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Inner Power

Published March 8, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Inner Power, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray artwork by Jason Mccreadie published by Hay House

Daily Angel Card: Inner Power, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray artwork by Jason Mccreadie published by Hay House

Inner Power: “The Divine Father”

“Divine Father, thank you for co-creating my world with me.”

General Meaning Of The Card: “You are blessed to receive the support of the Universal father today. You have the power within you to create your world and you are being encouraged to see that this power is only in place when you are coming from a space of love. Release any toxic feelings and feel blessed, knowing God is with you today. You are so powerful when you share your love with the world.”

Expanded Interpretation Of The Card: “You are being encouraged by God and his Angels to be a powerful leader of love. There are two ways of accepting power: you can use it to instill fear and overpower others, or you can use it to guide and empower yourself and others. Lead by example and be the powerful loving leader you desire to see in the world. You are powerful and filled with love.”

About Lord Shiva: “Shiva is the Hindu God of strength and power. He is the ultimate father figure and is known for his leadership and his fiery energy. He is known as ‘the destroyer’ and ‘the cosmic dancer,’ but it is important to say that he is another expression of love. When called upon, he does destroy the negative energy of our lives, but he can lighten up our world like the sun. In this deck we have focused on him as the Divine Father, as he gives us support and strength as a representation of our father in Heaven, God.”*

~ By Kyle Gray

In the face of challenges, or things not going quite the way you would like them to go, your most powerful tool is your attitude. Meeting things head on, balanced, calm and in control. Taking full responsibility for your actions, and your reactions. Stop, breathe, think… then act. This is just a little reminder of just how powerful you are and just how supported.

In every moment we are creating. Each thought, each emotion, each choice we make all form the reality around us. When we can be fully aware of this, and use it to manifest for the Highest Good of All, right from the heart center, we simply cannot go wrong.

We are blessed today with a powerful boost of Divine energy from Lord Shiva. He who destroys and he who creates. What do you need to destroy in order to move forward and create something new? Probably a belief system, maybe a limit you have put on yourself, or fear or doubt in your capabilities. Let Shiva destroy this for you so that you can move forward with grace and ease. So that you can realize your full potential; your inner wealth of power.

Thank you Divine Father for co-creating my dreams into my reality.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray artwork by Jason Mccreadie published by Hay House


Manifesting Miracles

Published November 17, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Manifesting Miracles, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Manifesting Miracles: from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie

Manifesting Miracles : “Archangel Orion”

“Thank you Orion, for manifesting your miracles in my world!”

General Meaning Of The Card: “You are blessed to receive this very special Angel card, as the Angels are drawing close to help you manifest your wildest dreams in the most miraculous ways. Miracles occur naturally and when they are not occurring, something has gone wrong. But the Angels are helping you  to align your thoughts and energy so you can manifest the blessing you really deserve.”

Expanded Interpretation Of The Card: “You are a magician and you have been handed the power and energy to create the life you deserve. Whatever you believe to be true is created – belief made manifest. The Angels want you to know that the life you want is here and that you are in the perfect place and space to create it. You are filled with the infinite energy of the cosmos, so allow this energy to manifest blessings in your life. What do you want to happen next? As long as it is a love filled thought, create it now!”

Archangel Orion: “Orion is one of the newer Archangels offering their support to Heaven. He helps us to connect to all that is, and reminds us that we are one with everyone and everything in the entire Universe. An Angel of the cosmos, his energy reminds me of wishing on a star, as he helps us to create the most magnificent events in our lives. In order to invoke Orions’s energy, visualize yourself surrounded by stars and know that you are connected to the whole Universe.”*

 ~ By Kyle Gray

If you could allow and receive any miracle to take place in your life, what would you consider to be the biggest blessing? Take a moment to write it down, in as much detail as you like, even if it’s on a little sticky note. Get clear. Be specific. What qualifies as a miracle to you? What do you believe is possible, and how can that all be blown out of the water by a true miraculous event?

Now turn in into a prayer. Address it to Archangel Orion. At the very bottom, write “this, or something better.” Then place the piece of paper in your pocket and carry it with you today. Take it out and read it when you have time to do so. Visualize the words that you wrote big and bold in your mind. Focus on it. Allow yourself to receive it. Embrace it. Expect it.

When you get home, take a piece of clear quartz or citrine crystal (be sure to clear it first by running under water, soaking in salt water for 20min or smudging) and hold it in your right hand. See it like a little sponge, and send focused energy and intention into the crystal as you read your paper. You have programmed the crystal. Place your paper under a candle and the crystal on top of the paper or beside it, touching it if possible. Burn the candle (a tealight is fine, be sure to place in a safe place!) When the candle burns itself out, place your paper and your crystal under your pillow.

