happen in our lives.

Tomorrow we take charge of a new month. Another chance at starting new. Every month brings with it a fresh energy, a new beginning. What will you create? What do you need to let go of? What baggage can you put down, free yourself of the dead weight? All of this could be internal. It could be that you are getting out of your own way, seeing yourself as the powerful being that you are.

Whatever your particular case, take a big deep breath and face it head on. Turn away from the old and open up to receive the new.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Lisa Ferrante


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