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Published May 11, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Presence, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins Publishing

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Presence, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins Publishing

Presence: “As I align myself to the loving presence of the Divine, I, too, am aware of my own presence among others.”

Symbols: “Brilliant light, diamond, Sun, condor, triangle, conch shell.

“Each of us has ‘presence’ – a spiritual energy that other people can sense as soon as they meet us. Those with negative presence give out energy that overpowers others or drives them away. People with weak presence may often be overlooked by others. However, people with positive presence radiate a wonderful, warm energy that draws others towards them

The Angel Of Presence directs you to let your presence shine forth for the good of all. Open your heart to the Angel, and ask her to show you the positive, beautiful aspects in the people around you as well as in yourself. Building your confidence will enhance your own presence and light the spark of the Divine in the hearts of everyone around you.”*

~ by Chrissie Astell

This is a message of dual meaning. An important message of awareness, of yourself and of others. Your presence, the essence of you that you put out into the world. You vibration, your intention, your emotion and much deeper right into your heart and Soul. What are you radiating out? Is your presence completely authentic and based in the truth of who you are, body, mind and spirit? Or do you suppress parts of yourself behind masks of acceptability?

Who are you spending your time with and how does their presence affect you? Are they positive, supportive and inspiring? Or are they draining, toxic or judgmental? Do you find yourself uplifted or depleted by those who you share your space and your life with. These are important questions as we are greatly affected by the energies of others, much more than we may realize. When we are being affected negatively, it is a huge drain on our energy and it makes it extremely difficult to follow your Soul path. It may be necessary to look at making some much needed changes in order to protect your energy and find a new Soul tribe; people who love and accept you unconditionally for who you are.

Then there is the presence of mind. Bringing yourself into the present moment to be really aware of what is going on around you. How are you feeling in certain situations, how are you affected by certain people? Are you overwhelmed in a crowd? Are there changes you can make to give yourself a break from what stresses you and drains your energy?

The Angel Of Presence is here to assist you in any way that you may need right now. Do you need assistance in grounding into the present moment? Do you need help disassociating from people who are toxic, negative or unsupportive of you? Or do you need help attracting the right people and opportunities for growth into your life? Of course these changes will bring challenges, and it can be hard to separate yourself from people or situations which are stressful for you. But these changes are necessary in order for you to move forward at this time. Ask the Angel for help and follow the guidance that comes to you. Ask the Angel for the courage to move through these changes with grace and ease.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins Publishing

Spirit ~ Danburite

Published December 7, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Spirit ~ Danburite, from the Crystal Ally Cards deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Spirit ~ Danburite, from the Crystal Ally Cards deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Spirit ~ Danburite: “Danburite is a calcium borosilicate that grows in crystal form. When cut this Ally becomes a clear, brilliant gem. The crystals can appear pink, clear, or golden, depending upon the location in which it is mined. This Ally is the stone of the angels. Its beautiful, high, soft energy encourages us to resonate with celestial beings and their purposes.

Danburite is a stone of joy and celebration. Its frequency creates a resonance which allows our energetic field to become more receptive to angelic and spiritual influences. It is also associated with the higher dimensions of love, fellowship and Light. Danburite’s key word is Spirit, and its frequencies help to connect us more fully with that aspect of ourselves.

Danburite activates the sixth through the etheric chakras, allowing one to see with the vision of the higher realms.

Danburites strong suit is its ability to reveal to us that which has an energy that is normally too high for us to perceive. Faeries, angels and Light beings of all kinds are made visible with the aid of Danburite’s influence. It allows one to ‘pierce the veil’ that separates us from the Divine in one another.

Danburite is an Ally that represents the realm of the Spirit in physical form. The physical realm that we inhabit is merely a shadow of the greater unseen reality that exists alongside us. Often, the unseen forces that guides us are the most powerful allies in our lives.

Danburite’s frequency allows us to perceive the unseen world more fully, and integrate it into our conscious experience through our Light body or aura. The high love energy of Danburite reflects the love of the Universe, initiating within us a resonance and remembrance of the source.”

The Message: “Danburite’s sweet energy is calling you to open your eyes to the magic and wonder around you. Faeries are playing in the grass, Light beings are floating through the forest, and the world is full of unseen guides and teachers that are waiting for you to perceive them. If you reach out with your heart and mind to those on the other side, they will respond by offering guidance, love and fun! Seek the unseen, and develop your faith that it is there, hiding, just beyond the veil.

Danburite is asking you to accept the unseen aspects of yourself as well. Close your eyes and explore the extent of your energy. Try picturing everything in your world as your creation, an extension of your thoughts and intent. Acknowledge that the unseen thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, and the desires you have, all affect the world around you. Call upon the energy of Danburite and the power of your spirit will be made clear to you.”

Chakra: “Third eye, Crown, Etheric”

Affirmation: “I am an infinite part of an infinite Universe.”*

~ By Naisha Ahsian

As you undergo the transformation process, you are opened up in every way. Your connection to spirit is stronger and clearer than ever before. You can receive messages, see the signs and signals. You must commit to listening closely to your intuition, and to seeing the magic around you, particularly in the natural world.

Synchronicity is a powerful force in your life right now. Go with what feels light and right. Go with your heart, listen to your body as you make decisions. Dream time is very powerful now too. Place a Danburite crystal (one of my all time favourite and super high vibe crystals) under your pillow to amplify your connection to the other realms. Wear it, carry it around. It is a powerful ally on your spiritual journey.