Take your crystal and your paper out tomorrow night and place under the stars for the new moon, whether you can see them or not. Read the paper aloud and leave it outside for the night.

Expect miracles.



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie


Published July 3, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Blessed, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Blessed, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Blessed, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Blessed ~ Essential Meanings: “Something wonderful that is unearned and unexpected; grace that is an unforeseen gift from Spirit.”

The Oracle’s message: “There are moments in life when, out of the blue, it seems that everything has been orchestrated by Divine intervention. You feel blessed in ways that are difficult to express. It is as if the Red Sea parts in front of you and events come together to banish your troubles easily and naturally. You know deep down you did not deserve any of it, and yet here you are. This is one of those times. Let awe and gratitude for all your blessings guide you now.”

Relationship message: “You are moving towards a deepening of intimacy in a unique and sacred partnership. You know that you are meant to make this connection. This union, blessed by the Divine, will bring transformation and beauty to the world. This is also a sign that, even more important, you are being called to a deeper intimacy with yourself and Spirit. With this new development, you will see evidence of grace in your life.”

Prosperity Message: “Unexpected windfalls and good fortune come your way now. You are in a phase where any difficulties or obstacles that have stymied your success seem to disappear on their own. Be ready to receive. The windows of opportunity will open wide. Accept the blessings given to you now, and do not forget to share them.

Protection Message: “Humility is called for now, as grace is an unearned gift. You did not gain this by your own desires or actions. To be who you need to be, you can no longer do what you did. In a way, you have hit rock bottom and what is required now is nothing less than total surrender. Then you will be blessed.”*

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

This is a message of Faith and Trust. Knowing that the Universe has your back, even if you have been slightly off course lately. You may feel overwhelmed, you may be a little (or quite) stressed. You may feel bogged down by responsibilities and obligations when you just really want to fly far away and be free. Maybe despite all the positive energies coming through you still feel stuck, or are having trouble releasing that which no longer serves you. Maybe you are still holding on to why you think you cannot move forward, or don’t deserve to.

Despite all that, something amazing is coming your way! Yey to that! Blessings are on their way to your right now, despite whatever may be going on around you. This is confirmation of the deep love and support that the Universe has for you. And who doesn’t love an unexpected gift!

Receptivity is key here and to be in the receptive state, use gratitude. Just keep putting it out there how thankful you are for all that you have and all that you Love. Just how lucky you are to be here, right now, reading this, existing in this crazy, amazing, magical world. During the shift of ages, into new and undiscovered realms.

The beginning of your very own faery tale…



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Golden Phoenix

Published December 9, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Golden Phoenix, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

The Golden Phoenix, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Golden Phoenix, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

The Golden Phoenix: “Something you thought finished bursts back into life”

About the Golden Phoenix: “You are transforming – both internally and externally – and this change is blessed, divine, and guided by your Golden Phoenix guardian. Talk to your Golden Phoenix at sunrise – and know that as you do so, your Golden Phoenix is recharging your chakras and your aura, and thus your experiences, thoughts, and reality. You are loved by the Golden Phoenix, and as you honor her with your transformation, she honors you with this marvelous gift of regeneration. Life from death. The sun from the ashes. You rise again, reborn. The Golden Phoenix is perhaps the greatest creature of rebirth and reincarnation. This sacred helper, guardian, and loving companion guides you to die before you die, to be born again within this life, many times. Allow the things that no longer serve you to fall like autumn leaves. Allow yourself to be reborn, like the budding leaves of spring. You are potentially in one of the most invigorating, challenging, and inspiring rebirth cycles ever.”

The Golden Phoenix Speaks: “You retreated, rested, and you recovered. And now you will reignite! You thought something – or someone – was done. Dead. In the past. But this once lifeless thing of ashes is about to flame back into full existence! You are about to witness a resurrection, and you and the reborn will have the chance to create something of warmth and beauty together – something pure, innocent, and wise that will benefit many. Life always finds a way – and you will have a Golden Phoenix guiding you to rekindle as dream you gave up on too soon.”

