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Archangel Gabriel ~ Resurrection

Published October 7, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Archangel Gabriel ~ Resurrection, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Archangel Gabriel ~ Resurrection, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Archangel Gabriel ~ Resurrection:

“I know you seek Jesus who was crucified.
He is not here; for He has risen.”
~ Matthew 28:5-6

“Gabriel is the archangel of resurrection, the voice of God and bringer of good news. He appeared to Mother Mary to bring the remembrance of her mission. He watched over the prophet Muhammad, inspired Joan of Arc and influenced Zoroaster. When you are ready, Gabriel announces the major duties of your spiritual destiny.

To resurrect something is to ‘bring life again’ to that which appeared dead, or to raise from a belief in death. Jesus showed us the way just as nature does each spring. Within your heart burns the very Spirit that quickens the mortal body and can call back the dead. Jesus came to teach us that the Kingdom of Heaven is the conscious recognition of God within.

Your body is a reflection of both your soul and mortal consciousness. When the soul is illumined by Spirit, the body is also quickened and healed. The vibratory rate of the cells is actually increased to be more in attunement with your Eternal Self which is your individualized fragment of God’s personal presence. Also known as the White-Fire Body, it is composed of pure electronic light and is your reservoir of divine love, wisdom and power. It is the body in which Jesus made his ascension. You can do the same! Choose to focus on divine thoughts, feelings, ideas and knowing for they are your birthright and your truth. Daily, hourly, every moment remain focused on the Light that sustains you, and intently sense the gratitude that accompanies this connection.

Pray each night for Gabriel to enfold you in his Resurrection Flame. The consciouness is then freed from limitations of the mind while you sleep. If you awaken suddenly feeling afraid, it is likely you have been with God and the experience has overwhelmed your nervous system. At first, the mind does not understand this intense energy and reacts in fear. But these are blessed moments! When Gabriel has bathed you, you awaken renewed and triumphant.

Call on Gabriel to bring life again to remembrance of your purpose or destiny. Ask him to teach you to live upward, and finally into the truth of your being. At Easter the resuscitating power is especially strong, so use that opportunity to heal and raise yourself until you are free! Also, listen for Gabriel’s voice saying to you as he did to Mary, ‘Hail________ (your name), full of Grace! The lord IS with thee.’*

~ By Kimberly Murooney

Resurrection. Ultimate freedom. Release of the old to the point of rising so far above it it is like another lifetime. A start so fresh you are reborn. No limitations. Nothing to hold you back. A brand new perspective on life.

This has to happen. It is the only way. All that old baggage is just so heavy… the fear has been weighing you down.

Lifted up by the wings of an Angel. Placed back on your life path.

Your Destiny awaits.

Surrender. Release that which no longer serves and embrace the new.



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberley Marooney

Archangel Gabrielle

Published June 12, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabrielle, from the Messages From Your Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Archangel Gabrielle, from the Messages From Your Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Archangel Gabrielle: “You have an important life purpose involving communication and the arts. Please do not allow insecurities to hold you back. I will help you.”

Additional Message Of This Card: “I am with you as one of your guardian angels. You may wonder why an archangel is with you. I help many people simultaneously, and you are among them. I help those whose life purpose is in the arts or communication. I will help you polish and trust in your natural talents. Then I will open doors for you  to express those talents in a way that will help others.

What I need from you in return is honesty and cooperation. Tell me about your fears, your hopes, your confusion, your insecurities, and your dreams. Ask me to help you. And then, please walk through the doors of opportunity that I open for you. I am on your side completely! My function is to be your coach, and as such, I may prod you along. Please know that I am only pushing you because I know that you need a little boost from above.”*

You have received an invitation to fulfill your fulfill your life’s purpose under the mentorship of Archangel Gabrielle. There is nothing to fear, as she will guide you in sharing your gifts and talents in a way that brings joy and lightness of heart, not only to you, but to everyone you share your gift with. When I say “gift” I speak of your creative and artistic expression. Even if it scares you to share this gift, it is time. There is no judgement, you will find yourself fully supported, even if you have not been in the past. This time, you must trust in your connection to Archangel Gabrielle, sharing your vulnerability and being receptive to the signs and messages she sends to guide you on your way.

This is a great time to seek out or create a group or community of like-minded people who love to do what you do. This is a valuable resource for support and inspiration. It should be a non-competitive atmosphere of sharing and helping each other to succeed. Ask Archangel Gabrielle to send loving, honest and supportive people to you. This is also a time to take a step back from those who may have tried to stop you in the past, even if they thought it was “for your own good”. There is no need to fuel your own insecurities by sharing with anyone who does not understand the true authentic You.