Take some time to be silent. Get outside, even if the weather is not optimal. Breathe the fresh air. Open your mind and your heart to experiencing something deeper out there. Connect with the energies of the elemental realm. Appreciate the cycles of the Great Mother and where she is at right now in your corner of the world. See the mystery and beauty that she shares with us every moment of every day. Make and offering… plant a crystal or stone in honour of her awe and beauty.

See yourself reaching through this third dimension of reality into something more spectacular to the senses, reigniting your imagination and creativity. Feel your Crown Chakra opening to the Universe, without the filters of fear and past pain to hold it shut.

Step willingly into the magic of this new dimension of your reality, where anything is possible.

It’s called “the Universal Flow.”



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Ally Cards deck, by Naisha Ahsian


Energy Field Adjustment

Published April 21, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Energy Field Adjustment

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish: Energy Field Adjustment

Energy Field Adjustment: “Aura cleansing and health.”

The Mermaids Sing: “Your body, your spirit, your mind, your emotions… all are in a complex and finely balanced relationship, and all produce and emanate an energetic field which can be viewed by clairvoyants, called your aura. Many people can sense this energy field around you, too, and to a large extent your energetic field will have a great impact on who you are attracting, what your health is like, where there are issues in your life, and what abundance experience you are drawing to yourself. The quality and health of your aura can be worked on with the mermaids , as we, being salt-water dwellers, are in a continual process of cleansing and renewing our auric field. Our human friends, often being more Air than Water, tend to have more to cleanse than our mermaid allies and friends. As we mermaids are on your side, we wish to extend you the gift of another magical tool… our magical comb. In mermaid lore it often looks as if all a mermaid is doing is combing out her hair – as if she is vain and preoccupied with her appearance. In some ways we can be read this way… but the mermaid’s comb is not simply an instrument of beauty – it is one of our most magical tools, and it cleanses our auric field. Our hair is a symbol of personal power and allure – by combing through it we are thinking, pondering, smoothing out frazzled thoughts and knots, relaxing and easing our mental field… the comb can be used all over the body. It is also a symbol of how immersing yourself in cleansing waters, either healing  springs or salty seas that run clean and free, can comb through your entire auric field and free from it any lingering toxins, debris, and “infectious” sites that can later emerge from the body and mind and emotions. The entire ocean field, a waterfall, the healing waters of a spring or lake or pool – all can care for your auric field. If you cannot find one to immerse yourself in, if it is too cold, too far, too polluted, or too… whatever the issue, then take yourself through a mermaid auric cleansing in your mind. We will guide you.

Divination “It is time to cleanse and clear your aura: immediately, without delay addressing its imbalances and lovingly tending to its need, and giving it as much priority as your own physical body at this time. Time to have an auric reading by someone who is trustworthy and reputable, and time to act on what you learn. Understand that there is great cleansing available to you within nature, and within your own energy field too. It is time for you to acknowledge too that you occasionally – sometimes frequently – see and feel and connect with people’s auras yourself … and the more you feel and acknowledge this to yourself, the more tuned in and aware you become. You are sensitive to others auras too at this time – be sure to balance and cleanse yours, rather than focusing on the imbalances and disturbances you can sense in others’ fields. Know too that you must be sensitive and ethical when yo “pick up” things from another – no spontaneous readings unless spirit closely steps in. The mermaids will assist with when and how to deliver any message you are receiving promptings about!”*

Body, mind and spirit. That is what we are made up of, the triad of power; all of us unique yet eternally connected. We tend to our bodies where we can see, often after an issue becomes apparent. We tend to our minds to a point, but tend to overwhelm them with negative images and information put out by the media. So where does spirit fit in, and how is it tangible? Our souls; our essence, is our energy field. It is what holds us to our bodies and the part of us that travels in our dreams. It is what shines out around our bodies in the form of energy, and it is what creates the first spark of life. It is the part of us that is free to travel to new dimensions when we leave our physical bodies at the end of this lifetime.

So how do we care for our energy fields, our auras? If diving into the ocean isn’t an option at this time, a Himalayan sea salt bath will help. Cleansing the aura with a selenite wand also helps, as does wearing black tourmaline. Meditating on clearing and balancing the chakras also helps. These are just some of many ways that help the body, mind and spirit to cleanse and purify. You can also ask for help from Archangel Michael in cleansing your aura, for more information, see my post: Archangel Micheal ~ Clearnng. When you cleanse, you open yourself to receptivity; you are able to hold more positive energy, raise your vibration and receive more love from the Universe. You then in turn can project that love back out to the people, creatures and the Planet. It’s like removing the static from a radio station by fine tuning it.

Being mindful of what you put into your body is also of utmost importance. You must choose wisely in a world inundated by pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals and pollutants. Our bodies need pure, organic nourishment and purified water to support our growth, health and clarity. Staying properly hydrated helps our bodies to routinely release toxins; drinking hot water with fresh lemon juice and a dash of cayanne pepper in the morning will help to alkalize your body and cleanse your organs. Choosing natural, local, organic foods that are high in vitamins and nutrients is essential.

It’s time to experiment with releasing old habits that are harming your physical and energetic body. You know what they are. Start with a simple one, and give yourself a month to slowly cut it out. Caffeine? Sugar? Too much meat? Dairy? Salt? Tobacco? Alcohol? Drugs? You know what your body needs to release, and you know you will feel so much better when you do it. There is no fear in the release, only freedom. You can even promise yourself that if you feel no better, you can add it back in and try releasing something else…. but you know it will make you feel better!

It is also time to add something important in to your life right now! Time spend outdoors, time to yourself, meditation, yoga… you know what is calling you. Make time to feel good, make time for you. Effective immediately.


* Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


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