Divination: “Passion and desire, will and force and a new, intelligent direction are all on your agenda. Health and fitness are also a part of your new theme – firing up your metabolism is a very strong desire and a sacred duty. You can become stronger, fitter, leaner, and healthier – the Golden Phoenix does not speak of having a certain type of body, but her will show you how to recreate that which you have been gifted with. Health can be reinvigorated. You may learn to run faster, play a sport, or take up yoga. Your physicality can be reshaped – with the Golden Phoenix, you reach new levels of athleticism. If you follow the golden one’s advice, your own body will be at its most harmonious and comfortable, and it will be working well and supporting you. Candles, lighting fires, and meditating on purifying your diet and following through on the Golden Phoenix’s messages will help you recreate yourself.”

~ by Lucy Cavendish

This is a powerful message that puts us in charge of reinventing ourselves in every way. From higher consciousness to a higher vibrational physical body, we are changing every aspect of ourselves. See this as your masterpiece, the largest and most awe inspiring project you have ever been in charge of.  Imagine you are a sculptor, an artist, a scholar and a magician… where to start?

You create your reality with your thoughts and emotions.. and that includes your projection of yourself into the world. You have the tools to change it at any moment. You are the alchemyst that can turn lead (low vibrational density, negativity) into gold (gratitude, joy, Love and Light). What you think you are… you are. What you intend to be… you become. What you decide to project into the Universe is exactly what will be projected.

No more wishing and idle dreams, this is a take charge kind of mission!

You are the Golden Phoenix, rising from the ashes of your previously perceived limitations.

Only to realize….

There are no limitations.


* Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

Our Lady Of Divine Presence

Published September 29, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Our Lady Of Divine Presence, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Divine Presence, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of Divine Presence, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

“You have been preparing to receive me, opening your heart and clearing away past shame and doubt. You have been asking for the divine light to be with you and I tell you now, I am alive within the divine light  to be with you and I tell you know, I am alive within you. Your wish to serve the world, to be blessed by my light so that you can assist others, is granted. As you open your heart and mind to me, your every touch becomes my touch. Your loving gaze holds the light of my own eyes within it. My grace lives in you, flowing through you, into the heart of the world.

There comes a time on our spiritual path when that which was once idea of philosophy, is ready to become a living experience. It can be a time of exhilaration and excitement as one begins to live my metaphysical principles, building reliance upon trust, prayer and intuition, and the benevolent guidance and protection of unconditionally loving higher beings, such as Mother Mary. It is the beginning of taking one’s spiritual life beyond ideas and into a living, breathing reality. As this happens, the soul can relax into life and many opportunities open up. This happens repeatedly, in increasing degrees, throughout our life path. We soften and open, to allow in more divine light, and learn how to live it with trust.

Whilst this is a continuing work in progress for us spiritually, there are milestones that we achieve, which mark times when we are about to shift up a notch in our spiritual frequency. In such moments we are becoming more capable of allowing the divine presence to live in us, less obstructed by the workings of our ego. Once this can happen to a certain degree, healing can flow through us, whether we consider ourselves to be a healer or not. This healing energy has a constructive effect on our own life and the lives of those around us.

This oracle comes to you in confirmation that you are opening up to living divine presence, and it is having an effect on you and your life. Perhaps you are at a point in your life when a path is opening up and taking you in a different direction to what you expected. Perhaps you want to know if this is divinely orchestrated and should therefore be trusted and followed. Perhaps you are feeling emotional, or physical ups and downs, which might be connected to your spiritual path, as you release old emotional pain, and new spiritual energy enters your mind and body. The may be happening because you have started practicing yoga or meditation, spending more time in nature, or are changing your lifestyle to become more loving and kind towards yourself.”*

~by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Here we have another reminder to keep our hearts open; to be a conduit of Unconditional love and light; healing ourselves while we help to heal others and even the planet. Mother Mary is always with us, she is omnipresent, she is always willing to assist us in opening ourselves to more and more Divine Light. She asks us to trust in this process; pray our fears and doubts away; use our intuition to hear her gentle guidance; and know that she will always be close by, protecting us and keeping us safe. Her energy is the perfection of Motherhood, the nurturing, accepting, loving and all encompassing Love. She is all that we strive to be as mothers, and all that we sought from our own, possibly imperfect mothers. She is warm and soothing and protective. She is everything we ever felt we needed. She is the connection to the deep inner Divine Feminine wisdom and the Mother Goddess energy. And she is here to help and offer her love.


*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The Threshold

Published February 16, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Threshold, From the Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild

The Threshold, From the Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Threshold, From the Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild

The Threshold: “At the Threshold you stand. Before you lies a way of being that is beyond fear. It is a sacred passing through a karmic veil into a new life of empowerment, peace, spiritual service to humanity and joy in your own Soul.”