If all this sounds terrifying, try to harness some of that energy and turn it into exhilaration and enthusiasm. Use affirmations to assist you to turn any old negative though patterns into positive new ones. Know that you can, and will succeed.


I Am fully supported in sharing my gifts and talents with the world.

I AM living my creative life purpose with joy and passion; nothing and no one can hold me back.


* Messages From Your Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Throat Chakra

Published September 11, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
throat chakra

Throat Chakra, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra: “The angels are helping you lovingly speak your truth.”

“The angels sent this card to you because of important messages that you need to express, either verbally or in written form. You are encouraged to speak your truth to yourself and others. to yourself, admit our true feelings as well as any revelations you have had. Keep a journal of these ideas, thoughts, and inspirations.

The throat chakra is the energy center located in the neck, which governs speech, writing, and creative expression. When you squelch your truth because of fears of disapproval, your throat chakra tightens and darkens. Prior experience (in this life or past lives) of being punished for speaking up can also close this energy center off.

Fortunately, the angels are working hard to unlock your self expression by sending pure Divine white light and love to you and your throat chakra. As the angels to hep you speak up for yourself lovingly and assertively, and they will guide your words with verve and humor.

Action Steps

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who assists you to eloquently, truthfully, and lovingly express your thoughts and feelings. Take a moment to center yourself, and then say:

Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now.

Thank you for guiding me in the expression

of my inner truth and wisdom.

I ask that you watch over me

in all that I say and write

So that I may clearly convey

my inner messages.”*

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Our Throat Chakras are for not just for sending our message and communications out into the world, it is also an important part of your receiving of clairsentient messages. It is an integral part of your intuitive system, and is easily blocked when you are unable to be yourself around others. If you are not saying what you feel, or if there is a discrepancy between your words and your emotions, the Throat Chakra will become blocked. This may manifest itself physically, in a sore or scratchy throat, or persistent cough. If you are feeling that you are not “heard” or taken seriously, you may suffer a loss of your voice. I know of a case where someone I know personally lost her voice slowly over many weeks until it was all but a croak. The doctors can’t find anything wrong, they are completely puzzled. Unfortunately, this person is not ready to hear the true reason yet as to why she has lost her voice, but I am helping to guide her towards the truth as the angels have asked me to do.

What are you not saying? And why? Usually the why part is the easy part, we are avoiding judgement, disapproval, or causing pain to another… or all of the above. What we must realize is that the truth will not only set us free, but it will set those around us free too! When you have the courage to speak your truth, you give permission to others to do the same. This is a gift, even if they may not say what we want them to say, the truth is the path to the Divine.



* Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Archangel Gabriel ~ Communication

Published July 3, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Archangel Gabriel communication

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Archangel Gabriel ~ Communication

Archangel Gabriel ~ Communication: To communicate is to create a bridge between a thought, feeling or concept that exists in energy and deliver it to another party, be it to God, yourself or a loved one. Communication is that deliverance. We are constantly communicating through our body language, words, clothes and choices. We communicate what we feel, believe and expect.

How we communicate with ourselves determines most of what we experience in life. If we tell ourselves we are not good enough or worth of love, joy and abundance, we are not likely to experience those things. If we tell ourselves life is unfair or cruel, we are most likely to attract those experiences. What you tell yourself determines how you will act and operate in the world. This directly affects all your relationships in how you respond and communicate with those around you , even if it is just through your actions and body language.

It is time to start paying attention to what you are saying to yourself right now. Is your internal dialogue conducive to all the things you want for yourself? Do you give yourself love, support, confidence and permission to be who you are and express yourself freely? Do you allow others to do the same? What is your body language saying about you? What does what you wear express? How well do you listen? How do y0ou communicate with those around you? Are you comfortable with setting firm boundaries, with saying no?

It is time to really reflect on how and what you are communicating at the moment and ultimately, what you are communicating to yourself. It may be that there is some sort of block in your relationship with another that requires clear communication in order for harmony and balance to be restored. By interrupting and eliminating the self-talk that is detrimental to yourself, you can start to make the changes that are necessary to live the full and healthy life you deserve.”*

Your internal dialogue greatly determines not only your state of mind, but also your reality! If you are caught up in a vortex of negative thoughts, things have a tendency to keep going wrong around you; thus creating more stuff to feel angry, upset or anxious about. When you can turn your thoughts around, to positive, the very same happens; you create high vibrational energy and become a magnet to positive people and experiences. It’s easy to be critical, judgmental and down on ourselves if we are stuck in the past, expecting things to keep going wrong if they have before, but you can disengage yourself from this expectation and consciously decide to aim for the best. This is how you use the Law Of Attraction to pull your dreams and desires close to you.

