16 comments on “Archangel Oracle Services

  • I felt I needed to thankyou soo much for daily messages that enlighten my soul. I come back daily thankyou for the cards and your interpretation. You are great and I am eternally grateful!!!

  • One day I must get a reading from you. But once again, I need to express this gratitude to you for this perfect guidance. Your words today were perfect timing exactly what I needed as I went through something last night. Keep going thankyou wonderful earth angel. Eternally grateful ❀

  • Your daily messages Help me through my daily healing process….I Inculcate These messages everyday in my affirmations,healing,tapping & intention.Please put more posts on “life Stuff” as well. Lots of Hugs for you with gratitude.

  • Your messages from the Angel Oracle cards are so on target. I feel the message so deeply that I understand how relevant they are and how important they are. I shall keep reading and learning and unravelling the mysteries. Thank you.

  • Thank you for all the beautiful cards yousend to my email daily.these inspirational cards truly uplift and inspirer my day . I think I was truly blessed to have found you.you are wonderful and I wish you blessings and happiness always.

  • Hi:) I just wanted to thank you for the daily card reading daily. I have been going through a lot of hard times and have been connecting with the Angels, Mother Mary, Jesus, the Archangels , for answers and to express gratitude for my blessings. It is amazing how accurate your card readings are! I am receiving guidance to the questions I have been asking and So Grateful for such detailed answers! You are amazing! I also am a Reiki practitioner/ healer and love crystals. Thank you for helping me on my journey:) Susan

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