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The Human Gift

Published March 10, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

The Human Gift, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Richard Cohn and artwork by Rassouli, Published by Blue Angel

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Human Gift, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Richard Cohn and artwork by Rassouli, Published by Blue Angel

The Human Gift:

O heart!
What is your excuse for all these blunders?
Such loyalty is offered by the beloved,
yet so much treason comes from you.

Such kindness is offered by the beloved,
yet so much defiance and resistance comes from you.
Such grace is offered by the beloved,
yet so much fault and failure comes from you.

Such attraction is offered by the beloved,
with sweetness and generosity,
yet such jealousy comes from you,
with so much doubt and suspicion.”


“Do you bemoan your lack of faith? Do you berate yourself, blazing angel, because you have moments where you cannot bring yourself to trust in love more than you trust in your fear? Do you lament and worry that you could, or should, be living in greater surrender? And yet, when is light more precious than when it arises from darkness? When is trust more admirable than when it involves an uncertain, yet bold, leap of faith? Oh human angel, your path is perfection in the divine sense – not in some artificial absence of struggle, but in the wrestling of darkness and light that ignites the fire within your holy heart.

So rise up now from your doubts and admonishments, and let your human self be loved. Even for all the doubt, you are still a cherished one of the Great Beloved and always shall be.”

“Be kind to your heart. You may believe it to be weary from doubt and distrust, so much heartbreak and so many agonies, yet still it beats. Still it persists, with unquestioning allegiance to life. What a grand heart it is, this sacred heart of yours. How can it be worthy of anything other than tenderness, gratitude, acknowledgment and appreciation?

Do not plague your heart with falsehoods and expectations of some disembodied perfection! The perfection of your heart is that is loves still, even if you try to stop it with some notion of self-protection from future hurt through doubt or fear – still it loves. It is perfection that it hopes even after despair, that it holds compassion even after experiences of fear. So then, what is there left to do but breathe the grandest sigh of relief and allow yourself the essential luxury of peace within? So then, everything is all right – even if at some moments it seems not to be, still, your heart beats in honour of life. The heart can be nurtured and coaxed into gentle acceptance of all that is and the divine sight will become available to you.

It will be something you can come to count on at all times, and in that, gain greater peace and the realization that, yes, it is safe to trust and surrender! Indeed, it is the only safe, sane and sensible way to live. It is also the most fun way to live! And you are allowed to live this way if you so choose. It is not shirking your duty as a responsible adult! It is not deluding yourself and turning away from the real world! Rather, surrender is placing responsibility where it is best placed – firmly in the hands of that part of you wise enough to know the Great Beloved is wiser still, and that your life unfolds according to the Great Beloved’s grace.

So, for now, take comfort in this oracle. Just for a moment, let your heart be honoured and loved by you, and imagine that you can crack open a window in the dustiest chamber of your own heart temple to let the light of the Divine stream in. You may see the angel reaching to assist you: you may receive the gift of understanding, insight and revelation; you may feel peace; or you may finally allow your heart to break once more to shed those old grievances and be free and fresh to live and love again. Or you may quietly realize you are human, you are light and dark, of heaven and earth. What a perfect blend you are of all that can possibly be. You are an extraordinary, living divine experiment in the making. And you are sacred, cherished and loved by the Great Beloved. So do not fear your fear, but do doubt your doubt with compassion. Let it be and let it go. You are human after all, and your journey is beyond description. Just remember, if you are ever in need of the Great Beloved, there is a place where sacred tryst is always available to you; in the temple of your heart with the window cracked open, so that doubt can fly out and love can breathe freely.

This oracle comes with special guidance for you. You are, or soon will be, seeing with greater clarity and insight, a situation that has been obscured to you in the past. You may be startled by what you perceive, so much so, that you second-guess yourself or chalk it up to wild imagination on your part. You are asked to trust in your perceptions that when they come for the heart – although what you perceive may be darkness – there will be no judgment in it. See what is truthfully there; be in the compassionate nature of your heart, and you shall also be shown the most graceful way to become clear and free of darkness, either within yourself or within others and the world around you.”

Sacred Honouring Ritual: “Place your hands on your heart and say the following aloud: ‘I love you. You are strong, brave and powerful. You are gentle, vulnerable and inspired. You are truth. You are insight. You are wisdom. You are life! I love you and you are safe. You are the Divine made flesh. You, my precious heart, my precious connection to life, I adore you. Thank you for loving. Let us open the inner window, let the stale emotion out, and breathe in fresh life now, for you are to be well and thrive according to love’s grace and wisdom. I trust in what you know and what you see. In compassion, I honour all perceptions of truth. So be it.”

You have finished your sacred honouring ritual.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

Love you. Accept you. Embrace your uniqueness, and your connection to All That Is. See the Divine human perfection in every flaw and imperfection of each and every one of us. Without this love we have nothing.

We are so hard on ourselves. We strive for something more, something deeper and more meaningful. We hang on long after it was necessary to let go. We are rocked by our emotions, sometimes knocked off course. We look to others, wanting and wishing that things could be different; not realizing that we sit on a goldmine of opportunity at all times. All of us, without exception.

This message is to bring you back to the most important aspect of your life, your existence. YOU! Not other people. Not more stuff. Not anything other than you. You and your gifts, your wisdom; your talents and your skills. Your big and beautiful heart. All that you can share in this lifetime… if you don’t get in your way and hold yourself back!