Be vigilant about your thoughts; watch them to see where they are taking you! When you find yourself thinking something low vibrational, you have a few seconds to change it to something positive. If you have trouble changing the thought, add “I’m in the process of…” to activate the possibility. For example, if you are trying to become debt free, but constantly thinking how much in debt you are, you are holding that debt to you energetically. When you say “I’m debt free” that is great but doesn’t always feel true if you have been struggling with debt for some time. If you say “I am in the process of becoming debt free” it opens you up to all the possibilities of becoming dept free and the Universe will start to provide you with ways to eliminate your debt. Even better is to say “I am in the process of becoming financially free” which gives you even more opportunity and side steps the whole debt issue, which is ideal vibrationally.

Give it a try and see your thoughts literally recreate your reality! And don’t forget to ask Archangel Gabriel to support you and guide you in changing your thoughts, one by one. Want to supercharge those thoughts for imminent success? Add a plenty of excitement, exuberance, expectation, anticipation and gratitude. Now you’ve got it!



* Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno



Melchizedeck ~ Colour Healing

Published March 23, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Melchizedeck ~ Colour Healing

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Melchizedeck ~ Colour Healing

Melchizedeck ~ Colour Healing: “Our world exists in shades of light. Within that light, there is every colour of the spectrum. As that light touches the world around us, the colours are absorbed and reflected.

If an object is green, it will absorb all the other colours in the spectrum and reflect green. That green frequency is then reflected onto us and our skin and eyes receive this information and we become affected by that vibration. The interesting thing is that the object itself is anything but green. This is why the green is reflected rather than absorbed and that is why we interact with it.

Colour has an enormous part to play in our lives. In our clothes, homes and work environments, it is a dominant part of the vibrational information we receive. Being surrounded by red will bring a sense of alertness, energy, and will naturally give you a charge, whereas blue will bring a sense of calm, peace and openness.

The colours that surround us in our lives have a powerful impact on our health and energy levels. Sunlight contains within it all the colours in a natural balance. This provides us with the nourishment we need for complete emotional and physical health. Our bodies can not absorb calcium without vitamin D which we absorb from the ultraviolet light present in sunlight.

Artificial light contains significantly lower amounts of red and ultraviolet light and a prolonged lack of sunlight can produce depression and lower energy levels.

We also require periods of complete darkness in order for the hormones we need for immunity, healing of the body and mind and general well-being, to be secreted. Light and colour have an enormous amount to do with health and well-being.

This is a time for you to take note of light and colour in your life. Are you getting enough sunlight? Do you get a solid sleep in complete darkness? How do the colours in your clothing, home and workspace affect you? What is needed in order to create more healing and balance in your life right now?

By bringing awareness to what stimuli you are receiving, you empower yourself, so that you can bring into your life more balance, healing and harmony.”*

Colour is so important in our every day lives; yet we often take it for granted.  We choose what to wear to boost our energy up or calm ourselves down, some colours make us feel more attractive than others, suite our skin and make us feel like we are radiating light.We can choose crystals that reflect the colour we are attracted to for healing energy, corresponding to our chakras, which are energy centers of light. Even the colour we paint our rooms makes a difference to how we feel when we spend time there.

Is there a particular colour you are attracted to? It is possible that this colour may have a corresponding Angel or Archangel that may be working with you at this time. We can often see, hear, feel or sense the presence of these angels and guides through the colours that they project. Some show up as orbs in photos, some like a sparkling light or some as a colour in your mind’s eye, or third eye. Here are some of the colours to be aware of, taken from Doreen Virtue’s Archangels 101, Halo Colours Of The Archangels:

Michael – Royal purple, royal blue and gold

Raphael – Emerald Green

Gabriel – Copper

Uriel – Yellow

Chamuel – Pale green

Ariel – Pale Pink

Metatron – Violet and Green

Sandalphon – Turquoise

Azrael – Creamy white

Jophiel – Dark pink

Haniel – Pale blue (moonlight)

Raziel – Rainbow colours

Raguel – Pale blue

Jeremiel – Dark purple

Zadkiel – Deep indigo blue

Take some time to meditate and ask your angels to revel their healing halo colours to you. Whatever colours springs to mind is the right one, and you can use the corresponding crystals, to open the connection. Colour is a wonderful healing tool to use when raising your vibration. Spend some time in nature, reveling in the colours that Mother Gaia has to offer you, particularly as spring unfolds.



* Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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