“Congratulations! You are embarking on a phase of deepest soul liberation into freedom of love that triumphs over fear. It has been quiet a journey. Many, many lifetimes and much inner work as been required for you to be able to perceive the light of the Divine even underneath the density of fear. You are fast approaching the karmic threshold where you can shift from fear-based to love-based embodiment.

This is a sacred and important time where it is wise to surround yourself with those that are able to support you in this love-based reality. In the near future you will be able to sustain your vibration even amongst beings that are based in fear, and then you will be of even greater service to life, love and Divine power on this planet.

For now, allow beloved Kuan Yin to help you connect to the beauty and potency, the love and fearless, endless joy of your own Higher Self. Do not be disheartened by any old fears that are surfacing. You do not need to create a story out of them, you can just observe them with love and allow them to pass. It is just your inner Self releasing any vibration which is not aligned with unconditional love.

Sometimes there can be deep testing on the Threshold. This is not an exam to be afraid of, but an opportunity to realize your development and to really be secure on a firm inner spiritual foundation before moving forward in your Soul service to others through how you live and be on this planet. It is no use in preparing to assist others on a higher scale in moving from fear to love if you are still making the transition yourself. Let yourself stabilize in the new vibration then your ability to help others will increase naturally with much grace, assistance and effortlessness.

And well done, beloved! There is much love and celebration in the spiritual worlds about this shift for you. Remember that the only defense ever needed, no matter what the apparent fear or threat, is unconditional love in the heart, which allows for compassion and detachment. You are safe and you are quickening in your readiness to pass the threshold. Your journey is truly blessed.

Prayer for passing the Threshold:

“May I be blessed under the compassionate love and protection of Kuan Yin as my Soul prepares to cross the threshold from fear to love in all dimensions of my being. Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum.”*

– Alana Fairchild

Congratulations Dear One, you have succeeded. You are now ascending to a new level of consciousness, one of heart based living. You have finally seen the power of your own thoughts; your ability to manifest your desires through clarity and focus, and the well of deep inner resources you possess. You can see and feel your connection to the Universe. You feel compassion for every living being. You can feel the powerful healing that love provides. You have learned to detach from the drama of the physical realm; still your mind and listen. Listening is key.

Welcome to the New Earth, Dear One. We are so pleased to have you here.


* Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild


The Temple Path

Published March 3, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

The Temple Path

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Anne Taylor: The Temple Path

The Temple Path: “Spiritual Purpose and Support.”

“Receiving this card represents your own spiritual evolution. The winding path you are on leads to a blessed temple in a lovely garden, symbolizing the spiritual destiny your soul has had in mind for this lifetime. This card upright is here to tell you that what you are going through right now is all part of your soul’s process. You are on your karmic path and heading in the right direction, and the choices you make now are important for your personal growth and life lessons.

The lights around the temple represent the spirit world – your family members and friends, angels and guides – all the loving spirit helpers who long to assist you. Call upon them to be open to their wisdom and inspiration.

This is a wonderful, life-expending time, so keep in mind your personal priorities as well as your spiritual connection. Following your higher intentions will help you move your life forward in dramatic ways, and connecting with spirit – and your higher self – will have a wonderful influence on all that you experience.


I open my heart to my spiritual truth and a

deeper connection with spirit.  Guidance and

inspiration come freely and easily to me.”*

Your dedication to raising your consciousness is paying off, can you feel it? You have been working diligently on raising your vibration with positive thought and change is taking place. Do not get caught up in “how” things can change in your life; instead, know that they are in the process of changing right now. When you start down this path, you don’t go back, you keep going, whether fast or slow and every little movement is progress. Can you feel the difference? Are  you able to pull yourself out of a low energy mood a little, (or maybe even a whole lot) faster than you used to? Do you find that you can keep things in perspective and not fly into a stressed or overwhelmed state quite so easily? Are you aware of your thoughts, and able to put out more positive than negative? Are you working on your affirmations; connecting with your angels and guides; listening to your intuition? All of these are steps in the right direction, and even the fact that you are drawn to this blog is a sign that you are open to change in a positive and uplifting way! This is awesome news!!

When you work to consciously raise your vibration, you also raise the vibration of those around you… without even trying! Your positive energy is a magnet for everything you desire. I know that I have said this before, but it is important enough to repeat; be a magnet (energetically and vibrationally) for your desires and they will come to you. When you are working on yourself, constantly working to improve your attitude, outlook and spirit, it will all come back to you.

Take a moment to open your heart in appreciation for the blessings you have, and welcome the ones heading towards you right now.


*Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Anne Taylor


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