Know that if you can find it in your heart to forgive, accept and unconditionally love yourself, and where you are at, and what you have been through… you have the power to change it all. You are only a decision, a choice away from a brand new start. From creating something totally amazing. A new direction, a new path, a new life. Yours, if you can embrace all that you are first.



~Archangel Oracle

*RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Richard Cohn and artwork by Rassouli, Published by Blue Angel


Give Back

Published March 4, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Give Back, from the Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Give Back, from the Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

Give Back: “You need an interruption from what is going on in your life. A wonderful way to divert your mind is to give back. Giving back does not have to be difficult. Think of simple ways you would like to help or contribute to your community. This can be anything from donating food or clothing to a shelter to volunteering your time to a cause you feel is important. Giving of yourself will give you a different outlook on what is going on in your life.

Share your volunteering with family members or friends so they can benefit from giving back as well. Sometimes giving back may be close to home. It can mean assisting a family member, giving a ride to a neighbour or running an errand for someone. The important issue here is recognizing that health or emotional challenges can create self-absorption. Helping someone else will provide a break in the daily grind that has become your routine.

There is so much to notice in this card. Pay attention to the imagery that stands out to you. The foxgloves to the left of the image relate to projects, getting yourself out there and the willingness to give to others. The Pegasus bounding above the lady’s head is about clarity of mind. The children, the elder and the peacocks indicate various opportunities that will bring healing to you and your heart as you give to other. There are so many programs that rely on volunteers for extra support. Consider whether this is something you would like to do. If not, there are other ways to give back. The possibilities are numerous and you will benefit once you decide to take this step.”*

~ By Angela Hartfield

It is so important that we all find a way to give back. Even, or especially when we feel we don’t have the time to do it or the resources to part with. It doesn’t meant giving money, unless you have abundant money to give, and then by all means find a worthy charity. But if you do not (yet) then be very careful and discerning about who you give to, draining away your resources is not the same as giving back.

You can give of your time, by volunteering at a shelter, soup kitchen, old folks home or animal shelter just to name a few examples. You can assist a neighbour, a friend or a relative, particularly one who is unable to do something unassisted. You can watch a friend’s children while she gets some rest, or help her to clean her house (believe me, that is gold right there). Walk someone’s dog when they can’t do it, or sit and listen to someone who needs to be heard out. Choose something that resonates with your own heart, and what feels good to you. There should be no agenda, and no resentment. There should be no need for recognition or repayment. Just a knowing that you are making a difference.

Enjoy your giveback. Put your heart and soul into it. Do not overextend yourself, set your boundaries and do what you can without ever feeling guilty. Know that even a few minutes of your time can make a big difference in someone else’s life, and it can help put your own in a new perspective.



~Archangel Oracle

*Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

Blue Angel

Published November 1, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Blue Angel

Blue Angel from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Blue Angel

Blue Angel:

“Jewels of peace I bestow –

From the sky above,

Are cast oceans of love.”

“Angels guide and protect humanity. Each angel has a specific purpose, colour and vibration. This card relates to Archangel Michael, whose blue wings surround and protect our entire planet. Regardless of where you are upon this Earth, Michael is surrounding you with¬† his love. He radiates the colour blue and is often referred to as the Blue Angel or the Blue Ray. Look up at the sky and feel the peace and clarity He brings

To better understand His qualities, imagine for a moment that the sky is red. How would it feel looking up to a red sky each day? A red sky would create a different feeling. Thinking about colour in this way will help you understand the unique qualities each colour has.

Archangel Michael has shown up on your reading to offer you support with an issue or situation that is troubling you at the moment. Michael will help you release your fear and bring clarity and perspective into your life. Trust Рthe situation will either be healed, or Michael will help you to detach from it, according to the highest good of all concerned. Surrender this issue to Michael and know that it will be taken  care of. When you look into the sky, remember, Michael is there, protecting you always.

Talk to Michael and share with Him all your concerns and fears. Know that He is always listening and remember no request is too great or too small.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

We have a team of angels and guides who are assigned to us for life. We can work with our guides, through our intuition, dreams, signs and synchronicities to receive daily guidance on our life’s path. They can also help us with manifestation, healing, relationships, personal safety and protection among many other things. Once we open up to the possibility of these guides, we open the channels of communication to make it easier to receive guidance from them.

We can also call on the Archangels for help. I often think of it as “bringing in the big guns!!” I don’t know why I think that, except that the energy is just so powerful it just kind of feels right! Archangel Michael, whose name means “He Who Is Like God,” is the most powerful of the Archangels, and also the go-to angel for just about any pressing issue or problem. He is swift and amazing in his assistance, and having a constant communication with him just feels right to me. Although I do call on all of the Archangels for various reasons, and feel a close connection to several of them; thus the name of this blog; I do rely on Archangel Michael most.

Although referred to as the “Blue Angel” in these cards, I often see violet or royal purple light when working with Archangel Michael; to me, the energy fluctuates between royal blue, deep purple and indigo. I often use an amethyst crystal to strengthen my connection to Archangel Michael, although clear quartz works well too. There are many schools of thought on which crystals resonate with particular angels, and I believe it is up to your intuition to choose those which will work best for you.



* Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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